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Keep questions short for more answers.
If you're not going to like honest answers, don't ask your question.
And please no derailing arguments.

>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I still have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>[insert humble (or otherwise) brag]
Fuck off.

>Why is there no new thread?
Just make one. You can use these macros:

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Guy to a girl: What is the nicest way of saying that you aren’t interested in someone? I don’t want to come off as unflattered or a dick, but I also don’t want to lead them on.

what does it mean, when a bipolar girl blocks you everywhere, but tells you on sms that she loves you? She also shares her netflix password, after changing it, which should normall indicate that she trusts me?
She sent me a couple of pictures on my dropbox (one us cuddeling, 2 text messages and one picture with the message "I'm so ready for a future together". This has happend 2 days ago, but didn't sent / written anything for valentines day.

Seriously this shit is confusing as fuck

Do girls like cologne? If you smell a guy thats walking past you lets say in class, what would you think other than he smells nice?

be direct, don't apologize
>I'm not interested
>I'm into guys

In a past relationship, I had sex with her every time we hung out except during her period. About 4 months in, one night I didn't feel like having sex even though she was lowkey nudging for it. I just said goodnight and went to bed. Five minutes later I hear her sniffling and she is crying her eyes out.

My current girlfriend did something pretty minor but disrespectful to me. That night she was lowkey pushing for sex but I didn't let her. The next day I take her back to her place, stay there for a few hours (still not having sex) and then told her I needed to go. She started crying her eyes out.

Why do women do this?

They honestly believe the meme that men always want sex from any girl at any time. Thus, turning her down for sex results in her hearing you say something like
>holy shit I am so unattracted to you ew what the fuck

I have been dating more in the last year and some girls started to compliment weird shit about me like my big hands, broad shoulders and big nose.
Is this really attractive? Or just a meme to get over my dick.

She is a crazy bitch who will end up beating up you as a husband.
Just fuck and leave.

How's your day been?

White lie: i already have gf.

Mentally ill people dont make sense user. Stay the fuck away from them at any cost.

They do, but cologne wont magically summon gf out of thin air. Use one drop on each of your wrist and then ask her on date.

Women cry all the time. When she burns the pizza, when her bunny dies, when he doesnt reply to her texts within 30 minutes, periods, when she is too fat, when she is too anorexia...

Pay it no mind and simply use hug.

Are you really surprised that male and female sexuality differs? Men are into predictable feminine traits like hair, boobs, asses, women are into weird shit like broad shoulders, muscles on your back or your big bank account.

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Women are taught men are always ready for sex with a beautiful women, so some take it as a personal attack to either challenge by attempting to seduce you or believe something's wrong with them. Of course a lot of women also understand there are a myriad of reasons why a man wouldn't want to have sex.

Many women genuinely love those features.

Thinking too much about someone. Nothing interesting, but not bad. I hope you're well.

If you're thinking about them why don't you get in touch?

If I don't love every part of her, does that mean I don't love her? Does that mean she deserves better?

Do Indian girls like white guys? If I date an Indian girl is she going to have to dump me for someone from the motherland that her parents are forcing her to marry?

Depends on a wide number of factors such as what generation immigrant she is, how conservative her parents are, how much of a spine she has, and how connected they are to relatives from the home country.

Indians in geral want to be bleached if you are a brit is a plus.

I fucking love it, turns me on immediately. I don't know why. Maybe because my dad always wore it (no incest lol, but don't girls look for someone that kind of resembles their father). But if he uses the same cologne as my dad, he could be the most attractive guy in the world but I'm turned off

We just met Monday evening, had a great date on Tuesday, and another date over this weekend. I'm just overeager. He texted me happy Valentine's Day though.

Everyone has flaws in their personality and appearance. If you love her strengths enough to stick through her faults (and you improve each other's lives), you love her and she couldn't ask for better.

Polite way to get my bf's uncle to stop kissing me on the cheek without making it into a thing?

I'm an ausfag.

She's got an accent and she's in her early 20s, so I'd say she moved here young.

