I want to drop the school shooter look

I want to drop the school shooter look


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God daim you look wierd

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Do something with your hair, wear brighter colors reds, subtle greens, anything that looks less emo. But ya the hair cut it or wear a hat till its long enough style.

How about you stop posting underage

That look doesn't matter as long as you make something of yourself

Try to smile. Smiling is a great key to making yourself look more approachable and gives you instant charisma points.

Dress nicer. Less hoodies and jean and more dress shirts, pants and crew-neck sweaters. Don't be afraid of colors.

Optionally, if you're really tired with you look, try to get those cool round glasses that everyone wears. They look great on a lot of

fuck normie "smart casual" bullshit, just dress like a high-tier school shooter instead

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moar inspe
dylan roof had surprisingly good fashion sense

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Cut the mop of hair into something presentable, it being more floof on the sides than the top makes it look abnormal. Literally the only issue other than your murderstare

My mom thought a half would be cute

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You do look cute
But here you're obviously trying to look like a weird fuck with that mop head shit. seriously be thankful you dont look like most fucking autistic nerd chinlets. It's literally just your hair. You have good facial structure.

is that way

Literally just cut your hair

Please take this to the right board, ours is shitty enough without you queers needing to be rated.

You could try washing and brushing your hair every once in a while. Maybe get a little crazy and cut it to actually resemble a style of any sort other than "homeless youth".

I you have the capability, I'd grow some facial hair too. This will help you look like you're not fresh out of your mother's womb with your precious widdle baby face.

Your glasses are basic as fuck and look like you've had them since 2012 - maybe it's time to go into walmart or target and try on a few different frames to upgrade them to be more modern?

Once you're done with that, I'd go to the thrift store and find yourself some form-flattering clothes that may suggest that you're not poor. Sports/activity clothes are good. Shirts and jeans and slacks and some fresh kicks will do you just fine. Try to explore outside of "black" or "grey" if you think you can handle going outside of your safety bubble.

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Get a haircut, maybe contacts, and try to improve your fashion sense and look visibly positive.

Your eyes look dead. You look like a typical edgy teen who overuses the word, "Ironic". Wash your hair stand up straight and get a personality.

I can't change my height and I don't slouch
This picture was taken after gym, which I'm glad I no longer have, I shower every night
If you look at the photo I am smiling
the "dead eyes" come from not sleeping and looking up at people

Would you suggest thick or thin rimmed

I hear the thickness accentuates different aspects

You look less like a school shooter and more like someone who's depressed/suicidal/doesn't give a fuck about life. The key to all of it is to give a shit about your appearance. I'd start with the hair, cut it or at least invest in a comb and some kind of product. Other than that, you like fine, if all black is your general style then that's cool. Just try to appear happier in public. I have an angry looking face and I have to make a conscious effort to appear like I'm not pissed off all the time.

Don’t listen to the fags in this thread you look like a cool guy OP

A proper haircut, more showers, and less black clothing. Simple

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You look cute. What are you talking about? Just brush your hair and smile from your eyes more.

Also, don't post pictures of yourself on the Internet.

People are gonna call you a school shooter because you have a serious vibe, but once you leave high school people will grow up and accept you for who you are.

Cut hair to a military cut and let it grow for 2 months, which will be your ideal. Switch to brighter colours. Eg: light brown jeans, white t shirt with a green tartan shirt on top

I guess we are living in the post-"cut your damn hair" era.

Simply put, a haircut would do the trick.

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I looked like this for a while but my hair is straight so i looked more disheveled than mentally unstable. Fixed it by consciously trying to open my eyes more widely and split my hair near the middle rather than just letting it flop down so i look like some kpop faggot.

Straighten up your dress, and if you like long hair, grow it long into a pony tail.

Not op, but browline glasses look fantastic