Do women like sensitive men? Why or why not?

Do women like sensitive men? Why or why not?

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Only if the sex is good


Many women want someone who is unafraid of taking charge, and has the capacity to make decisions. I've found that very few want someone who is meek or passive. This is regardless of what they might actually say about liking sensitivity. An example of their paradoxical actions: My last 3 subs have each been very liberal and detested the fact that I was not, yet each of these relationships lasted months to years despite a mismatch in values and ideals.

This is only my observation though, as I'm sure some would prefer a provider-type.

No, they do not OP.

Usually people think they have to just wait until they bump into someone who thinks theyre cute or likes their personality.

Truth is, you have to wait till youre around a fenale who cant see your air of cowardice.

Be specific.

I've never heard a woman say this in my life.

However, what women want is a man sensitive to her needs. You'll hear this non-stop in a relationship.

The love of my life is pretty sensitive. Sometimes it's good, sometimes not. He is very understanding and sweet, but he's also prone to moodiness and depression. Every little thing can set him off. I've learned to live with this because I love him, but I wouldn't say that I love him because of the sensitivity.

Depends on what you mean by "sensitive."

If you mean "easily made to cry, easily upset, and very vocal about both of those things," then no. They want to be the one who gets to cry about stuff.

Most girls want a "sensitive" guy who will listen to their problems without actually offering the solution to them (the thing that most men instinctively do) because they'd rather just have someone else fix the problem while they be sad about it.

fucking this

Sensitive as in has great empathy, yes.
Sensitive as in he has thin skin, no.

OP here, thanks for the responses. I've been called sensitive by multiple people and now I know why it bugs me. Although it could just be I'm in the wrong crowd, it always felt like that wasn't much of a compliment. No, I don't cry, but I can get upset or annoyed easily. I'm sensitive in that I'm really attuned to the feelings and needs of others to the point of internalizing it, but also if somebody does or says something that bugs me I may mull on it for a while. Unfortunately I feel like I'm starting to lose friends over this, though in hindsight they were not the best of friends to begin with.

I asked about women because a woman who recently turned me down said I was sensitive. She did not say it in a condescending way, or cited it as a reason for rejection (we just talk and hang as friends now), yet it certainly feels like it could be a problem or contributes to my lack of success with them somehow.

No, because sensitivity is anger control problems, just manifesting differently.

Women will spend years incapacitated by pregnancy and breastfeeding and need to depend on their man. They have to be comfortable taking but not giving. That's the role of women. By being sensitive, you make her feel uncomfortable taking emotionally from you.

women what a contradiction. sensitive but stern, tough but soft, blah blah blah. in the end they want someone hot and doesnt pine for their attention.
I know a woman would tell you otherwise but their actions say what I am telling you now.


Only lesbians

a man who is a sensitive might have luck decoding her feelings

Pls read thread lol
Your lack of success is probably a result of a combination of things
Usually if it's one thing, it's either a huge thing like you're an alcoholic or it's a thing they 'live with' or whatever else

If you're being rejected a lot, start from the bottom and figure out how to sell better merch, IE make yourself something more attractive.

There will never be a one-step for attraction, so don't try to make it into that

>Do women like sensitive men?
if you're rich and good looking? sure. You can get away with anything

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No faggit, women want MEN, not pussies

What do you mean by live with?

I've been focusing a lot on it. I'm thinking maybe I'm too sensitive, and maybe my size is also a turn off. I'm short and also skinny, and I'm well aware that women don't like men who are 'smaller' than them. Couple this with her desire for traditional masculinity aka "not too sensitive" and I suppose it all be crushing me.

I like men who are confident and capable but are also able to empathize enough so that i feel understood and cared for. And also care about other people. What i don't like is whiney meek bitches.

Sure. I wouldn't call myself whiny, but I sometimes get frustrated easily and I can see why its offputting. In general I tend to absorb a lot of the world around me and try to make sense of all the little observations etc. I think that's what I mean by sensitive, sometimes it's great, other times not so much.

If you're super cute women will put up with everything short of outright schizophrenia.

>I like men who are confident and capable but are also able to empathize enough so that i feel understood and cared for. And also care about other people. What i don't like is whiney meek bitches.

I think you would qualify as a whiney meek bitch by your own definition. Look, you even included understanding for your whiney meek bitch moments as a positive criteria. Just saying.

There's a fine line between being sensitive and being an emotional trainwreck that depends on others to maintain his self-esteem and emotional well being. Everyone here would be best to learn the difference.

He sounds like me, or at least how I used to be in my last relationship

No, having feelings is unattractive

Consider your definition of sensitivity. Picture some rough, no nonsense guy with a sad poet side to him. Women love that sort of depth, its like a game of pass the parcel to them. This is what women mean when they say they like sensitive men, not total pushovers.

men and women dont like sensitive people. sensitivity is a luxury that only women can get away with

No. They fucking suck and turn out to be abusive.

