How do I get people on Jow Forums to take me seriously...

How do I get people on Jow Forums to take me seriously? Every time I make a thread asking a serious question people call it bait. I think the problem is that I have a very high IQ (professionally tested), therefore my thought processes and morals are hard for the commoners of Jow Forums to understand. Is there another place where I can get advice from others like myself, or am I doomed to be misunderstood by the common dullards?

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no I don't need to see your iq test results to know that you are an idiot. right now you are using an outdated test to push your superiority over others, whilst at the same time jerking yourself off.
Additionally if you truly want to believe that your thought processes and intelligence are different from a 'commoner', then you wouldn't be gloating about it. if you were truly intelligent you would have realised how little you know and understand. you would always be willing to listen and respect others, as someone can always teach you something new.
No but that isn't it. No you just want to gloat. to feel superior. even if you have to use a method that has been highly ridiculed and denounced.

What was the test? Under what age and conditions was it taken? What was the score? What have you done with this so-called intellect? Do you hold any degrees, certifications, jobs, etc.?

fellow genius here it's the latter

The problem, having a ~160 IQ myself, is that nobody understands how your brain works but you. They all assume "Ah, that kid's got it made, they're smart, they can figure it out". Even science doesn't understand. You could go see 100 psychologists, nobody would understand you.

What they don't get is someone with an eidetic memory, who can place 20,000 items and remember exactly where they are at, will tend to place things in the most convenient location and will never build organizational skills. They create gargantuan messes.

You make an entirely different class of mistakes, and you need to observe those less intelligent than you are in order to understand why they make their decisions. Be interested in them, ask them questions, and give them advice. Over time, you will learn more about yourself.

I find fires outback to be really helpful.

I work as a sysadmin, and as I tell people I work with, I administrate the hamster cage. They are the hamsters, and I am the 3-year old with sticky fingers and a sugar buzz.

These are the reasons I never joined MENSA.

im not in mensa either faggot I dont even have a high IQ I'm just a literary genius.
Think it really the mark of a fuckin FAGGOT to play the pretentious card - when u grow up getting ridiculed for ur thoughts and beliefs - because they're right, you learn to stop giving other people so much credit, for ur own mental wellbeing that is... nobody whos smart looks at other people saying they're smart and gets all tilted lol because all smart people know what it's like to be chastised for being smart fuck you

I didn't have the issues with people because I learned how to talk to and understand everyone. I also didn't vent my spleen like a fucking sperg because I wasn't a pretentious faggot who acted like I was somehow a separate snowflake, even if I was well above my peers in ability.

alright faggot keep wanting to fit in meanwhile all the cool people are going to keep doing edgy shit saying edgy shit and being cool as FUCK while u faggots sit on the sidelines and talk bout how much of a snowflake I think I am...

It isn't about wanting to fit in, because I do fit in.
Have a solid job too, a funded Roth IRA and 401(k), and a girl who I'll probably start a family with. I'm more amused than anything at your responses.

These are important questions.
I scored 162 in the fourth grade, but it turns out I'm pretty dumb.
It's an unreliable test and you should Google the Dunning-Kruger effect and consider if it applies to you.
I used to think I was a smarty pants and realizing and accepting that a I wasn't had a profoundly positive effect.
Or you can keep being arrogant and laughably unlikable while you blame your problems on others, that's probably what a smart person would do.

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I'm almost this certain this is bait, but on the off chance it's not, I'll give you the explanation you asked for:
You say others don't understand you, but in reality you don't understand others. Just judging by your post I would assume, in all honesty, you have autism or some other condition that makes you non-self aware. Why do I say this? Because on this thread, your first postulate of why you are the way you are is that your "too intelligent". You see others as lessers, calling them "commoners", while at the same time asking them to explain something you don't understand. You might be good at maths and science, but you can't understand others. If you're so "high IQ" you're probably familiar with Descartes and Hume. Descartes said that you can learn about yourself from a purely rational basis, without any outside help. Hume, however, said that self is defined by comparing yourself to others in an empirical fashion. You seem to study yourself rationally rather than empirically, which is okay to some degree. But you need to stop thinking, and start observing how others act if you want to understand why you're treated in the way you are

all these RETARDS, larping as genius', my sides.