>mentally ill people
So heres the catch, what if I fell in love with her before all this bullshit started? She was such a lovely girl at first and everything turned upside down after new year. What is my best bet now? ignoring her at all cost?

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>He texted me happy Valentine's Day though
fuck, I forgot to text her (girl I'm dating)

In early dating with an (slightly) older woman from your own 'class': wise to make your intentions clear as soon as possible or go with the flow ?

what would be a nice birthday gift?
I have a month
>she's into manga, disney, super-hero movies especially batman, etc
>into Kpop and any rockbands
>loves animals
>is a chef apprentice, loves eating

thinking of taking her to a restaurant for lunch, have a cozy movie night then give her a present

>budget 300€


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>Everyone has flaws in their personality and appearance. If you love her strengths enough to stick through her faults (and you improve each other's lives), you love her and she couldn't ask for better.

Pic related. Tldr everybody loves white. Ask her on date.

He cant kiss you if you always step away from him.

Read some fun articles about what schizo, bipolar or bordeline personality people do. And also read about how all of these are heritable. Do you want your life to turn into suffering? Do you want your babies to be schyzo?
Stay the fuck away, try to find mentally stable woman.

Older people tend to be more wiser on average, stay chill and see what happens. Any implications from your side about her age will only make her mad.

Best gifts are edible so they dont end up cluttering your apartment and you dont have to pretend you like them for the sake of your lover.
>inb4 perfect gift
If you knew her well enough to know what kind of gift it is, you wouldnt ask here. Give her chocolade paired with flover.

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To women;
Is there anything a woman can do (beyond the obvious "childbearing," "being a female," etc) better than a man?
Or, a better question, anything better than I can? I'm hard pressed to be believe they can.

Whoops, forgot to take sage out.

>exceptionally socially and sexually inept
>have probably had sex less than 10 times in my life, all with the same person
>last time I had sex was a year ago
Social media has led me to believe that everyone is pro in the bedroom as a result of hookup culture; this is a fallacy right? Has everyone basically rode the dick carousel throughout high school and university; to the point now where they're fed up with it?

I've been told to use tinder in order to boost confidence but there's just something about the whole thing that just seems utterly weird to me; not to mention the thought of going to some person's house I met on the internet; or having someone come to my house sounds like a set up for a horror film. That and I'm sure even if I got matched with someone I'd make it so horribly awkward I'd rather just avoid it entirely.


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You're an autismo.
The usual advice is to fine a hobby. Preferably more than one. That will get you out of the house and interacting with people on a more regular basis so you can ease into it.

>has had sex
Lucky bastard.

>everyone is pro in the bedroom as a result of hookup culture; this is a fallacy right
Yes. Having once slept with a guy whom I later learned had slept around a lot, and was basically the archetypal "Chad", I can confirm that even experienced guys can be awful at sex. It certainly didn't surprise me that all other girls had to say about him was"BIG DICK", because he was terrible at it. On the flip side, the virgin I later found gave me my first real orgasm.

Experience means nothing for how good you are. All that matters is that you aren't selfish, and actually try to please your partner. Do that, and you'll be just fine. If you aren't too good, just take any advice given as constructive critism, don't beat yourself up over it, and try your best to learn and improve. Sex is about knowing your partner, not about having general sex skills.

Should I cut my hair?

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Stop trusting social media. Only social people use them and they only post aspects about their lives they wish others to see. Tldr it wraps your view on reality.

Hair length for women is question about fashion and style
I would say that it must be impractical to have hair past shoulders. But maybe you have fetish for your long hair

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Are you the eyebags girl from yesterday?

No. It looks well maintained, and you rarely see someone with such pretty long hair nowadays.

If it was up to me, no. But it's not, it's up to you. And since you're cosidering it, that tells me that you're not happy with it, so I'm sure you will cut it sooner or later.

No, let it grow, also let your pubic hair grow.

what are the factors in being "awful at sex"? So I know what to avoid.

Yes, I am. I'm worried its getting 'hippie' length
I'd like to continue growing it but I'm worried its getting hippie length.
Then I can braid them together. Excellent suggestion.

