How do you keep a youthful face, remove stretch marks etc.?

>pic-related its me

What can I do to correct everything wrong with my face? Also Subject questions above please if you can.

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Not be a fat ugly faggot

Well you got fat right, is it that obvious in my face?


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just work out in the gym, do cardio, eat a bit less and you will be fine

Fuck didn't realise it was that bad, I have to lose weight then thanks user for pointing it out.

This thread wasn't about that really, I wanted to get advice on skin issues with my skin, how to keep it youthful, remove stretch marks and the like.

Yeah I'll get right on that after being called fatty just from a face pic, makes me realise I have gone too far now.

Could you answer the other questions? What can I use to keep a youthful face, remove stretchmarks and that?

Use cocoa butter or whatever that nonsense is The Blacks* are always lathering themselves in to avoid dry skin. Avoid all drugs.


you aren't even that fat you just need to trim down to get a more defined face
as for skin care routines just use any moisturiser, and wash your face every morning and night. Just google skin care routines.

laser resurfacing

what the fuck

man I'm 18 and my mouth has more lines than a fucking zebra from a lifetime of laughing my ass off. Either get some coconut oil or just deal with it. Frankly your face looks as smooth as a babys ass put to a stone grinder, sans maybe the eyes. the only thing for that is more sleep.

What are you doing asking here? This is the worst place for advice.

You'll get old, we all do. There is no cure for old age or stretchmarks. The best you can do is eat healthy and try to be as optimistic and stress-free as possible.

Jow Forums is probably bad for one's skin.

>no acne
>no nothing
Remove what stretch marks? Your face is fine, faggot.

Wait so not even dermarolling with acid helps with stretchmarks?
What so I don't have Rosacea? What is that red stuff on my cheeks then? My stretch marks are on my body, I want to get rid of them.

other then a bit of red you look fine, I don't see any fat.

What is that red though? Rosacea?

Genuine answer?

You go to a dermatologist that does botox, fillings, fractional laser and mesotherapy and all that shit. Women generally neglect that until they start hitting the wall i their early mid 30s. But if they had started it lest saty in their late 20s or hell even earlier, they would look 5 years younger than their counterparts. I mean you are not getting your youth back but your friends will say "femanon you look younger" or "femanon did you have sth done?"

I have seen people who took a "vocation" from their family to visit their daughter and done some procedures, which is healing time take guess how long? Oh right the amount of time of the vocation!

There are tons of people who get shit done and hide it from their friends, specially their spouses to not ruin the magic.

T. Guy that works with a dermatologist who does this shit and has seen men and women from all ages 25-75

>hitting the wall

oh it's one of those guys
how sad lol

Its an analogy everybody knows, and you have to be wilfully lying to yourself if you dont think looks deteriorate after 30. Sure gravitas and elegance is sth that comes with age, but for both men and women when it comes to looks younger is better.

Read into the actual merit of my post before you discard it just because of a phrase. I couldnt pay for a house if people didnt want to prolong aging and try to recover youth.

>be white
>keep youthful looking face
lol pick one
Cuz white people do not age well at all
They look 40 by the time theyre 25

You could try face sheet masks and putting on face moisturizer after showering

How much does it cost to see a dermatologist? How often should you visit one?
I'm 28

>Lose weight
>Improve your aerobic capacity
>Get more vitamin A

Cocoa butter for the stretch marks on your body
Collagen moisturizer for your face
It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, pic related is what I use
Also don’t use apricot scrub or really any kind of scrub on your face, just get a simple cream face wash, and use toner as well

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Also the red isn’t rosacea you just seem to have a naturally flushed face. Your skin looks fine, clear and all, so really all you need to do at this point is maintain and prevent

Depends upon where you are from. I would think it would cost a decent amount in the US. I am from eastern Mediterranean so it doesnt cost as much here. It will most likely cost the same if you come here, have shit done, stay here for a year sitting on your ass to have some of the shit done again for seconds or thirds and then go back to US.

About how often you should visit, depends on what you will have done. Botox here it is done every 6 months, fractional laser treatment is more like "how many times as you can get it" but it literally turns your face into a tomato for a week where you need to take constant care of it like a surgery.

Just google your local area and visit for consultations, google what i written above as well since what works for you might be different. Ask doctors and explain your sitautions. A single real life look is better than a thousand pictures when it comes to this stuff.

What should I have done to maintain my face as it is? How young do I look?

Default suggestions apply, lots and lots of water and good long uniterrupted sleep. In addition wash your face with a nice soap regularly and change your pillow cases every week at most, this is usually advice given to teenagers for acne but it applies to adults as well. Anything else about basic maintenance you should consult a dermatologist.

