Fuck bros, why do women have to stoop so low...

Fuck bros, why do women have to stoop so low? I met this girl at uni and just when I thought she would finally be the girl I could finally see myself with, she opens up about how she had hooked up with a bunch of guys in the past but regrets it and wants to be a new person. I felt so disgusted yet I thought that I had no justification to feel that way when it's just her past. Do you guys just overlook it and move on or is this a major red flag of emotional instability?

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As a femanon who’s done just that you have to look at her actions and behavior now. It probably did mean she had emotional instability and self esteem issues in the past. If she’s clean and she learned from it and grew as a person she’d probably make a more intelligent and empathetic partner for the long term. The only way to know is to spend more time with her.

Meanwhile, on another post...
>Fuck guys, I don't understand them. I've met this guy at uni and we hang toghether for some time but for some ungodly reason he made the ugliest face when I finally opened up about a past I'm not proud of. Talk about lack of empathy, goddamn. And here I thought I could get some fuck on the weekend after a nice netflix and chill.

She dodged a bullet

How would I know what/who I want unless I know what/who I don't want

You dodged a bullet.

I'm disgusted by sluts too, but if you want sex, make her your gf and don't catch feelings, and cheat on her the first opportunity you get since bitches will be more attracted to you because of your gf.
>a slut is suddenly intelligent because she fucked several guys
Kill yourself, dumb cunt.

jesus man who care who she fucked. lile seriously you be lucky to be another notch on her bed post. If you keep worrying over everything like that then you are just going to be alone a deserve it.

Is Jow Forums bleeding here?

Yea, for a good while I thought about just cutting her off, but that would make her feel like shit. I just gotta relax, but it's hard when that makes me feel insecure about if I'd ever be able to be good enough. She says that she is sad all the time and that I'm the only only one that she doesnt feel that way with. I ask her how many guys shes told that to, and says that I'm the only one. She says she hooked up alot to "feel something". I didnt want to press more on the details after she told me it was all complicated

You have to deal. Women are just like that. They call it "experimenting" and "finding themselves." Nothing you can do about whore culture, just gotta deal. She can still be a good person and partner.

No decent man likes sluts despite what the feminists on tumblr tell you or the cuckolds on reddit.

I guess you're right, it's just what angers me is not understanding. She told me that she likes me more than a friend but doesn't want to lose me since romantic relationships end badly. I tried to kiss her but she told me not to. So after hearing this news from her it made me just question where I stand in her eyes, and how I should act.

Some people inherently lack dignity, and this is why they're willing to accept used goods. In fact, they have so little dignity they won't even acknowledge that used goods exist

You'd be surprised. Are you new here? You don't seem to read this kind of threads much.

act like you normally do, jesus it isnt that hard. thing is you got something already and you just need to give it time to boil over till she cant stand to wait any more. When she is around be extra flirtatious with other girls. show her you ain't fooling around and of she doesnt step up she gonna miss out.

Yea she tells me that she feels like nobody could ever love her

Take that back. Take that BACK.


Will that make you find out who you truly are?

I think I remember you from the rapist thread from the other day.

Look, I get your point and I agree with you, but you don't have to be worked up about something a guy said on Jow Forums. You do know you are on Jow Forums right?

Discussing is one thing, but as soon as you turn caps lock on everybody else is just ignoring you, and that's a poor way to get a point across.

Pick one:
>inexperienced virgin with zero relationship and sexual skills. Insecure about herself but thank god she has a man.
>a woman with a past. Flawed but aware of her shortcomings and forgiving of yours too. Full of love for herself and others because we are all fucking human. Chooses you for you.

It sounds like the issue is your insecurity. You are good enough if she is still around, especially if she made herself vulnerable to you like that.

OP it sounds like you both should just be friends either exclusively or just for a long time. There's nothing wrong with healthy human companionship that doesn't revolve around sex. It sounds like she's got some personal issues. She's sad all the time and you're the only one that doesn't make her feel that way? Red flag of codependency right there. You're offended at her promiscuous past due to some underlying insecurities. These things will be bad foundations for a relationship OP. I'm sorry. I know you got your hopes up for her and perhaps she did for you too. She had to be really brave and honest with you. That's a good quality. You had to face a hard truth and it seems like you did well by reaching out for advice. It looks like both of you are willing to keep growing into better people overall. So my/adv/ is to just be friends. Be great friends. But set those boundaries! Codependence is not something you want in your life. It will suck the life out of you. I'm talking from experience. I feel like I'm sweating Lou Albano here with his drug PSA video. "Please."

