Ive been changing lately. Im a 24 year old autistic virgin with no friends...

Ive been changing lately. Im a 24 year old autistic virgin with no friends. I used to care so deeply about friendship and finding a girlfriend. But due to my asperger's and a lack of confidence, i've never really had any luck in either fronts. The past two years have been spent fixing my life: I went to trade school for electricity, began meditating and reading which has lead to other good behaviors, and now I'm enlisted in the army with a future job in communication technology. Im now very happy with myself, and finally believe in myself. But somethings different. I no longer care for other people. I used to fear being alone, but now it's gone. I used to want to go out to meet people every weekend, now the idea sickens me. Used to dream about having a girlfriend, now the word is synonymous with "money parasite" to me. I don't even want to get a dog anymore. Ive also noticed my sex drive has begun to drop. Porn doesn't interest me anymore, and im masturbating far less. Now the only things that seem to be on my mind are working out, making money, and driving cars. I've lost all interest in a personal social life when it used to be the only thing i cared about. What the fuck happened to me?

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You've matured past your fixations.

Now you are free to do whatever you want, even socialize if you ever want.

I don't get it.

What's not to get?
You won.
You don't have anything blurring your field of view for possibilities and potentials.

Now your world doesn't revolve around one single thing. You are free to do whatever and be happy.

Is this normal though?

Not common, but how things should be.
Not everyone has these kinds of moments.
I say moments because things will try to drag you back, like your insecurities.

Just keep what is important to you at heart and nothing else matters. Whatever good happens along the way is a bonus.

Shit, I pinned my own comment.

So you're saying i've become a man?

More like you finally woke to life.
Congrats, it doesn't revolve around one single thing and you learned that alone.

You are no longer autistic. Thats great, I'm happy for you dude, hopefully same thing happens to me soon.

So this is what freedom is?

I'm just really fucking confused. I have noticed women have noticed have changed their behavior towards me lately though. Life's just fucking weird now.

If you want to call it that, then yes.
I mean, it's your life. You don't have to do anything for other people and I'd even advise not to listen to them most of the time, even if they mean well. They don't know your life.

So just do whatever your heart tells you to.
Eeeeeeeeverything else is people projecting themselves on you, and that's toxic as shit.

This is how i already am now.

I know.
I just feel the need to make it clear because most people I say this to they just disregard as some sappy shit.

But no, it works like a force of nature.

Never stop listening to your heart. It is the surefire way for happiness.

So basically ive realized that relying on others for happiness is pointless because the vast majority of people are worthless, but am just now acknowledging that realization?

Women are emotion reading beings.
They know things just from your eyebrow twitching that much more about you.

Given that now you know yourself much better and has a better grasp at how life works, they want that. They see you now as a full person and not a meek little guy trying to act tough.

This is the FUCK why people say that you should love yourself first.

But now theyre annoying. :(

People are still very nice to have. You just had to keep your priorities in check.

First is you.
Then it's everyone else.
Then it's everything else.
And then there's Jow Forums, which is worthless.

This is just common sense though.

It is, but it's a nice guide to have when interacting with people.
People aren't evil, they just look after themselves first, which shouldn't be seen as malicious, just expected and just. Give them the space for that.

Once you give them space to care for themselves first, then they'll hear you. You just have to judge if the space they ask of you is way more than you are willing to give.

Okay. I think i get it.

Either way, just do whatever you want now.
Congrats again on removing the Jow Forums glasses.

I just want a g37, and a house. Works going to be great, gunna get to work with radios, satellites, and computers. Also get paid to play with machine guns every few weeks. :). Also for future reference, dont try to impress others instead let them impress me, because letting them show off and tell stories instead plays off their need for attention. Is this correct?

Date a female aspie they can be good lovers if treated right

Yes I can atest to that.
Have you heard the song Sevenation Army by the White Stripes?
>Every single one's got a story to tell
>everyone knows about it
>from the queen of England to the hounds of hell.
If they have their stories, let them tell.
I've got way more friends just by listening than by talking.

Holy shit, same thing happened to me.


Lol this is still up?

This thread is a spectacle. Like entering a bizarro Jow Forums

>OP: I got everything I've ever wanted
>OP: I only got it after I stopped being interested in it
>everybody be like YASS BOI SLAYYY
OP, you must've inherited the monkey paw gene.

You're just getting older, OP.

You're not any less miserable. You just have more things on your plate to distract from the repressed anguish. It will come back when and if life takes a bad turn, so don't neglect that. Best to use this window of opportunity to fight whatever demons went invisible right now.

great thread, finally an OP who's not so concerned about other people

God, straight people live such boring lives lmao

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