This guy and I are both into each other...

This guy and I are both into each other. But he always darts his eyes around and never actually look me in the eye or try to make eyes contact. Believe me I tried to smile at him but he darted away too fast I couldn’t do anything. Anytime I’m around he will try to ignore me or look somewhere else but still in the range that he can see me by his eye corners.

How am I gonna approach him or will he ever make a move at all? It’s been months. I started to lose my patience. He always with his friends so I can’t straight up and go to him cause I’m kinda shy too.

Pic related. Totally his face when I’m next to or close to him. It’s Frozen.

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He's averting cause he knows he can be sued for sexual harassment and ruin his life for looking at a female.

>It’s been months

Bait, no actual woman would wait that long for a guy they were attracted to to make a move

I can believe that, but because she isn't attracted to him, but rather can't deal with the fact that he isn't attracted to her.
As soon as the guy approaches her, if he does, she will realise she doesn't actually like him, reject him, and go get her brains fucked out by by Chad.

That’s why I said I’m losing my patience.

What should I do? Write a note and put my number on it?

You seem like you are so prejudiced toward women. Not all the women are the same. I’m shy too and really into him but don’t know how to do it cause I’m fucking panicked every time.

I’m just wondering if he’s just not that into me

>What should I do?

Fuck Chad, blame the beta for "driving" you to fuck Chad, and fuck off from here

>Not all the women are the same


Someone didn’t get laid on valentines days I see

approach him, genius

>not all women are the same

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when he sees you act nervous and correct your hair, when he looks at you quickly dart your eyes away
i.e try acting like he does, it mite work

I always try to look at him for a bit to see if he look back so I can smile but he won’t. Maybe I should do the same thing as he does

>Not all women are the same

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just "indirectly" ask him if he's got a gf and go from there you fuckwit

>not all women are the same

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Stop playing these looking games and go talk to him? Looking can mean any number of things. Guys aren't going to immediately think you're into them just because you looked at them. Also, some guys are too prideful to make the first move, so you might be forced to.

what kind of dumb ass mind game are you trying to play?
just talk, autist

if that doesn't work you can always try indian smoke signals

What the heck is that?
>try indian smoke signals

I don’t play games I’m afraid of rejection as well. I’m afraid if I try to chat him up and he won’t be responding

So this is why I try to smile at him but he won’t look at me so I can do it. You thinj I wanna play games? It’s been months. I’m exhausted



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OP you should have brought this to the ask the opposite gender thread if you didn't want to be attacked by bitter incels

>I’m afraid if I try to chat him up and he won’t be responding
welcome to reality i guess? do you always get what you want?

>Not all the women are the same

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Yeah I tried to look for it but don’t see the thread anywhere. Should’ve gone for it in the first place

You’re not helping. I know the reality

>You’re not helping. I know the reality
>*continues ignoring all reasonable advice*

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Look, non-verbal communication ain't gunna cut it, alright. The best way is communication, start off with a simple "hey" when you see him or walk past him and then gradually build it up to talking about anything and nothing. I can empathize with being shy and whatnot but if you continue to stay mute, you aren't going to make any progress in human relations.

You're both autistic

Yeah maybe I can try it. But if a guy doesn’t keen on making any effort then is it safe to say he isn’t interested enough? I need to be clarified on this so I know I don’t waste my time on someone who is not into me

Surprisingly, I'm in the same kind of situation as well. I do the same exact thing where I autistically freeze up when we're near each other and nothing really changes. I think there isn't really a winning move other than saying fuck it and actually just going up to them and being straightforward. Nothing else will happen otherwise. Seeing this happening to someone else makes me realize this.

>he looks emotionally stunned
because he is. may be nothing to do with you

Same here, similar situation always around her when other people are there, to scared of rejection to make first move have been hoping she will make first move instead like a idiot.

Social anxiety is a real thing.
I know I have a lot of trouble looking people in the face just in general. I can't even talk to people that I have a crush on.
You're just gonna have to make him feel comfortable and let your intentions be overtly known, so he gets message and doesn't think you're just screwing with him.
Most girls aren't willing to make that kind of effort, though.

The problem is from what I observed, he’s pretty sociable. He talks to men and women no problems but only when I’m around he will be frozen. I am not much better. So we kinda know we like each other but nobody has the courage to step up yet

I mean this with zero offense, but he sounds autistic. People with autism avoid making eye contact with others and even stiffen up. Sometimes they make a stiff face when surrounded by overwhelming sounds, sights, or people. Doesnt sound like he has a crush on you just because he avoids eye contact.

Maybe you’re right? That could be the case. Borderline autism then. Because he does talk and kinda sociable. He still do other activities required interact with people no problems

You two are adorable, but in a stupid retarded way.

There are different types of autism like low or high functioning. He might be a high functioning one who has trouble with eye contact, reading face expressions, or even processing his own expressions.

My bf is actually high functioning autistic, extremely socialable, and you would never be able to tell unless you noticed he didnt make eye contact with you (or unless you noticed he has issues with verbal hyperfixations).

Most autistic people, low or high functioning dont like to be physically touched. Keep an eye on him and see how he reacts to people touching or bumping into him.

Again theres no real way to know for sure unless you asked him directly whether he has autism or if he fancies you.

Stop samefagging you incel

Every man has a nasty side to them, and some of them are scared of it. We're scared of hurting someone, and we're scared of being betrayed.

You should be a dear and initiate. Catch him alone, get in close, press up against him. If it's been months, just egg him on until you're both going at it like animals.

I'm autistic. I don't like most people touching me.
Pretty girls are a different sensation though. It's weird. It's like the difference between touching your teeth with your fingers and touching them with your tongue. The former feels weird and gives you a start if you have sensitive teeth. The latter is just natural.

They say autism may be caused by an exposure to large amounts of testosterone in the womb. We might just be over sexed. Grabbing anything is like grabbing their ass or groin.

I searched for autism symptoms online and I don’t think he have it. Just an introvert, closed off lad. And he seems to be like that when I’m around, other times when I observe him from afar he’s pretty much very function-able. The problem is he wants to hide every time I’m around so I don’t know how to break the ice and talk to him

This. Fuck me if I'm going to risk imprisonment or fines for trying to be a guy. There are more worthwhile endeavors than risking everything for a hole and emotional paperweight

Doesn't ever happen. Fuck off

So it’s tough to be a men in this generation

No, it's simply not worth it if you're not inherently attractive

So attractiveness will make things differently

Why are you into him? From what it sounds like, you've never even talked to him before, yet you keep saying you're both into each other. If he's avoiding eye contact, it could be that he reads you're staring at him a lot and finds you unattractive, and is trying to communicate that to you ignoring your eye contact.

Yes. But one can't increase their capacity for attractiveness. We can only approach an upper limit of attractiveness, with each man's limit being different. And each man's ease in increasing their attractiveness is different.
Some people (like me) have an inherently very low capacity for attractiveness AND it is extremely difficult to increase it at all.
Essentially, some people are meant to be alone

No I catched him looking at me when I’m not looking at him. We did make eye contact a few times but he would always look away first.

You know it when someone is into you. I can always tell. If you can’t then you’re probably single for a very long time

Mmmmm hot. Are you cute?

Mind game? This is literally how social interaction and body language works, retard.

Does it make any different?

Are you 12? Genuine question, if someone in my friend group couldn't tell a girl/boy hey I'm interested wanna go on a date and see what happens, I'd honestly lose respect for them

Just do it

Not to the situation.

He talks to people that he's comfortable around, he barely even knows you.
You're just going to have to initiate on this one if you're actually interested in the guy.
Or forget about him and find someone else.
Like I said, most girls would never make the effort.