#1. Is this really the best you can do?

>Flawed but aware of her shortcomings
Is she? Or does she pretend to be to have an excuse to ride more cock?
>Full of love for herself
Translation: she's not concerned with her shortcomings

Just dive in man. 90% of chicks ride they cock carousel and then relax. They're basically hardwired to fuck until their adult brain kicks in. Just be a good man and she'll be your slave basically. Her self esteem is low and she's malleable now. You got it made.

I really liked your insight

Fuck you.
And fuck you.

Come back when you're off your period, roastie.

What boundaries do you reccomend I should set?

Great way of recieving constructive criticism, specially from someone that is defending your point of view.

Why do I bother?

>Translation: she's not concerned with her shortcomings

If she’s worth anything she’ll be concerned about then. I assume there’s people with so little self esteem and motivation to work on themselves given the shit I see here, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s like that. Hating yourself and beating yourself up over your flaws is no way to grow.

Why the fuck do you care so much about finding a virgin? Imagine you hook up with a girl and it doesn't work out. Could be exactly the same for her.

>If she’s worth anything she’ll be concerned about then
This is not english.
>I assume there’s people with so little self esteem and motivation to work on themselves given the shit I see here, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s like that.
You're "full of love" with yourself when you're content with yourself. If you have a bad habit (or a dozen) that concerns you, it's not something that you should love.
>Hating yourself and beating yourself up over your flaws is no way to grow.
When you're making such a drastic, radical change to how you view relationships in general, it's the most natural response.

Imagine you hook up with twenty guys and it doesn't work out twenty times.


>Do you guys just overlook it and move on
The majority of people have already had a fair bit of sexual experience by the end of college so it’s not really seen as a big deal.

And what does it matter? The only thing that would matter to me is if she'd continue to hook up after we made it a private relationship. I don't understand how the number of partners matters to you if they keep good hygiene.

It's like saying that cause half of the woman's DNA comes from the father, so it's be half gay to date a woman. It just seems that you're insecure about your experience

If you feel weird about it dont date her. Everyone has all their opinions about dating/not dating someone like this but you can have your boundaries be whatever you want

>insecure about your experience
Or in general.
Which pretty much sums up incels.

Her dating habits signify a lot about what she values in a partner.

I would hardly call booty calls partners.
They are cool friends at most.
I think she'd feel the same way.

>I would hardly call booty calls partners.

So incel once, always an incel; wrong once wrong all the time. M8 people change. The sooner you get over that fact the better. Also try to love yourself first. I can't imagine how dull your personal life must be if this is the most concerning thing in your partner. I'd be thinking more of what the company of that person would bring to the table from now on, regardless of their past (to a reasonable level; without BPD or other mental issues).

Soz if this reply is all over the place, I just don't feel like going into detail of every thing above.

Your insecurity about your personal life is disgusting. Please find something to love about yourself, and your single life instead of obsessing over other's experience

Sex isn't love.
Sex is just sex.
Love is what you have with a partner, sex is just a fun bonding time.

Love is reserved for partners, sex is just whatever.

There are many kinds of boundaries, physical, verbal, emotional. Emotional is the codependent one so make sure you're not getting invested in her life and she's not getting invested in your life more than what is appropriate. Codependency can be defined as "I'm going to work harder on your life than my own while you take care of me and you." So do some research and see how you're willing to set those boundaries in your own life.
Physical boundaries are easiest to see but hardest to follow through with because urges man. Long hugs, hand holding, caressing, cuddling, all not appropriate. Now in a healthy relationship some of these things friends -can- do. But the difference is that they are able to handle the weight of responsibility in the friendship. This can only come with time and the physical aspect is not sexual but through their platonic bond.
Verbal can become a train wreck really fast. When it comes to sexual things, we're all adults here and we can talk about what we want and that's good and healthy. But it needs to be appropriate for the situation. Like her talking to you about her past. That was appropriate and vulnerable. But if she's texting you the things they did or you're texting her you're gonna take a shower.. well think of Gandalf. "Keep it secret. Keep it safe." Verbal can slip into emotional in the blink of an eye. Especially with the digital world of things. If it helps, treat her like you would your mom. If you hate your mom, treat her how you would treat the mom you always wanted. With respect for her purity and respect for your own.