Exactly what I said - Don't be selfish, explore your partners body, and go down on her. Penetration rarely results in an orgasm, so use fingers and tongue to give that clit some attention.

>I'm worried its getting hippie length.
Sweetie, you're way passed that point already. I don't think that has to be a bad thing.

For woman: your stance on being contacted by your ex-partner who you cheated on (and who still has some feelings for you)

why is it so hard to find a girl that has a sense of humor? If you arent physically attractive or high status you arent worth their time.

uh oh. I better start growing out my armpit hair then

Is there any chance left for me at the dating scene as a "normal, boring" nice guy? I get the impression that unless I'm some kind of a 50 Shades of Gray walking rape fantasy or some BDSM freak, I'm not getting a second look.

same here. like we have to be high status or really hot to get any girl to talk to you.
I mean have women's standards gotten so high they get offended by anyone who isnt attractive to them.

No way, I want to bury myself in your hair femanon

It's not even about being "high status or hot", it's about the attitude. It's like girls who just want to be comfy have all suddenly died out and all that's left are women who find being treated like trash hot somehow.

Pic related

There are shitton of plain boring janes. They are probably as invisible as you are for 10/10 girls. Lower your standards.

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>They are probably as invisible as you are for 10/10 girls. Lower your standards.
I did, thing is these boring Jane's standards are too high.
not being obese is hardly an impossible standard.

Yes, absolutely.
I have a lot of goodlooking girlfriends (as in female friends, am grill myself) and a ton of their boyfriends are average to ugly.
Also, none of them want bad boys. I don't know what kind of girls you're hanging with, but literally every girl over 21 I've met has expressed their wish for a stable relationship with a sweet, normal guy who's interested in lots of stuff, open to their hobbies and enjoys doing stuff with them.

>Lower your standards
I've recently found myself lusting after a fat autistic looking teen girl with flakes in her hair. I only didn't make a move because she wasn't alone and she looked like 15. Is that low enough for you? (desu I unironically prefer these types to your average Stacy though)

I am telling you my good sir it's because they have too high of standards, and dont give 2 shits about how you feel, all the while expect you to be mindful of their feelings. Its insane the logic behind all this.

Depends where you live. For example in usa not being obese is like top 10% of population only.

You didnt ask her out, so in effect its as if you still had big standards.

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>Also, none of them want bad boys. I don't know what kind of girls you're hanging with, but literally every girl over 21 I've met has expressed their wish for a stable relationship with a sweet, normal guy who's interested in lots of stuff, open to their hobbies and enjoys doing stuff with them.
thing is they go off of a feeling here. a gut instinct that says does it work? or it doesnt. they dont want to bother getting to know you because they believe their time is valuable. thing is some ladies need to stop thinking that you and I only exist for their pleasure.

Not asking out a highschool girl while buying a train ticket, as a grown ass man over 10 years above her age, is having high standards?

>Depends where you live. For example in usa not being obese is like top 10% of population only.
I live in the USA and being over wieght is fine but I am not dating a girl who lacks control.

> they dont want to bother getting to know you because they believe their time is valuable

Well, yeah. If I'd meet a guy who's obviously a fuckboy and not interested in pursuing a serious relationship, I wouldn't play the long con with him either. I'd cut my losses and move on for someone who communicates that he's open for something more long-lasting. My time IS valuable and I don't want to waste it on people who're just out for ONS.
I'm not sure I'm getting what you're trying to say here?

what I am getting at is that we are looking for a long lasting relationship but you keep misunderstanding it for short term fuckboy. So frankly the problem is your personal judgment and not taking the steps to make something long lasting. which is have a real conversation with each other. at least see if you click, bit no, you need something so instant you that it's not worth your royal time.

>Women cry all the time. When she burns the pizza, when her bunny dies, when he doesnt reply to her texts within 30 minutes, periods, when she is too fat, when she is too anorexia...


Lets reverse your mental gymnastics: your standards are so high you probably didnt ask a single girl in the previous year...

