Hitting a woman

Why are thought in school not to hit a woman i don't get this?


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Same reason you shouldn’t hit a child. Women are children

Women are weak and pathetic. Fighting them just makes you a punk.

You wouldn’t try to brawl with a 10 year old would you?

Besides, women don’t respond to physical discipline beyond immediately change to end the pain. Emotional discipline is how you deal with them.

I mean i can punch a kid too, i dont let anyone fuck with me.

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Threats of violence are more potent than actual violence. You never need to hit them because they should be terrified of your power. Plus, if you do hit them they'll shatter because women are made of glass. Very weak and pathetic, much like fans of foreign children's cartoons.

As a woman, I share your confusion. While I don't anyone should escalate things to violence, I believe that if a woman hits you, you have every right to fight back.

Women are actively seeing equal rights, etc, but aren't willing to be treated the same way.

Women and children are considered by society to be weak and incapable of defending themselves. Society considers it cruel and unfair to use violence against them, and they punish men who display such vicious behavior more severely for the crime of assault or battery.

That's so retarded.
I mean if they try to provoke me, yes i would, although i am not a kinda guy who resorts to violence


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You are not supposed to use physical force towards anyone. Period.

I punched a girl in the gut in 4th grade. She never dared to bully me ever again. Dumb bitch.

violence is gay and for the mentally weak

It is thought in society that you should not hit anyone. Hitting women is even worse because they're physically weaker than men, so you are effectively abusing someone.

>Alexander the Great was mentally weak
>Julius Caesar was mentally weak
>Erwin Rommel was mentally weak
>Robert E. Lee was mentally weak


>That's so retarded.
That's the minority opinion.

>comparing conquests with domestic abuse
ayy lmaoing at the sheer inceldom

>All violence is domestic abuse
Learn how to communicate, 4chandroid trash.

We need a "everyone I don't like is incel"

>Hitting women is even worse because they're physically weaker than men, so you are effectively abusing someone.

Fucking moral faggot, white knight
GJ i am proud of you
Lol so i should drop on their level and be a cuck, no thanks.
I wouldnt user, but sometimes people dont get when to stop fucking with you, just look at history people keep using force because is sometimes the only way to solve dispute.


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Too bad you're an incel who is never motivated to do anything and would rather sit and do nothing while blaming everyone, otherwise you could make it yourself.

>women are weak and pathetic

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>Why are thought in school not to hit a woman i don't get this?
Its so much a matter of that she's a woman, but rather a matter of escalation of force and the force required to prevent the force being focused on you. Its a rather simple legal matter. If a woman is attacking you and she is 80 pounds lighter and much physically weaker than you then it is a matter of force; how much force is required to neutralize the threat? If you wrap her up in your arms are push her to the ground then you've successfully neutralized the threat. If you slam her onto the concrete and break her jaw then you employed an unnecessary amount of violence. In this case you have used violence simply to hurt the other person, not stop them from hurting you. Legally speaking, using violence for the purpose of inflicting pain rather than defense is illegal and, depending on the context, immoral. This simple concept is to be employed no matter what gender or age the two people who are engaged in a conflict are. If a small child comes up to you and kicks you in the shins so you punch him in the chest and break a rib, who is most at fault? You, of course. While its obviously not cool for the kid to attack you, you used violence that exceeded the amount necessary to neutralize the threat. So, obviously, there's a lot of chivalry and gender role concepts involved in this issue but the fact of the matter is if someone smaller and weaker than you attacks you and you seriously injure them in retaliation then you are both legally and morally at fault. In essence, its never okay to hit anybody unless its for the express purpose of defending yourself from a significant threat.

Kek i never asked that, i asked why are we forced to learn in school not to hit the women, while boys fighting each other is ok, is not like we break each others bones lol. They always tell us never hit a woman. Men are basically being made a beta cucks and slave for industry.


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It doesn’t matter if it’s man or woman, everyone should keep their hands to theirselves. Tell that to your feminazi teacher.

Sadly that s not how world works, everything what they teach you about morals in school is a lie, is a pattern made for you to become a slave to a country.

Lets look at USA did they solve a problem with ISIS with talking, no. Force is what man have at disposal same as girls have beauty.


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