Bros, I'm awkward and I don't talk to women often but I've finally found the one for me

Bros, I'm awkward and I don't talk to women often but I've finally found the one for me.

How do I befriend her? She is the ONLY person I would ever marry, if I don't marry her I will never marry anybody. I wouldn't settle for anybody except her.

If she doesn't like me that is fine, but how do I at least become friends with her?

I don't mind being alone if the plan fails because I can always rely on my imaginary gf if it doesn't work out.

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ask her out straight up
don't befriend her that's a bad idea, you'll just torment yourself


but what if she just looks at me dumbfounded?

what if the sun explodes tomorrow?

You are adding pressure where none is needed, I've gotta prepare the perfect interaction because I am highly abysmal at social stuff.

I bet if I asked her out she would say, "what?" and then avoid me for several weeks.

>She is the ONLY person I would ever marry, if I don't marry her I will never marry anybody. I wouldn't settle for anybody except her
You’re putting unnecessary pressure on yourself by putting this girl you seem to barely know on a pedestal. This is doomed for failure.

Yes, but that doesn't change the situation.

Have you ever talked to this girl?

what do you want from us?

Yes, more than any other girl from the past year (but still not too much at all.)

You've caught oneitis I'm writing you a prescription for one kick in the balls. It will have to be delivered immediately and by yourself I'm afraid.

To quote myself twice:
>"How do I befriend her?"
>"...but how do I at least become friends with her?"
I've already been hit in the balls before (a punch, and a soccer ball) and it hurts but it's still not the worst physical pain I've felt.

You need to whack yourself in the dick to turn it off and on again. It's frozen on this one dumb bitch when it should be working on many bitches.

What the fuck does that even mean user. God it’s like pulling teeth. Give details on your interactions with her. Help us help you.

She knows I exist, and she probably knows that I at least like her a little (she doesn't appear to care but she also doesn't appear to be annoyed by it either). We have barely talked to each other relative to normal friends and she doesn't seem to interested in having conversations with me beyond saying hello.

bullshit, you just want in them pants and now thrice someone had told you your plan is a bad idea.

Nah, I am completely fine settling with only a friendship.

Sex would be a stretch anyways.

>she doesn't seem to interested in having conversations with me beyond saying hello
Yeah she’s not interested in you at all. It’s best to move on from her.

Saying hello is further than I get with most girls. I have barely attempted to have a conversation with her because I get nervous and at the peak we have exchanged several sentences with each other in a short period of time, but what I mean to say is that she doesn't seem to put any effort in trying to get to know me beyond saying hello unless I am the one leading the conversation.

But you can't just kill my hope like that how do you know for sure?

All these feelings are great and all, but you need to put them in a cage right now.
You can't act casual, let alone act like a friend, while you're imaging being married to a girl and how much your life would suck if she turned you down.
If you can do that, then you just have to battle your awkwardness to start talking to her.
Set up some groundwork, talk about some things you both like then ask her on a date. If you think about where you want to go with her first it's a lot easier to slip that into the conversation and just ask her if she wants to come along, than just outright asking her on a date and stressing about it later.
If she turns you down or isn't interested, then you can let out your feelings IN PRIVATE to get rid of them. She doesn't need to know about how much you want to marry her and start a family and grow old together with her. And she doesn't want to know. So telling her will just make things worse.

interesting ty

>she doesn't seem to put any effort in trying to get to know me beyond saying hello
The more you reveal about her interactions with you, the more damning the evidence is. I’m sorry but she’s not interested in your friendship, let alone romance. And anyways if you spend any time on this board you should know that the friendship route is a bad way to go down.

w-w-well... we haven't got things rolling yet so maybe that's why she doesn't care?

If she was even mildly interested in you as a person, she would be leading some conversations. But yeah good point, maybe she just doesn’t know you that well. Just follow ‘s advice, especially about hiding the weird “she’s the only girl for me” stuff, and maybe you’ll get lucky

Yeah but another problem is that I'm very socially awkward maybe autistic but I don't care about diagnostics for that shit so idk.

Anyways, how do people interact properly? I don't know much about body language or social cues or speaking tone or what words to say?

Is saying "how are you?" A good start?

Lead in with some common ground if you have any, find a connection.
If you love her as much as you say you do, you have to know of stuff that you both like.
Then you just let the conversation flow from there.
Starting with "How are you" is fine once you get on speaking terms with her.

>not even friends with someone
>is certain they're the person he wants to marry

Holy shit OP, this is high level incelism

Not everybody has an easy time socially.

Not even the big problem here. OP's entire thought process is skewed

How so?


I love her.

No you don’t. And stop bumping, you’re already desperate enough.

Yes I do and ok.

You don't even know her

uhh what's your point

love doesn't need knowledge
i know that i love her and that's enough

Holly shit You're retarded.

I'm smarter than you.

Just out of curiosity, OP - what was the "trigger" that made you suddenly know without a fact that this particular individual is your one and only? From a third party perspective - that sounds extremely impulsive and mildly creepy for the person you've set your stalker-sights on.

Is it just her outward looks? Do you know what her real personality outside of the public eye is like without having to ever befriend her? She could be somebody completely different than you think which could mean that you're in love with the IDEA of the person, not the true person themselves.

I'm sure this is just troll bait, but I've seen enough variations of this thread to know that there are some people in this world who actually think like this.

TL;DR - Tell us all about this magical woman that you're going to marry and why you're so sure she's the one.