Having feelings is unattractive

You just need to be a bit more assertive user. You don't need to lose your empathy, but don't let your concern for others override your own needs/desires. Hanging around with a girl that friendzoned you is not a respectable action though. Unless you have been friend for years you should consider going no contact.

We barely hang put as it is but I consider her a good friend. In most other cases I would have ghosted. For what it's worth spending more time with her has made attraction fade a bit. I'm realizing we are more different than i thought and that she is not as emotionally available as i would want a woman to be.

Fair enough my friend. If she starts using you to dump her emotional baggage I just hope you remember to have enough self-respect to ghost her. If you can handle it then you might be able to use her to socialize and meet other girls.

Sensitive about the right things. Don't let people bully, harass, and walk all over you - stand up for yourself and lose some "friends" if you have to.

>natural personality is masculine, yet yet sweet and considerate
Do grills like this?

Woman get wet from guys who do their own thing and dont really care about women, but in a relationship they want a sensitive man. problem is they still get wet from chads, so its up to her personality if she stays in a relationship/cheats or goes with the next chad thats interested in her

You're half right, imo. Women, like most humans are very hypocritical. They want both. They want men to be strong and decsicive, but also to be not afraid of showing vulnrability. They want them to be "bad" (charmingly mischievous), but good people at heart. They don't want a person who is too insecure to admit to weakness. So they want their man to have a sweet soft side, but also be able to show strength when dealing with problems or dicking them down. A strong man with no soft side fulfills a decent amount of their needs but will always be incomplete. Physical and emotional intimacy are deeply connected for women.

Tbh this may sound weird but I don't mind listening to people's problems. Even if I have known them all of five minutes. It doesn't bother me to learn about what your struggles are. Nor does it bother me if you talk about them. As a friend I especially don't mind and if a person needs to vent I'm usually there. Is that a problem, possibly? I'm asking honestly.

I definitely don't and I've told people to fuck off to their faces more than once.

I don't see it as hypocritical but it's hard to achieve and nearly impossible to perfect. That is, knowing when the "right time" is to be one or the other. I feel like when a woman is really into me it's super easy and therefore harder to "mess up" by being too much x or too little y.

>I've told people to fuck off to their faces more than once.
Not like that you animal.

Lol I know that's kind of extreme, I normally don't go that far, but I will stand up for myself, and establish boundaries by letting them know why I'm annoyed and/or creating more distance if it's a problem that won't go away.

>Do women like sensitive men? Why or why not?

Depends on HOW sensitive we're talking. It would be nice to have someone who is capable of empathy and thinks about other's feelings, but at the same time, I already have a pussy and don't need another. Sensitive guys are ok. Limp noodles are not.

Okay, so what actually makes a guy a pussy? Because with such vague terms, your post reads like "feelings are only okay if they're in the context of his concern for mine, not his own feelings", which is a little concerning.

Depends on your definition. An emotionally intelligent man who processes feelings in a healthy way, is honest with himself and what he likes even if it's not "traditionally masculine", is loving and not a macho dudebro douchebag? Yes please.

A guy who flips out if you say the wrong thing, or that you have to walk on eggshells around because he'll blow up? A guy who you can't be honest with or joke around and have fun with because everything is taken the wrong way? Fuck no.

Basically this:

Please describe what makes that guy a "pussy male". That's a literal caricature of a guy that's being bumbly, hasty and awkward. Him crying over the sunset wasn't his dealbreaking point for the girl, rather than his rapidfire hit-and-miss attempts to impress her.

>An emotionally intelligent man who processes feelings in a healthy way, is honest with himself and what he likes even if it's not "traditionally masculine", is loving and not a macho dudebro douchebag? Yes please.
Care to give some examples?

I like a man who is open about his feelings, but I don't like someone who is constantly bitching and looking for me as an emotional crutch. I am happy to listen, but not if its 24/7

Can you explain what part of this is particularly "too sensitive" or "like a pussy"? I always took being a pussy to mean timid/shy, like if the guy is too afraid to even ask her out or escalate physically.

You're dim.

Listen, if the obviousness of this flew over your head I'm afraid you may not be capable of understanding and I'm wasting time and effort.

It's ok to be sensitive. It's not ok to hyper-sensitive. Just as it's ok to be any other type of personality as long as it's not overboard. Does that help you two out?

That's not an answer. This is the advice board, where you're expected to give advice. Not post youtube videos with clips from movies that are obviously satirical and over-exaggerated, which hardly makes them a serious case for whatever point you're trying to make.

>don't cry at the sunset
Wow great advice, I was totally about to do this but I'm glad you snapped me out of it.

>wasting time an effort
>posting a comedy skit on youtube in 240p is "effort"

Hell no

You couldn't explain your way out of a paper bag.