Daily reminder that high quality women dont even need to try. They all magically have bf without trying. He just appears most out of nowhere and seduces them. The rest has to try hard like rest of the single men out there. If you dont want obese gf in usa, try gym.

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what reversal, all you did was use mental gymnastics AGAIN to ignore what I just said. my standards is that I dont go for obese women and I do try to talk to them and it's been nothing but one word answers if any at all. again I dont go for 10/10 I generally go for a 4 and try to talk to them and get to know them. problem is they dont want to talk unless I am a 10/10.

> frankly the problem is your personal judgment and not taking the steps to make something long lasting

That seems like a pretty one-sided argument to me, buddy. Maybe if that happens with all the women you meet, it's not the women...?

you mean aside to the post I am responded too? You know the fuck boy post? yeah....

"I appreciate how you feel. I am very flattered. But I do not feel the same way"

If you really believe you will never want to fuck them. Ever. Do not say shit like I'm not interested right now. Or that you are taken. If you will never want them, make it clear. Otherwise they will think they have a chance and keep trying.

Also, dont say you want to be friends if you dont mean it. If you wouldn't go shopping with them, offer to move a couch, loan them money, etc, do not offer to be friends.

I guess same can be said to women too.
some women being "friends" is just being responding to a hello with a hello. doesnt do anything much else.

Well might it be possible that she is seeing someone behind my back?
I mean on one hand she sent me these pictures saying she loves me and even shared her netflix password after blocking me, but I still have the feeling that she might be seeing another person and is trying to distract me?

personally I like it and wish more girls would let it grow as long

oh my god are we sure it's not photoshopped?

Why don't women ever seem to have any hobbies? Most of the women I've seen are either stoners/losers or have the most shallow hobbies such as makeup/netflix. People say you should date your best friend, but my best friend wouldn't have vapid hobbies.

For guys is one sport, technology (e.g. videogames) and cars. For girls is shopping, taking care of their beauty and cooking.
I don't see much of a difference.

What is your idea of """meaningful""" hobbies?

i like u user, ur a cute, i'd probs cut it but keep it long still but that's just my preference

This is completely correct.
26 yr old f
The womans brain is a complex and confusing organ.

My friend sometimes complains about his ex girlfriend from years ago. He says she was the worst girlfriend he ever had, that she was constantly telling him what a piece of shit he was and making him feel bad about himself, screaming at him, hitting him, the sex was bad, she smelled bad and he didn’t find her attractive, he didnt really love her, etc. Yet he stayed with her for 4 years? Can someone explain this? Why would he stay in a relationship for so long when he was unhappy?

He likes to brag about it to cope with the fact that they are not together anymore.
Maybe it wasn't the best relationship ever, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't as bad as he likes to remember.

I am not sexually active and won't be for a while. I think it is a good time to get my dick fixed.
Question is, how?
I think my internet diagnosis is frenulum breve, which there are surgeries for but I don't know if I qualify for a free one.
I could also get it circumcised, but a lot of people say that is a bad thing.
What should I do?
I don't want to miss any time off work, but then again, I don't want to make excuses should I find a gf.

Are girls autistic repliers? Seems as if I don't reply instantly they sperg and start purposefully waiting an arbitrary amount of time to reply. Sure, they could be busy but half these thots I know sit at home in bed on their phone 24/7.

Stockholm syndrome.
Maybe he really loved her and hoped she'll get better.
Family and/or peer pressure.
Maybe she wasn't that bad, but did something abhorrent that caused him to demonize her.

just get the frenulum breve surgery.

>Family and/or peer pressure.

People will stay in shitty relationships because they care about what their friends and family think?

they reply when they feel like it. Frankly many of them just dont give a shit. So leave one message and move on. they dont wanna give you the time then they can just fuck off.

In certain societies it's the norm. Think about indian or arabic parents, etc.

Depends on the person and the situation.
I'm actually on the opposite side of something similar. I know I want to make things clear, but I also feel like it would destroy the flow to verbalise some of the feelings I have, so I'm torn.
In theory being open should be the way.

