Heritage and Identity

My gf recently told me that she thinks I’m too attached to my ethnicity, she wasn’t implying that I’m racist, (which I’m not, at least not in the Jow Forumsnigger or stormfag sense) but rather that I ought to either embrace either individualism or our country’s civic identity instead of the nationality of my grandparents.
Just for come context I live in Western Canada and both of my parents’ families had immigrated here from Scandinavia in the 1960s, as many of you might already know there’s pretty much a complete and total lack of meaningful Canadian culture west of Manitoba and as such it has always felt superficial and meaningless to latch onto the identity of “Canadian”, when for all intents and purposes it’s merely a legal identification at this point.

TLDR: I’m an insecure LARPer looking for advice on how to be less of a faggot

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Just quit larping man. White ppl are weird if we celebrate anything related to ethnic background.

Canada has no culture. Literally just Asian Americans at this point. Don't let your cunt Asian gf dissuade you from being proud of being a snownigger. She's just going to lose respect and fuck a Dutch gorekankermof.

>White ppl are weird if we celebrate anything related to ethnic background.
I’m into linguistics and anthropology in general and it never ceases to amaze me how people squirm at the mere mention of how of these topics relate to our modern world.

There's nothing wrong with identifying with your heritage. I'm left wing and not racist at all but I take a lot of pride in my heritage and have researched my family history extensively to find out more about my ancestors.

Your gf sounds like the sort of person without any sense of culture or heritage. There's a lot of people like that about, which is a shame. The problem with the new world is there are plenty of families out there who have been in America/Canada for generations and have lost all touch with their ancestral roots. That obviously creates a conflict with people like yourself who have recent verifiable ancestry from the old world.

But what exactly is it that you do? I don’t get it

I get on a longboat and travel to foreign lands to rape their churches and burn their women.

>Your gf sounds like the sort of person without any sense of culture or heritage.
She’s very much the opposite surprisingly enough, she took it upon herself to document her family tree all the way back to around to around the Irish Potato Famine when the last of her Old World ancestors made the trek to Eastern Canada, she’ll also talk your ear off about her Acadian heritage as well.

What confuses me the most is that she even went as far as to get a tattoo of the triskelion (Celtic triple-spiral) on her arm.

She (jokingly) made fun of me for listening to finnish metal and I made a joke back at her along the lines of “lol what else would you expect?”
Just sorta stuff like that.

Oh please. The jews larped for 2000 years until one day their "larp" turned into "la". Do yout think OP. You are the only one who keeps you alive.

>She (jokingly) made fun of me for listening to finnish metal
>Just sorta stuff like that
Are you kidding me? Goddamn dude you are insecure if her joking around with you makes you question your ideas about your heritage. Get some thicker skin.

It’s the fact that afterwards she confronted me about how I choose to identify, saying that I put too much stock in it.
That was just one of the anecdotes she used to exemplify her point.

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>finnish metal
Is Finland even considred Nordic?

Nordic but not Scandinavian (North Germanic)

Absolutely. Finland is Nordic, but not Scandinavian. Also OP, be proud of your blood. Being told not to LARP is just what mutts who are jealous of having no heritage say.

Your girlfriend sounds like she takes political notes from Tumblr or Twitter

Are you dressing up as a Viking and constantly talking about your heritage all the time?

If you are, her calling you weird may be understandable.

If not, it’s her problem, not yours.

My GF is a part of the daughters of the confederacy. Find yourself a girl who is proud of her heritage instead of some condescending bitch of a gf.

Being an American > Larping as some cunt from the same shithole your ancestors FLED

People don't leave places they think they have a prosperous/viable future in my dude. Europe isn't that great

t. a British immigrant in the US

Just read Canadian literature. Lots of culture in literature.
As an example, as an American, I personally love reading Ralph Waldo Emerson and seeing the roots of American culture.

Let me stop you right there, lobster back. Britain is a 1984 shithole compared to the rest of the fucking planet. Don't compare your cucked sharia law island where you need a license to own a butterknife to anywhere else.

Nothing wrong with respecting your heritage but you should also respect others heritage. But also respect individualism as well because the goal is to transcend our ancestors to keep evolving.

This is the opposite of what you should be thinking. Our ancestors were much stronger, smarter, resiliant, and moral than we are. You should strive to be like them instead of being a tinder hopping technology dependant lobotomized piece of walking degeneracy.

Wow you are a presumptious mother fucker. I never implied any of that trash. If you want to only be as good as the people who came before you then that's fine man but I'm gonna go way further.

The whole continent has become Merkel's caliphate. Within 10 years all of Europe will be consumed like just like Britain. If you think there's gonna be a moment of realization and a turn around of this situation then you're in denial. Time to get the fuck out if you can

t. your friendly neighbourhood lobster back :)

Way further how? By contributing to a society that is actively destroying the planet, promoting the denial of natural selection, and creating a monstrous breed of hetergeneous subhumans? You do you, man. You're just mad because you know im right.

Gotta love the cucked defeatist attitude that has turned Britain into what it is today.

Yeah keep pretending like it's Britain

Acknowledging a shitty situation > Pretending like it's not real and doing nothing about it

Everything in this world is fated to die. Worrying about crap like that just makes you a miserable vengeful loser. I won't pretend the world isn't all kinds of fucked but there is no use just wishing you could go back in time.

The US has a strongly defined national identity and founding ideology, Canada however does not. Our national ethos, at least since Pearson and Trudeau Sr, is literally that of cultural pluralism, trust I would love to actually be able to be proud of the country I was borne in.

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Reject the leadership of your country then. Being a patriot or a nationalist doesn't mean bending the knee for cucked politicians. National identity is how the inhabitants of that place regard themselves. Therefore it's possible to change that, even if it's one person at a time ie start with yourself and then maybe the people around you

That's your country man. Focus less on the human perspective and focus on the absolutely undeniable natural beauty of your own land and that as a Canadian you're a part of that

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That's just my advice. I've never been to the great white north so I'm not totally in tune with the climate of things there but that's certainly a start

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So listening to finnish metal is how you identify with your scandinavian heritage? Yeah that’s pretty cringey, I see her point. Although it was probably banter and you’re overthinking her comments.

I don't think this is true at all. I think it's good to be excited about your nationality and those of your family members. The only weird thing to celebrate is being white. Not Irish, English, American, German, Finnish, Canadian. Just being white, to the exclusion of anything else. Proudly eat lutefisk and wear dirndls in public all day and night I don't give a shit

t. black person

>tells whites they should be proud of their ethnicity, but not necessarily be proud of being white
>identifies self only as "black person"

How so, user? Can you elaborate?

But what about New Worlders whoes background is mixed to the point that they can’t identify as any specific nationality but are still 100% european?

>embrace either individualism or our country’s civic identity instead of the nationality of my grandparents.
the modern civic identity of many Western nations amounts to exactly nothing. It's empty multicultural nothing, not a source of pride.