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You might not love her, but the idea of her.
Consider this being a fact.
So now, go on a date with her. DON'T try to befriend her, if you're in the friend category you will be there for ever. Watch body language, and try to make her laugh

Brilliant response.

because shes the one



>because shes the one
But why though? You didn’t even try to answer the other user’s questions

I don't see what that has to do with the purpose of the thread but the reason is because God chose us to be together.

If you aren't already friends with her, then how do you know she's the only one you want to marry? Is it purely looks (that's shallow)? Is it her personality (you don't fully know her if you aren't at least friends with her).

Plenty of girls out there man. Just keep looking and there will be (probably) a lot better.

How old are you? You don't sound older than a teenager.

You’re making it really hard for me to believe you’re not baiting

How do you know that?

>I don't see what that has to do with the purpose of the thread but the reason is because God chose us to be together.

Troll thread confirmed. All effort to help OP
will be wasted and rewarded with keks.

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because I know.


it really has nothing to do with the thread.

The best thing to do with these "how to start talking to her" issues is to just try and befriend her and be friendly in a way that isnt gender specific or "romantic" in any way. Even If she isnt in to you in the way that you want, with this method you could still create a meaningful relationship. In the end women are just people, and any person appreciates being talked to.


It has almost everything to do with the thread

According to what you have written, you don't know the girl. Why should you make the effort to know this girl?

because le thread is not about the why but its about the how

Yeah as in HOW the fuck are you so creepily obsessed with a girl you don’t know? Is it autism? Shitposting? Tell us how

The why is about the how.

Why do you think this is the girl for you? "Because god told me" is not a valid reason, and one that will end a relationship badly. If that is your full reason, then approach her in a friendly way and avoid being creepy by mentioning that "god told us to be together so marry me".

Religion is not a good foundation for relationships. Nothing wrong with being religious, but relationships are founded on common interests and human connection, not just a love of god/gods.

Bro, bro, stop being biased. Are u here to help or just take a piss in your diaper?

bros, she's the one.

>She is the ONLY person I would ever marry, if I don't marry her I will never marry anybody. I wouldn't settle for anybody except her.

Imagine some massive hambeast in a pony tail comes waddling up to you out of breath and nervously sweating and she wants you to know that you are the only person she would ever marry and if you don't marry her she'll never marry anybody.

What would your reaction be? It's not that she's a bad person, but you don't know her. You've spoken to her at least twice, but that was in passing as you were on your way between destinations and nothing about your conversations thus far have lead you to believe that she would have these feelings for you. None the less has any idea who you are to BE in love with you.

How do you feel? Are you happy? Are you excited? Are you disgusted? Are you creeped out? Are you looking for the nearest exit?

Now ask yourself, how would this woman you love feel if she were in this situation? Because that's exactly what you're doing.


you don't know her, so you most likely won't have the deeper connection needed for people to be anything more than acquaintances.

There are plenty of people around. Look around.

This is crazy bait too, man, you're doing a great job of frustrating me if that helps.

fuck off “bro” stop trying to pretend to be OP

I would probably be respectful to the person, girls have tried to date me before and I didn't want to so I hung out with them a few times even though I didn't want to and it made them happy and I was polite to them for a while until they were ready to move on, so I would do something like that or at the very least show some interest in befriending them because I would settle with just being friends with this girl.

>the deeper connection
We are star-crossed.

>stop trying to pretend
Bro, that technically means that I'm not pretending but merely trying to pretend.

Alright, but she's decided that God has told her that you two are going to be married. She's sure of it. She's got no proof. She doesn't have God on speed dial, so there's no way to show you that God had this conversation with her so you just have to take her word for it because God's command is absolute and there's no use arguing about it.

Do you believe her? Are you ok with accepting this "fact" about what God wants? If this decision involves you and is your life's destiny, why didn't God tell you this too? Why did only she get the holy memo? Do you have a choice? Does being religious mean that you have to obey every command that somebody says came from God?

based retarded shitposter

Oh, God talks to anybody who he actually wants to talk to. Some people who turn away will fall into falsehood and deception and an infinite puzzle that they will never solve that keeps getting harder to understand as you go deeper and never ends. Can you just give general advice for how to talk to her? What word do I say first? I'm socially awkward.

I'm smarter than you.

I am trying to advice you, friend. I'm trying to teach you how to fish instead of giving you a fish. Now stop avoiding my questions and do some critical thinking. By empathizing, you are able to connect and talk with people easier.

If you're looking for a one-size-fits-all answer, I'm afraid you're not in touch with reality because it doesn't exist. It can't exist because that's not how humans work.

Oh boy, what?

Thanks for trying to help but I'm smarter than you.

So why make a thread asking for advise if you know more than anyone who responds to it? Doesn't seem like something and intelligent person would do. Saturday morning troll keks on Jow Forums is the best thing you can think of to do with your time?

If you were so smart, you would know what to say to this girl, “””OP””” :^)

Just because I'm smarter doesn't mean that I don't know less trivial shit like what words to use. Do you think intelligence is just a catch-all term? I'm smarter in the more important parts of intelligence but not as good socially currently if you know what I mean.

Ok """"Anonymous"""" but that's not true.

Well, eloquence certainly isn't part of your superior intellect, that's for sure.

What does eloquence mean and why does my superior intellect not see that as valuable?

The end. Thank you for playing, folks! OP will be here all day and night bumping his own thread. Good night!

I told you that i was socially awkward

So OP, you got any concrete reasons to be so infatuated with this girl over any other girl?

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You got any concrete advice for how to talk to her?