Why do women like candles and flowers?

Why do women like candles and flowers?

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Also why do women make high-pitched noises when they see their friends?

When I see pictures of beautiful girls I always wonder if they're aware how lucky they are.
I mean, they act like they know, but do they really understand?

Shit idk I'ma dude and I fuck with Yankee candles

Those cinnamon apple spice ones dog, that shit is theraputic.

Women most powerful tool is the imagination
If can be use in lot of ways like "prediction"
>My friend wears X type of cloth so this implies that she likes guy N° 4
>Some guy chooses X color of pencil so he likes animas, that's cute!!
>If she does a high-pitched noise is because her emotions are high near me

Imagination is an amazing warm builder to sex, so if you give a women flowers she gonna say or think something like
>He/she gives me something nice because im nice. And also a full open flower so probably wants to open me? Maybe im thinking too much... but i like the idea
This depends on what flowers, but the general idea is that you give her something for her mind to work in a way she either feels pretty, prepares for sex, accomplish is important to you, etc.

Giving flowers to a women doesn't mean you want to bang her, is just a nice gift. You can give flowers to your mother and be a totally rational non-incestuous guy. But candles in the other hand, you either want a passionate night or dont have electricity...

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>dont have electricity...

Women speak in a language called experience.

All women are vain and seek attention

This. I have a young half-sister on my mom's side. I can tell you right now her life is going to be easy, unless she ends up on drug or a coal burner. Regardless, if/when she ends up successful around 25 or so, I know I'll be nearing 45 and be compared to her "success." I'm not angry, but it is kind of shitty to think about how easy something could be, yet it's absolute torture in your circumstance.

Of curse they do, girls learn how to manipulate men from very young age, that's why girls want alpha males, because they are not easy to fuck with.

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why on earth would you want to be with someone easy to manipulate?

We all speak experience, it's just that males are told to seek a good economic situation instead of a good romantic relationship

Why do they laugh when they approach each other??

Because he can do stuff for you, did you ever read or watch middle age book/art, even back then men would fight for womans. Pook explains this better than me tho.


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Women will never do anything of value other than breed so it's not such a bad trade off.

Th is the right idea. Women's sexual response is, on average, slower to initiate than men's, and is less visual as well. Men are much more likely to be horny without any stimulus (spontaneous desire) or to get horny really quickly from seeing something sexy. This is why porn is so prevalent.

For women, it's typically much more about getting into the mood. Most women experience primarily responsive desire, which means that instead of getting horny immediately, it takes more time and more enjoyable sexual stimulus, and then after a little warmup the desire is raring and ready to go. Some people think that the fact that they don't get horny spontaneously means women don't enjoy sex, but it's just a different method of becoming horny. Men can be like this, too.

Everybody is a combination of both, but on average women are more likely to be responsive and men are more likely to be spontaneous.

All sexual desire is also affected by stress. Stress is a bonerkiller for almost everybody, and especially for people who are primarily responsive. The horny won't happen if you're freaking out about something. You need to de-stress and make space for the desire for it to happen.

It's why massages work so well. It's a comfortable, relaxing, intimate touch that de-stresses and starts to become sexual. Desire awakens and then BAM she's horny. Candles and flowers and such help to create a feeling of happiness, gratitude and the sense that you're loved and appreciated. This is great at getting rid of stress and creating good feelings, which in turn helps to make the space for a sexual mood.

Yeah, I know. I don't really value anything though, so they get to be valueless with ease, whereas I'm valueless with existential strain everyday

There's nothing stopping you from becoming a painter or a barbarian.

True, except the effort and motivation to do that being missing

Lazy and undisciplined. Man is quick to shackle himself in excuses. You are the warden of your mental prison.

I'm in the Elysian Fields my dude. There's no excuse *for* effort, just as there's no excuse *against* effort

Elysium is for heroes.

Because it's just for them and it dies in a short time.

because they smell nice and they look pretty. subconsciously, because nesting.

Because they’re pretty and smell pretty

Because we are excited

Ok. Well, I'm stuck on Midgard then. Better?

Women make no sense.
>My girlfriend says she doesn't like sucking dick
>Okay, whatever, you don't have to
>She proceeds to give me amazing blowjobs
>Gets her super wet when I put my hands on the back of her head and face fuck her

I think she gets turned on by me forcing her to do things. It's kind of adorable.

Why do i like sammiches and blow jobs?

do you think they're young forever?

Wetness is not a guaranteed indicator of arousal. Just like a boner is not one, either. Sleep or morning wood doesn't mean you're horny.

It's definitely possible that she is turned on by it. Don't assume, though, or you're treading in dangerous territory.

>Imagination is an amazing warm builder to sex, so if you give a women flowers she gonna say or think something like
>>He/she gives me something nice because im nice. And also a full open flower so probably wants to open me? Maybe im thinking too much... but i like the idea
I came here to laugh at you.

Flowers are nice. If you educate yourself on different types of flowers and the cultural meanings they hold, women can really appreciate that. Candles on the other hand is just one of those things, like astrology and bath salts.