You know actual smart people don't talk about how smart they are.
You're just a faggot larper who's so desperate for validation, you post these stupid ass threads on Jow Forums

Hey leuitenants and economists!

yea im just some digital apparition to you thats why you mentioned ur retirement fund lol... your solid job... what then? What you gonna do once you die fag, be content with ur capitalistic successes? What you think God's gonna say when you tell him you were a bootlicker for corporate masters? That your goal in life faggot - to one day attain the economic/logistical capacity to do what you want, thru the perennial chase of further financial upper grounds? Seems to me like u just didn't think any of this shit through bro, nothing gonna come of your little existence if you keep this up...

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Existential nihilism is such a fun topic. How is that working out for you?

"actual smart people don't talk about how smart they are" never heard something more parroted and banal lol, this what every fag says.
Why don't smart people talk about how smart they are huh? Is it because smartness implies a certain degree of prior rumination/consideration of ur own shortcomings? That what u thinking faggot? That anyone who says hes smart evidently lacks self-awareness thus proving hes not smart lol. Fucking faggot. How is this true - how is self-proclaimed intelligence at odds with itself - where is the short-circuiting logic here? Is it just some confucian sensibility implanted in ur banal brain over years of pop-cultural notions on the subject lol I bet that's what it is. Anyone who says he's humble clearly isn't because he said it. This the basic premise of ur lil assertion lol.
And what are you huh? Some stoic, calm n reasonable figure - who understands in just proportion both his pros and cons - dont make me LAUGH hahahahahaha!

Just post your proctored test results with a timestamp. Redact as necessary.
Surely if you've got a standard deviation or two on us you could figure this shit out.

Everyone makes the assumption other people are like they are; it's a natural thing to do.

When someone one-ups you, or acts like some kind of brainiac monstrosity, its easy to take offense. When someone experiences issues like the aformentioned creation of a mess, it creates strife in a repair shop environment for example. If you don't organize, you work at your pace which can be 10 or 100x faster than everyone else, however if you do organize, you slow down and the work is no longer stimulating. Who's right? And furthermore, what kind of environment do you really fit into? It's a frusterating expererience and you find out there are words like "Bookworm", "Dullard". "Stupid" and "GoodieTwoShoes" that often describe the frusteration both sides face.

It takes a long time and a lot of social interaction to learn to value people for their merits and understand their detriments.

It took me a long, long time to figure out I'm pretty different than the people around me. Communication is a total PITB. too, and it takes time and practice to get good at it which schools do not teach. Literally I've had people look at me and say "It's hard enough for us to understand what you're saying, and I just realized, you have a hard time putting it in words for us to understand." Once we got that down and I got practice in it, and saw the value in it, things go more smoothly.

I'm able to communicate brilliant things to them and show them a world they never knew existed. I'm able to alleviate their consternation with management and help them understand the problems they face. I'm able to ask them deep questions and get deep answers that they did not think they were capible of giving. I have an intern who is probably in the near high IQ range, when I first started with him he could barely talk straight. 2 years later, he talks almost coherently; it is incredibly satisfying to see that.

Kek fuck off brainlet

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funny stunted wojak meme and parroted post content really setting the bar high huh. you really showed him lol.

You mad you social stunted faggot? Go tell your mom about how smart you are nobody else cares.

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Hello you remind me of:

very shallow polemical abilities, feel very much like ur trying to step up to the plate here, trying to fill the mold I've cast but missing the mark due to ur Jow Forums-derived turn of phrase lol "you mad" plus the wojak pics. U're not looking very socially viable yourself if im being honest.

Woah omg rick n morty IQ meme, this is so poignant! How dare he think he's smart when people like you exist!

