Any advice about " how can ugly girls get a boyfriend "

Any advice about " how can ugly girls get a boyfriend "

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don't be a bitch

ugly women can get attractive bfs if they're not total cunts. it's the easiest thing in the world for you dude.

settle for an uggo guy.

girls can reach. if you're a 5, get 6. be happy.

but what if I don't want an uggo guy? i can't help what I'm attracted to. even average would be fine.

>Ask literally any single man
but seriously, the same way anyone gets into any relationship. Meet someone at work/school/hobby, talk to them, spend time with them maybe invite them to try your hobby out with you. If things work out ask on a date.

Looks literally don't matter for a woman as long as compatibility is there. Men will find things to love about your looks if they love your personality.

then be alone till your standards drop.

imagine a 5/10 dude limiting himself to only going after 9s. he'll either die alone or be broke since he's paying for it.

lmao I fucking knew it.

>but what if I don't want an uggo guy?
Then you're fucked. Just like me.

Coming from a well-adjusted man who doesn't watch porn, there are honestly very few women I've found in my life who are "ugly". Like, unless you are a burn victim, or you're face is truly hideous, you can get away with *a lot* but just getting in good shape and wearing makeup to accentuate your positive features.

Got almond eyes, but shit lips? Go for a smokey-eyed vixen look. Droopy eyes, but big lips and a small nose? Cat eyes and good contouring. Assymetrical features? Work on learning how to balance your features with shading, bronzers, and good use of false highlights

Like, makeup is there to pull a guy in and getting him to like you enough so that he can eventually fuck you when you're at your "ugliest"

I'm not a cosmetologist, so I could be grossly inaccurate with my examples, but it doesn't matter: cosmetics fix your issues by getting past guy's beauty filter, similar to how guys use overconfidence and status symbols to get past your status filters.

In short, work on your girl game because you're probably not that ugly.

this, women have it easy because of makeup
a 4/10 can become a 7 with the right makeup and hairstyle

Guys can put make up on too

You don't want an uggo guy and no guy wants you
If they're average they can settle higher, if they're uggo they don't want to date it, just like you

You're basically fucked until you and uggo guys get off your pedestals lol

This. Not even gay. It's not nearly as affective as when women do it, but women go all out. If men are subtle about it to where it looks completely natural, you can easily go up a point. I used to patch in my stubble when I was in my very early teens.

If you don't want an uggo guy, why would you expect anyone to want an uggo girl? You don't see the irony in this mentality? Having "a beautiful heart" is something that people always tell ugly people to have to be desirable. Maybe Mr. Fuggs has three teeth in his head, but he's secretly wealthy and will treat you like a goddess.

Meant 20s whoops

You don't. Sorry. It's a misfortune that you are born ugly, but you need to splinter off in life and make your own path.

>I used to patch in my stubble when I was in my very early teens
That may be the gayest thing I've ever heard

Then you've not been on this planet very long, son. I could show you pictures of your dad's stretched out anus after I came into it that are way waaaaaay more gay than that. He says "Hi", btw. He's busy sucking my cock to tell you himself.

It's definitely gayer than my homosexual father.

>uggo guys get off your pedestals
No point in being together with someone you're not attracted to. I'd rather be alone.

We need AI companions that will love us for who we are.

Based, but she wants only a chad thats at least 8/10 thats all

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>ugly girl
>doesn't want an ugly guy
>expects normal/handsome guys to want her

Just go to south korea and get some plastic surgery. You can fix ugly. You can fix fat. But you can't fix stupid.

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There are no ugly girls, just fat ones.
And it's piss easy to lose fat. Why aren't you doing it right now?

You calling yourself ugly means you're either looking for pity or for justification for being single.
He's not asking you out not because "you're ugly", but because he has no idea you're interested.
Stop being dumb and take matters into your own hands.

Girls always hold guys to a higher standard than themselves. It's the same as fat bitches who date skinny guys.

Act really sweet, feminine, and aim to please. A lot of the more conventionally attractive women are really cunts because they can get away with it. You can win over an average/uggo guy with a good personality easily. Don't expect to date an exceptionally attractive man.

>well-adjusted man
>knows this much about makeup

Haha nice

You need to lose that my pussy stinks and I can't get a job type of attitude.

>fat bitches who date skinny guys.

>be chubby but not landwhale tier
>see women way heavier than me with the type of men I'm attracted to

I hate fat women, I really do.

I don't know about feminine, but I'm a nice person and it hasn't landed me anybody.

>Don't expect to date an exceptionally attractive man.
I'm not into"Chads", just femmy, lanky boys.

