Medibros i need an answer

Medibros i need an answer

What would happen to a depressed female if they were told by a doctor to take half a pill of antidepressants a day or an entire one in a bad day, but instead she took 3-5 a day?

My gf is in this exact situation and she's in multiple medications because she had a problem with anorexia and obesity, right now he has constant stomach aches when she eats anything, last time she ate just a tomato and she was in pain.

Also she barely drinks water because it makes her want to puke but when i see her i just make her drink.

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I mean probably nothing would happen, people get dosed that by a dr. there's serotonin syndrome but she'll get a really bad fever.

>anorexia and obesity
if solid food hurts her stomach try soup

I'm on setraline (an SSRI) and honestly I don't think it will affect her health that much as long as she won't be doing this for a long time. Half a pill seems a very low dose, do you know what's she on? also check'd

Might depend on the med but I've taken more Trazodone than that and it just made me sleepy for a while.

No i'm not sure what she's on, but she is also in a lot of pills (Most of them temporary) because apparently she fucked up some of her organs due to the anorexia or at least that's what i picked up, what worries me is that mixing lots of pills everyday may be kinda heavy on he stomach or that she could easily overdose, apparently she peed herself today involuntarily btw

>she had a problem with anorexia and obesity
Ok, that's enough Jow Forums for today.

Serotonin syndrome is a possibility. But depending on the anti depressant it could be ok. Cymbalta has high risk of serotonin syndrome whereas Zoloft is fairly safe for example

If she starts getting brain zaps (like a sudden jolt, like her brain is being electrocuted) or starts twitching, sweating and getting delirious, you should take her to hospital.

were you in the room with the doctor when he talked to her? cause it sounds like she's completely pissing on his instructions

oh man that's some serious shit then. do you know her psychiatrist? maybe you can tell him about her, to stop prescribing shit to her / talk to her about this behavior. does she have parents?

Y'all are dumb if you don't understand a person can be obese and anorexic.

It won't do much i don't think except make her need even more pills in the future to help her depression but it's retarded and idk why she's doing it.

Nope, she's from Nicaragua and came to Argentina to study medicine, but dropped to become a psychiatrist

I agree. This is very irresponsible behaviour and if she’s not going to listen to doctors instructions then she may as well not be on the medication at all, because she’s going to fry her brain. OP I suggest you make sure she mentions this incident to her doctor. This is pretty serious

I don't know her psychiatrist, she is in Nicaragua, but my mom is into coaching so she could help some psycological shit, and her parents beated her with barbed wire, apparently that's common in Nicaragua.

Well she is still onto some medication she needs to basically not die, but some of those are temporary so she can't drop her meds

I’m talking about the anti depressants. You can’t just take as many as you want each day. You will literally fry your brain.

My aunt has spent years not taking her anti depressants properly. Going from one a day, to none, to 3-4
She is completely insane now

Yeah that's a conv we've had, i told her that antidepressants are basically just overstimulating her serotonin/dopamine and that it would just make her not feel anything over time, but there is one i think she HAS to take because it's also antiseizures?

Yeah I’m pretty sure some anti depressants over lap as epilepsy meds. That’s a stressful situation to be in. I wish I had an easy solution OP

dw, i'm really just thankful that people are giving some advice

She needs to he taking the medication as directed by her doctor. Call them and ask them what to do. You are allowed to call the Drs. Leave a message. They need to know. This is not okay.
A tomato is one of the worst things you can eat if you're having stomach issues because of it's acidity. She needs to eat a low acid diet, like as if she has acid reflux. Look it up, there are many sources. If her stomach still hurts after a few weeks of that diet, then she needs to see a gastroenterologist.
Dude. You can't take care of her, if she wants to fuck up her life and body that's her choice. She sounds like a nightmare. If she's not already in therapy I'd press for it because you can't shoulder this burden alone. It will leave you bitter and resentful.

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Generally the biggest risk for SSRIs is serotonin syndrome, but that usually occurs with acute overdoses or using multiple medications which prevent normal clearing by the body.

The gastric issues might not be related to the SSRIs, but it is something that should get checked.

You have no idea what you are talking about. Reflux is generally caused by stomach acidity which is far lower in pH than what you are getting from foods. It is the esophageal and duodenal valves which can have issues with closure allowing stomach acid to travel up the esophagus or into the duodenum.

Low acid diets aren't even a normal Rx for GERD. Most of the time reflux is cleared via use of PPIs, sleeping in Fowler's position, and weight loss. The only other thing would be an EGD biopsy if H.Pylori/ulceration was suspected.