You truly are an insufferable cunt, no wonder nobody responds to your insipid threads you fucking queer. If nobody likes you around here on an anonymous anime board of all places, I can only imagine how isolated and fucked you are irl. Use that “high iq” of yours to learn some empathy nerd.

fuck you loser you're the one who came in with the dumb wojack brainlet post like some catatonic chanbaby faggot you got no right to take the moral highground n say I'm the insufferable one lol. Dumb fucking purple prose faggot with ur overwrought grammar using a vocabulary u clearly dont have mastery over.
Also this isnt my thread, im just an anonymous hero

Fuck off then dick rider.

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Haven't read anything more stupid

You get treated like anyone else on Jow Forums who makes posts based on false or nonsensical claims. If you claim to be super intelligent but write like an idiot, then you will get treated like an idiot.

What is it with people inserting their own moral believes onto how a smart person ought to be in order to discredit others intelligence. Being 'smart'(having a high IQ) doesn't make someone a humble person. The IQ test doesn't conform to your mental construct, 'no true scotsman' bs. Stop self-indulging.
> b-b-..but user the Dunning Kruger effect
Dunning Kruger doesn't apply if someone has direct knowledge of his/her competence( expressed in a professionals tested IQ score in this case) Even then, the Dunning Kruger effect is a psychological occurence where an incompetent person lacks the metacognition to properly asses his own competence. Doesn't mean if a random person claims a certain level of 'competence' he is automatically incompetent. And no I'm not OP.

Hint: actually intelligent people don't say they are intelligent.

If you are smart you would be able to dumb it down and explain in a way that others can understand. Coming to a place to be condescending isn't a productive use of your time is it? And you haven't asked for any advice so this thread won't help you with that either.

I'm intelligent and things do go over peoples heads sometimes, and then I simplify it down for them. Often it's just that they aren't interested in the topic. Like I understand physics but I wouldn't enjoy a conversation about it.

And to answer your question, join mensa. That's where all the insecure people go to circejerk each other.

Actually, having a high IQ is quite a handicap, maybe as much as having a low IQ. Low IQ people can’t handle the complexities of life, but at least they can connect with normal people.

Bull fucking shit. There is absolutely no downside to having high intelligence. It is only a positive.

Tell that bullshit to persons with autism

Autism is autism. Intelligence is intelligence. Why are you trying to change the subject?

Autistic persons are know to be highly intelligent, too much to cope with normal people

What a load of bullshit. Autistic people are not more intelligent. You sound like an autist who is desperate to pretend he's smart.

Then, why do they have incredible computational cognitive capabilities? Why are they so much employed in fields like cryptography and mathematics?

They aren't. You are forgetting about all the autists who are not intelligent. It's called confirmation bias. Autism is not linked to high intelligence. Which doesn't mean there can't be intelligent autists as well.

OK, I’ll buy that

>Being 'smart'(having a high IQ) doesn't make someone a humble person.
>competence( expressed in a professionals tested IQ score in this case) Even then,
Look at that disgusting grammar. You're not smart, but you are illiterate and a baiting asshole.

Nice Ad hominem, retard

there's no way you have a +100 iq, are you from Greece by any chance?

Guys if you're actually smart, you'd be rich. No excuses. Intelligent people can think their way out of any problem.

read it in his voice:P

Based high iq trolling going on in this thread.

The fags in this thread saying smart people never brag. Have never met high iq uni spergs. Literally all they do is intenionally talk about big brain topics infront of normies to mock them.

You're not very smart so you can't tell the difference between intelligence and pseudointelligence.

Not true at all, i never do that, when i was in school i had perfect math grades and a lot of people got jealous and tried fight me because of that lol

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>Genius who has his life together

>Fuckin retard who browses the advice section of an anime image board

Pick one

Maybe you should use yr big ol' brain to find a good way of explaining your thought processes and morals to the common dullards. Should be relatively easy for a genius, no?

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