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This is bullshit, an ugly girl can easily get a 7+ guy if she's wholesome, super alternative and extra caring, most guys either don't know how attractive they are or have an inflated view of how attractive women are, either way they are less likely to use their own physical attractiveness as a bargaining chip to find a partner the way women do. Even if that's not the case, a girl with the aforementioned qualities will stand out way more to a guy as long as she is persistent with him, guys like when a girl's take initiative and make a conscious effort to get a guy's attention, OP do this and you should be fine.

Not OP, but how can I express these traits in an organic fashion and not in a creepy way?

>nice person

No you aren't liar.

>I don't know about manly, but I'm a nice person and it hasn't landed me anybody.
>>Don't expect to date an exceptionally attractive girl.
>I'm not into"Stacy's", just girly, slim girls.

by actually talking to guys when they talk to you.
Maybe if they are uggo try to show some empathey.

lower your standards then.

realize that guys lowered their standards for you, you should do the same. chances are you arent an uggo but you expect too much from some one else.

Imo, it's quite easy for a below-average looking girl to get atleast an average boyfriend.

Because guys are generally more desperate than women are. I've seen plenty of pretty disgusting and/or fat women date pretty attractive guys. The only difference between an unattractive girl an attractive girl is that the unattractive one likely has to take more initiative. Hot girls don't need to do anything and they'll get hit on all the time as long as they leave their house. You OP, you'll actually have to go out and hit on dudes. It won't be long before one is desperate enough to date you despite you not being particularly hot.

Also, have you tried make-up? Knowing how to apply make-up well can turn most below-average girls to pretty average or even higher.

Literally just approach a guy. You already have the innate advantage of pussy and will be even perceived as "breaking the mold", like you're a heroine or some shit.

>b-but I can't ask a guy out because blah blah
And now you know how guys feel

I'm a great cook and give awesome bj's.

I think the best way to approach this is to just to ask him about his passions or hobbies, act really interested in them, that way you have plausible deniability in case he doesn't reciprocate.
I honestly wouldn't worry about coming off as creepy though, guys have a much higher threshold for what is considered creepy when it comes to women. Just be yourself and take an active interest in him and what he does and you'll be fine.

self improvement. Try working out, model bodies like in ww2 pinups are achievable by every sense of the word. They are very realistic and are very attractive, especially compared to the modern size of people.

You are ugly so no BF for you you monstrous being

>but what if I don't want an uggo guy? i can't help what I'm attracted to. even average would be fine.

Is there any reason why you'd need to get in relationship soon? I mean, it's not 1800, you don't don't end up on street if you don't find a man to take care of you.

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>how can ugly girls get a boyfriend
You're a woman, you have it much easier than even a 7/10 guy has in finding a mate. All you have to do is try to improve yourself a bit and wait for a guy to approach you

>but what if I don't want an uggo girl?
Well I mean that's why all the Anons in the "tfw no gf" threads won't date you. My response is the same to you as it is to them. That shit cuts both ways. This is all simply a tug-of-war between your selectiveness and your loneliness. You can't have both of those get the results they'd like. One is gonna win and the other will not be appeased.

Just like you can get used to stinky cheese and olives and strong alcohol or what not by exposing yourself to them, you can actively lower your standards by trying to see the better side of people you don't consider up to par now. Your tastes in everything change, they're not set in stone. Yes, there's absolutely no reason to start a relationship with someone you don't find attractive, but you absolutely can make yourself find a larger group of people attractive... as long as you're able to swallow your pride.


>love you for who you are
the last thing that'S going to happen is that something intelligent will stay with a human

We don't even know how ugly OP is. She's described herself as chubby but like how chubby are we talking? Why is she ugly? Is her face busted as fuck or are we talking mostly healthy looking but flawed?

OP right now, as the type of guy you like, I would consider a butterface, but NEVER consider a chick that not only has a bad face but is also like a collection of bones incased in cold fat. Just literally doing like, 30 minutes a day of body weight squats and shit like that will get you far, if you can't stop overeating at least try to be thicc

A major problem I think about is like, if this bitch gets on top am I going to feel like I'm being pummeled into the bed by dwane johnson, which has happened to me.

TLDR put a bag over your head and improve what you can still see

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Stop being fat. Ugliness for women is a choice, because men aren't as shallow as women. Just get and make an online dating profile, you'll have a boyfriend as long as you don't have unrealistic standards

ugly guys or just dudes with no game
It's not that hard to get more attractive, it's mostly just being healthier

If you are ugly Remember this
>Body kills face
-or you just have to be funny

that's fine, but don't be too upset when you get rejected for being ugly as well

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Be skinny with a great ass and have beautiful long natural hair.

Go to the gym and work on your legs and ass.

It depends on how ugly you are. If you aren't grotesque, just try to do what you can to be more feminine. Good hygiene, wear clothes that accentuate your body in an attractive way, know how to use makeup that looks good on you. Be willing to fulfill a man's expectations.

Also this. If you have an ugly face, having a nice body, nice ass, well kept and long hair, you'll have no problem.