Dating a girl that looks like a kid

I'm a senior in high school and I'm friends with a girl that looks like she's 10 years old. She's a black girl and she's 4'6". She otherwise looks normal but she looks like a kid even though she's 17. I asked her WHY she's so short once and she told me she doesn't know and that her mom was really short too. I've met her mom and she is indeed a tiny tiny person.

I have a big crush on her but everyone keeps saying you're a pedo if you think she's attractive. Everyone calls me a pedo because I'm her friend and I hang out around her. I really like her, and I'm pretty sure she likes me. We graduate soon and I don't want to regret never asking her out for the rest of my life. But I feel really ashamed for having feelings for her. I feel like a creep.

Am I pedophile for having feelings for her? Will everyone judge me for dating her? I don't really care necessarily about my classmates judging me since I'll never see them again in 4 months but what will society think of me? I guess it doesn't help that I'm 6'3" so she looks like a baby next to me.

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I say this without hyperbole, you will never get a chance like this ever again. She is a one in a million girl, you will never get a chance to fuck a creature like this ever again.

Disregard what anyone says and fuck her brains out. Don't even think about, fuck her as much as you can.

Imagine how she feels user. It must suck to never have a relationship because people are afraid of being labelled a pedo if they date you, despite the fact that you're an adult.

Fuck 'em all, just date her.

Do it bitch

You two could make a new genre of porn called pseudo-CP and make millions.

I forgot her name, but there's a Russian porn star that looks super underage even tho she's like 30 and people on gif used to freak out when she was posted

Holy shit my last crush was basically this. Despite being two years older than me, she looked like she was two years younger.

You're a kid yourself, so who cares what they think. They're just jealous you're about to fuck a chocolate shortstack.

I remember a pornstar by the name of Little Lupe. She's this short girl who looks underaged. One time, the court tried to get the guys who fucked her on camera charged with statutory rape cause she looks like she's 13 half the time. Had to testify on their behalf so they wouldn't have child molester on their records.

It must suck looking young like that.

Do whatever you want. Don't let people dictate who you can be attracted to or else you'll just hate yourself for it.

>I asked her WHY she's so short
Damn nigga savagery for no reason. Why you gotta do that bitch like that? It's like her walking up to you and asking "why are you ugly?" She can't help her genes.

No retard. Liking a short woman doesn't mean you're a fucking pedo. Jesus this isn't rocket science.

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You wouldn't be sexually attracted to her if you weren't a pedo.

>not a kid

She's a kid.

>date a low IQ 18 year old girl
it's ok
>date a physically stunted 18 year old girl who looks like she's 10
it's ok
>date a 17 year old who looks and acts like an adult

Only in America.

Women WANT to be called small. They take pride in being small because it's more feminine and surveys have shown men are more attracted to tiny girls. It's not like calling a girl small.

calling a guy small*

>he doesn't know that states make their own laws

Have you checked her ID to see if she's legal? I would.

>He doesn't realize most states AoC is 16, and even so 99% of people don't actually care.
I hate the internet. Made even the biggest idiots have a voice.

God that sounds hot.
Breh, you gotta date her. It's a once in a life time opportunity.

That's irrelevant to the point I'm making but ok geniuses.

Why are you attracted to her? What makes her attractive to you? If it's specifically BECAUSE she looks underage, then that's sketchy. If it's for other reasons, then it's not at all.

Here's how it is, OP. Regardless of her appearance, you're both of similar consenting ages. As long as she;s not underage, dating her is FINE.

Your point is that only dummies make a hullabaloo about something, and bigger idiots such as yourself just an entire population based on the opinion of a few

Don't use sarcasm on stupid people, they'll take that as a compliment user.

"and bigger idiots such as yourself just an entire population based on the opinion of a few"
I'm having a hard time understanding your poor grammar but I think you're trying to say that nobody actually cares when older guys date 16 year olds? Which is just objectively false. Couple months back some 20 yr old guy dated a 16 yr old girl and the internet blew the fuck up.

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Like I said, the internet gave any idiot a voice. People with a straight head don't actually care.
And for "just" I meant "judge"

Ok, so first you were telling me that barely anybody cared, and now that I'm showing you that the vast majority do actually care you're saying that's what you said all along? Done replying to this retard baka.

>The internet is the vast majority