>dating my exgf again
>see her listening to romantic songs on spotify
>she isn't answering texts for 6h straight
>first thought is she's doing it with someone else
>bad gut feeling about one of her guy friends

please tell me girls listen to romantic songs every single time while doing hose chores

Well gut feelings are evolutional leftovers that warn you from possible danger. Girls can, in many occassions, listen to these type of music for various reasons. If you want to be 100% sure, just go to her place and see for yourself. Just tell her that you wanted to suprise her with something sweet.

that'd be creepy as all hell wouldn't it
i'm seeing her tomorrow either way so, i'll just see how she reacts to me
those are some really romantic songs like she'd put on when we're having sex
but that gut feeling though...

Well I don't know why that would be creepy. I have suprised my gf many times (not because I was suspicious, just because I like to make her happy). You can also just wait and see for yourself tomorrow, but never forget that some women are professional deceivers. Why do you think that so many anons on here write stories about their wifes cheating them for many years?

You have to check it out if you want to be 100% sure. I mean if she is good at lying she can just tell you "what the fuck user, I was just doing some chores at home! Stop being so paranoid, this was one of the reasons for me to break up with you"

i was on the verge of checking her phone many times
could never bring myself to do it, had that done to me a lot of times in the past
fucking hell.. should i even ask her like "so you sleeping with other guys too?"
i feel like an absolute idiot in this situation
she never even asked once if i'm with some other girl too

Never EVER directly confront a women with anything related to cheating. They don't understand these type of sentences and will use them against you 100%.

If you're actually unsure about it, then check it out. Otherwise your soul won't find peace. Seriously it'll eat you up from the inside and lets you act really strange towards her.
Just get her favorite candy and suprise her. It'll bring you the certainty about the situation, while also providing something nice for her IF she didn't do anything.

Everything else will lead to a discussion which will hurt both of you.


I asked a girl out a few days ago, she said yes for next tuesday, and we added each other on fb.
Exchanged a few words there yesterday, but should I write to her again? I don't like talking there because I prefer it in person.
Would it seem like I'm not interested in her if I just pm her monday asking if next day still stands?

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fuck me... i hate doing that though, like really hate it

btw she just answered me
she sent me a picture of the chocolates i gave her on valentines, telling me that they're delicious

what's wrong with me
like my brain is on a jealousy loop

If its creepy for you to show up, talk probably aren't as close as you think.

I got friends I can just show up with and you cant do this with someone you're fucking?

Should I keep repsonding to text messages to girls until they stop responding or just do no effort replies? I always get afraid they're getting bored and are just replying to be polite. I feel really bad for ghosting some of my matches unintentionally because the convo slows down and I decide to wait until next morning to think of a reply and I never do or forget. Am I also autistic?

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just send a message before then saying you’re looking forward to tuesday

I knew a guy who wouldn’t break up with a girl he didn’t really want to be with just because he was afraid of how it would affect their friend group. They’d been in the same circle since high school and all his friends were her friends, and he felt like they would all side with her and hate him if he ever dumped her.

How do I ask out a girl when I'm terrified of rejection?

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How likely is a manlet to date a taller woman? I love men 5'4" and under (5 foot is ideal...) but noticed that they only date women who are shorter than them, which there are plenty of here where the average height is 5'3".
They always reject my advances too, either right away or after the first date. Is it just biological for men to have that need to feel larger? Is there some way around this? How to locate fellow defects (not online)?

Walk over to her and
>"hey you look cute *wait for reaction* my name is xy, whats yours? nice to meet you xy, wanna grab *insert food/drink here* sometime?"
>if she says no: okay then, have a nice day anyway [walk away to the opposite direction where you came from and cry in a not so public place]
>if she says she has a bf: ahh, lucky guy, have a nice day anyway
>if she says yes: cool, give me your number so I can call you, say goodbye and leave

What's important approach her in a cool, but not jerky way, and no matter what she says do not let it affect you. If she rejects, do not show that you are sad and if she says yes don't show you are happy just give her a smile and go on.

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I can't even get my foot in the door though. My fear is so strong it prevents me from walking up to a girl with the intent of asking her out.