The thing is in a relationship you both need to be tending your own gardens so when you come together you can share your crop. It's almost economic even. There are so many resources on boundaries, I recommend staying away from the click bate sites and really digging into the subject as much as you want. A little or a lot, it goes a long way.
Hope this helps. Best wishes to you both, user.


Do you think of OP were a female bitching about all this about men that she'd get all the same responses? I swear you guys are bigger bitches than women.

This. Some anons here seem to obsess over the smallest things, when there are much bigger once in their own lives _right now_. This is what I was trying to say in

Erm... no?
Actually, who even cares if a dude bangs a lot?
Seriously, what girl in the world does that?

Now bringing back to our reality, why would anyone care if a girl banged a lot?
Why the double standard?

No. Sex is about exposing the most sensitive, vulnerable part of yourself to another person, in this case a stranger, or a dozen. Why is anybody foolish enough to trust a dozen strangers with their FUCKING BODY, and then nonchalantly dismiss it as "tee hee I was just messing around" without an ounce of dread, worthy of anybody's respect or love is completely beyond me.

No, that’s a major red flag. Any woman who has hooked up outside of a loving committed relationship is a whore who I will personally never date, but I will pump and dump them to my hearts desire. Any other response is cucked and bluepilled.

She rode the cock carousel now want to settle with a beta bucs(you)

Master key yada yada shitty lock something something

Do you think you're witty? Like, seriously, do you? Do you have a chuckle every time you type out one of these "humorous" posts that amount to nothing more than a long running inside joke? You are a caricature of yourself, my friend. And I highly recommend you off yourself
>defending me
Haha. What's your IQ? Does it look like I need defended? Are you fucking serious? This masculine savior complex needs to go. I'm so SICK of it all.

Trips of truth. Alpha fux, beta bux for the win.

If you're insecure about your body, then yes. To everyone else, sex isn't the most vulnerable past of a relationship. I'd value your experiences, like the horrors of life you've lived through as much more vulnerable than enjoying sex

Fucking only, don’t give that whore your heart like some cuck that likes the thought of 29 other dudes cumming and hi fiving after using her

>man up and support my busted ass pussy and mixed kids you manchild

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>equating strong, independent, and liberated women to locks
Imagine being an incel

The post really atest to the fact that you never had sex.
If sex is exposing your inner most self, then why is people doing it and not feeling shit aside from sexual pleasure? Really seems like one does not equal the other here.

Sex is only about all that you said when you let it.
That's how anything works for that matter.
Holding hands can and cannot be a sign of romance.
Playing games can be a sign of affection or not.
Heck, pooping toghether can be romantic.
All that happens if you let it. There isn't one thing in the world that will pry your inner world open without you having a say in it.

Just chill dude, sex is just sex. Love is love.
Sure, the first time is always sentimental, but you don't have to hold on to it until you find marriage material. Just find a nice cool girl that you can feel confident exposing to. There's a lot of people like that.

Ikr locks are actually useful

>there's a lot of people like that
Name literally one


My gf, for one.
We started the relationship way before we even had sex, that's just how it went. When it happened she was very comforting and said she'd done that to everyone she went to bed with that were less experienced.
From there on sex became just a fun activity.


Having regrets for a past that you did a complete 180 upon is what I'd call healthy human behavior. It displays integrity and humility. If you can't treat stuff like this with seriousness, then you don't treat anything seriously and why should I ever bear a child with such a person?
I'm not a virgin.
>then why is people doing it yada yada
Because they're shallow, or fools. An african family has a dozen kids, and half of them die. Horrible, right? Nah, it's the norm, so stop being insecure about your kids you dumb burger.

Well, your "girlfriend" isn't a name and this
>said she'd done that to everyone she went to bed with
Is absolutely repulsive. I hope you enjoy(ed) it.

I'm not dumb enough to name her on freaking 4chin.
And yes I did, because if I'm the one she's with now that means I'm the better one. Three years of a really loving relationship. Really would marry her if I had the money.

Do us men a favor and marry the whore, so she can’t swindle us of our money, but don’t worry, I’ll still bang her.

