My chest has been having slight pains in the heart area for the past few days...

My chest has been having slight pains in the heart area for the past few days. I’m very paranoid but I believe it may be heartburn as I’ve been having a bunch of gas and diarrhea too. At what point should I become very concerned?

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Heart burn is in the esophagus and not near your actual heart. Heart burn is also fairly literal burning. Actual chest pains are more blunt and often result in feeling short of breath or even painful breathing.

Weird. I won’t say it’s very painful but it’s uncomfortable, coming and going throughout the day.

I also don’t experience shortness of breath or anything.

Early bump cuz I’m scared

Heart pain is gas


Does it feel like a squeezing, poking or sharp pain?

I just got home from nightshift but I'll take you seriously, describe the pain. Is it only chest area? Do you feel the pain "crawling" down your left arm? If you don't have blood pressure machine at home you can count your pulse.

To do it quickly, count pulses on your wrist or neck for 15 seconds. Multiply by 4 and you get your pulse per minute. Report back to me after you count your pulse.

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Forgot to add. Your pulse should be "resting pulse" so sit or lay down for 15 minutes ish before counting.

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not op, but i have sharp pain in the area


Ok lets take it from there. Do you also have pain in your left arm? Because I can tell you what that might be. Get back to me asap.

t. CNA

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I don’t, but what, is that lung cancer?

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Why are you idiots asking about arm pain that's something a ten year old knows is associated with a heart attack.

no but it hurts to breathe when it happens like my breath seizes up

Got any sore spots in your legs?


It’s like a wiggly, fluttering feeling, I guess? Maybe kinda tight. I did check my blood pressure and it was normal (can’t rememer reading).

I am OP, btw.

Go to a hospital.