Other than that, you do look late 20s, specially from the line i can see under your left eye(right on the picture). And you need some sort of cleansing on your face. You seem you can loose some weight too? Do you have lines on your forehead and/or smile lines? If you do than botox might work for you.

In addition, you can have mesotherapy done and if it bugs you some filling on your upper lip. You have a very full under lip but it doesnt match with your upper lip. Ignore the part about the filling if your lip doesnt bug you.

Ok I dont do any of that apart from changing my pillow cases weekly, I only have two lines under my left and right eyes now that I have looked in the mirror, how the fuck did they get there? What can I do to deal with that? What is a cleanser? Na my lips are fine.

What foods should I eat everyday?

Yeah, healthy skin belongs on a healthy body. About the lines, look next to your eyes when you smile or squint that will be a nice surprise for you. They are called goose feet (at least in my language) and you get that for smiling and makinge facial gestures. Yes life is punishing you for having emotions..

How did they get there? The answer is sneakily, day by day as you age. It is a normal thing that happens to everyone. The lines are there forever, they are there because your face muscles get too good at making gestures and essentially imprint themselves. Botox is a poison that paralyses muscles, when applied to those it will first prevent those muscles from making the gestures and the lines. Yes you will loose some of your emotive capabilities. The second part of botox is , because you cant use those muscles they become weak and when the effect of botox fades the lines will be less pronounced. When applied throughout the years the effects are increased.

Pt2 cause too long

Google facial cleanser, they are essentially what the products that clean your face are called. Some are masks, sone are creams some are soaps and so on. What you use depends usually on how oily your skin is and what works best for you. Some trial and error is required here.

There is no miracle food for good skin, but there is food for bad skin. Ditch everything fried, i mean it no more mackidies or king of burgers. No more cheetos or chips either. The fats on those mess up with your skin and also are just plain unhealthy. But mostly fucks up with your skin. Alchohol too is something that causes your body to hold water and bloats your face. So try to stay away from unnecessary drinking. You dont need to drink a whole bottle of wine when you cry yourself to sleep if half a bottle works just fine :)

Also as i said, living healthily and if possible stress free. Stress free might not be possible so just try to get good sleep and drink a lot of water in addition to other liquids. 2 litres of water or at least 1.5 in addition to tea or whatever you drink.

Your skin is fine, OP. The fail-proof way of taking care of it is wash your face morning and evening and use moisturizer.

You have a fairly round face. If you can grow facial hair, do a style that adds definition. Or look into losing a bit of weight (your first motivation should be health, not looks tho. Can’t really change your facial shape anyhow).

I see I didn't realise Botox is poison that paralyses muscles but even then though those wrinkles are still there and come back don't they?

Ok I'll go to my local boots and ask for their advice on facial cleanser. Not even once a week take-aways or once a month? Fats are good for you though aren't they, which fats are you talking about specifically, staturated fats?
Yeah I'll start doing that now, I am obese which is why I have a round face at the moment, I need to lose weight.

i mix my own cum on water, honey and oats to wash my face before going to sleep. i leave it on the skin for about 5 minutes then rinse it off.
been doing this for 3 years.

i got this recipe from /b/ btw

Yeah the wrinkles eventually will come back. You will die someday too, there are inevitable things in life.

If you keep up with botox and stuff it will simply make you look younger than you are supposed. At 28 it will look the wrinkles look like when you were 25, at 35 they will look 30 and so on. One session every 6 months is a good amount i would say.

Dont get rid of the foods you lime entirely of course, but the less you eat the better. Thats it.

Fats are not really that good for you, i mean you need it but if your diet was lets say just meat(beef,chicken,fish all) and just greens(salads and leafy shit) you would be just fine. You can just get rid of bread and any and all beans and most people will be just fine(operative word is most, consult your physician for such a change since you might have special conditions)

Saturated fat and in general processed food is not the best stuff. They are not actively poisoning you, but healthier options exist and they will improve your life. I mean i enjoy a good night of drinking beer and eating pop corn like any other fellow. I just know if i didnt do that my skin would be better and i would loose weight faster, but it works out for me in moderation. Find a balance you are happy with. Life is too short to just eat "healthy " but even shorter when you just eat "not healthy ".

Oh also, botox has a funny story, it is originally used as a treatment for migraine with paralysing the muscles on scalps. They then noticed it reduced wrinkles as well, at the moment it is used as a treatment for migraine as well.