>Another "a woman's only worth having if she's a virgin because something-something 'pair bonding,' something-something 'cuck.'" thread

>because if I'm the one she's with now that means I'm the better one

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>Implying you get laid without the aid of drugs or paying for it

>implying she doesn't take drugs as payment

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Let me understand what happened here.

I say that an experienced woman is no problem.
You say "name one"
I name one and go the extra mile of saying how happy I am with her, basically showing it really isn't an issue.
You resort to insult her, completely derailing the subject so you don't look like you don't have a good come back.

I hope you see with this you can be a much happier person by just being less of an incel, which they are for a reason.

But you didn't name anyone. You waved your hand at some arbitrary figure (your "girlfriend" ) and expect me to understand who that is. You expect me to feel comfortable (theoretically) putting my dick where several other dicks have gone before. Well, I'm not. I never could be, either. So yes, I'm sure *your* "girlfriend" makes *you* comfortable enough to have sex with her.


>I'm a nice guy, I swear! Women are just mean whores who'll sleep with anyone except me!

But eh she’s a whore. So no loss desu.

Look at what you are asking me.
You are asking me to name a real person on Jow Forums.
What do you thing can happen to that real person?
I can't on my right mind do that, but I can, and I did, show you a case real close to me so you can see that sex itself isn't a problem.
I know I felt comfortable with my gf, but that just goes to show you that you can find some one you can feel comfortable with too. The only bad thing on this entire topic is that losing your V card to another virgin is increasingly unrealistic as the time goes, and it already starts pretty dim.

All I'm saying is don't do that to yourself. You closing way to many doors for a lie you made up about the world.

No. I understand fully why no woman wants me. I just don't see the worth in trying to attain something so worthless. But they will sleep with whoever they find attractive that is willing to put up with their bullshit

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read this

Think about it this way; you’re a good man trying to court her with a kiss and she rejects you off the tip but she would dropem in a heartbeat for Chad at the bar and you know it. Dawg she’s clearly not into and giving you the whole “like a brother” shpill. Time to keep it moving, don’t waste your time with this one.

And watch as soon as you get a decent girl willing to lip lock you she’s gonna get all bitter that she missed her chance and probably stick around and make you cheat in her. The same thing has happened to millions of guys before. Dump her.

Sorry I deleted the post because I typed "expect me to" twice.
But the point I am trying to make is that yes, you are fine dating a used up whore. I'm saying I'm not and it wouldn't matter because no female, let alone the ones I'm attracted to, is attracted to me.

>calls gf a whore because she had a life before me
>ditches out 98% of the female population because of a "preference"
>"nobody loves me"

Can you point out the mistake?

It's not a mistake. I'm alone because I don't like whores. I get this. I was only asking you to point out a girl who would make me comfortable (a virgin) and hang out with me. You failed to publish results, and therefore are not right.

Someone as dumb as you will die a virgin.

This ladies and gentlemen is an incel. The incurable with facts and logic one.

What's dumb about what I said

Where did I say it would be a virgin?
I'm defending the point that blocking off anyone who had sex before is just self inflicted celibate. I would be wrong if I DID show you one.

>I'm not worthless, t-th-they are!

>can't show me a single example of a woman who'd hang out with me and is attractive to me
Look. I already said I know why I'm alone. I'm not complaining, just stating that I'm alone. Why so bitter?

No, you're alone because you have a repulsive personality that makes people not want to be around you.

Well, I am too. You've uncovered a fundamental truth. I am worthless, and I deem everything else worthless as well

I know this as well.
You didn't, but the original post said
>Just find a nice cool girl that you can feel confident exposing to. There's a lot of people like that.
I would only feel confident around a virgin. It's not a matter of blocking off, if a matter of maintaining comfortability.

>The self-admittedly worthless person somehow still thinks he's an authority on other people's worth
Holy shit, that's goddamn hilarious

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Well, I hope your comfort warms you at night, because the chances of finding one that matches your criteria are slim to none.

For any other person this would be prime time to rethink their priorities.

Better just waifu your hand, then, because nobody else is going to willingly touch your dick.

You don't have to listen to me. And you never would. But why would assume people have worth? You seem to think I should assume they do and I'm not sure why
Luckily I'm not any other person.