If I had been analy raped while passed out, would I be able to know without a doubt when I woke up?

If I had been analy raped while passed out, would I be able to know without a doubt when I woke up?

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If, and only if, the dude came in your ass. Was your next shit white?!

I'm not sure you'd be able to tell 100%. But i'm pretty sure if your ass feels sore/stretched out or simply in pain after you've passed out during a party or something. There is a good chance someone raped you anally.

There wasn't any pain that I noticed except for the Day after drinking stool. After that there was no pain either. I'm wondering about other people's experience with anal.

Sounds like you got drunk and had some weird homophobic fantasy, unless you have any reason to suspect someone raped you.

Yes I have good reason to think something could have happened. But there is no way to confirm it or dismiss it without knowing what the after effects would have been.

>Yes I have good reason to think something could have happened

What good reason? Were you at a party and a gay guy was there?

Yes, even came back to the place I was staying. Disappeared before the morning and was behaving strangely and acting like he didn't remember anything and that we had a girl with us at the time which we didn't. The only thing I have to go off is knowing what I would have felt the next day.

are you gay or have you had anal sex/penetration before? shouldn't it hurt or be sore around your ass?

Never experienced it before. I'm also wondering about the pain as I didn't notice any other than passing stool, but that isn't unusual after drinking alcohol, and I was running late so I didn't take the time I needed to pass it gently.

maybe go to a doctor asap? there would probably be DNA

Too much time has passed my friend. This happened several months ago now. All I have to go on at this stage is other people's experiences.

this isn't a joke. you should go to a therapist or a professional to do some hypnotism. you've probably blocked out the experience or just was too drunk to remember it. things like that can help explain and remember what happened. it may not seem like it but that type of experience can affect you deeply if you don't get help.

>All I have to go on at this stage is other people's experiences.

So this guy is a serial rapist? Then it's reasonable to suspect, otherwise it just seems like you're panicking about a gay guy being in your house while you're passed out.

It has affected me deeply. I started this thread hoping to get some closure. I haven't blocked out the experience, I was passed out on the floor.
I don't know if he was a serial rapist but surely that's not the only kind of person to be cautious of. He was also evasive and behaved strangely when I spoke to him the next day. He also indicated his interest when I tried to extract information from him without interagating him.

I should mention we spoke via text not in person and perhaps two days later rather than the day after.

I guaran fucking tee you would know if you had been ass raped while sleeping. First off, the pain of having something pushed into your ass is unmistakable.


OP, unlubed anal in a tight ass is insanely painful

You would honestly see blood in your shit and your ass would burn so much your eyes would water

It's not a slightly uncomfortable shit, it's awful

First of all, OP I am very sorry you're going through this right now. I can't imagine the amount of distress you're under. I would kindly suggest not drinking as much or at all after something so scary has happened. And possibly getting into a support group for sexual assault victims.

I've had anal sex before but never without lube. If lube was used your poop would smell a little strange and you'd have a lot of "empty farts".. like you'd squeeze to get something out but you're running the lube through your rectum and it's slimy and can bubble a little bit. (Like a baby spitting, not giant bubbles.)

If he orgasmed inside you it would come out like feeling like thin diarrhea and shoot out fast and like liquid. Depending on how much he orgasmed it may be a series of this feeling and sensation. Sometimes a lot is squeezed out, sometimes a little. In the toilet it's a little hard to tell if it's seamen because it can be mixed with lube and stool. Bit it is unmistakable that it's seamen because of it's consistency. Like a water gun.

I've never had anal without lube but when not enough is used it can hurt really bad. It feels like burning. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe you only have feeling up to 3 inches inside your rectum. Unless you had vigorous pounding sex your unlikely to feel it greatly afterwards. Sometimes my butthole itches, sometimes it's sore when opening up again for a dump, and it can be sore for a few days. Again all depending on how he entered you and how hard the sex was.

I hope this helps and if you have anymore specific questions please don't hesitate to ask. I'll answer with full honestly.

Thanks for this response. I don't recall any lube or semen but then again it didn't occur to me that something might have happened until a number of days after the occasion so I wasn't looking for it. I had some blood in my stool and on the paper, and a slight tear but as I mentioned previously I was in a hurry and forced myself to finish before I should have. Whether that tear was the before using the toilet or not is a mystery. Other than that I didn't notice any pain or sensations that would cause me to notice or have discomfort walking out sitting or anything. So therein lies my uncertainty. Do you think the sphincter muscle would have felt stretched and ache if it had been penetrated? And that it would be impossible not to notice it?

>Disappeared before the morning and was behaving strangely and acting like he didn't remember anything
I don’t think you were raped if you felt no butt pain the next day. You would be sore as fuck if it happened. You guys probably cuddled or he made a pass at you and got denied, and that’s why it was weird. There are so many other explanations besides anal rape.

This hadn't occurred to me but it's a good point. Thank you.