Why do men keep saying women aren't funny?

Firstly, whether you agree or disagree all opinions welcome. I know the kind of audience that is here and how this will go. So I have some points of discussion.

1. Humor is not objective

Yes there are things like timing and delivery that make someone humorous but the content and context are very subjective. If you find someone unfunny who has just made an auditorium laugh, the humor just isn't something you can understand or relate to.

2. Men have to be funny to attract women

I suppose, but most of you still aren't funny anyway. I'd say it is proportional to how funny the average woman is, and that this response is due to the fact that if your lack of funniness makes you insecure so a woman being humorous is like a double whammy to your ego.

Your opinions aren't wrong but I'd say declaring a gender incapable of something relfects on your character and insecurities.

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>generalizing all men
>"I know the kind of audience that is here"
No you don't.
>"Humour is not objective"
There's your fucking answer sherlock, guys like their guy humour and girls like their girl "humour."
>"but most of you still aren't funny anyway."
Well fuck you too.

>"Your opinions aren't wrong but I'd say declaring a gender incapable of something relfects on your character and insecurities."
If you believe that then why are you doing the same fucking thing?

Because women have more experience being funny toward other women, whereas men are expected to be equally well-versed with both genders.

Good humor varies by the audience, after all.

Women are inherently incapable of being funny. They can only be endearing.

whats the point of this? there's no discussion, you just want to tell us "how it is". women tend to fall on the same crutch everytime ("omg motherhood/dating/boys/sex") and its never funny. the ones who make jokes for both genders are genuinely pretty funny and it goes the same for dudes too.

I'm sorry the point flew so far over your head mate. There is not a single comment under male comedian videos saying men aren't funny if they didn't get the humor. But you kinda seem too emotional to have any real discussion.

True. But there are male comedians that crack me up and female comedians that don't even make me smile. The experiences of people vary far more than just a gender difference. Can I ask for some comedians you find funny and those you don't? Or a tv show? Movie?

>whats the point of this? there's no discussion, you just want to tell us "how it is".

That's why women flood the comments section of all male comedians saying "men aren't funny. get over it."

Not really dude.
And this is a discussion because you have given your view which I do understand, but it doesn't change the mentality of internet culture. Youtube comments are the same audience as any forum. This place is user and thus ideal to get real opinions.

Recently I was watching some videos of Nikki Glasier, and the comments were full of "Wow a woman who is actually funny!" or "She is a hot and funny Amy Schumer"

> There is not a single comment under male comedian videos saying men aren't funny if they didn't get the humor.

You are not smart.

There are comments like that all the time, maybe there are just a lot of good male comedians you sexist fuck. Why are you so fucking obsessed with shitting on men?

I've never seen somebody shit on comedians for being female and of course you will say it's a thing that I'm not aware of but what is your fucking point? You don't make any sense at all. This is just a futile attempt for you to get your anger out by being a clueless asshole on the internet.

>If they didn't get the humour
Are you saying that people ONLY hate women comedians if they "didn't get the humour?"

Can you not accept that some women might just be bad?

yeah idiots tend to comment on YouTube videos, is that a surprise? who gets mad at YouTube comments or think they represent any sort of shared belief? I bet most normal people have no strong opinion either way

I don't know what to tell you because you are so far off. You are pulling quotes and assumptions out of your ass here. Are you projecting your own anger? Because I'm not angry.

Calm down.

>treating Jow Forums like debate class
why do you people do this

I'm slightly shitposting and I'm also realizing that maybe you are smarter than I first thought.

Anyways, you are hard to talk to and you don't seem to have a real purpose with this thread and you can't prove me wrong. Lol.

Women generally don't have to try to impress a man

Nice recovery /s


Here is where it dives deeper.
Are you saying men do things to impress people, so it's ingenuine? I agree many do that but some men are just inherently funny like Robin Williams. Women are either inherently funny or they aren't too, so for these people it isn't a skill used to try to get sex or attention. It's just their personality. I myself am a funny person. I don't use it as a way to gain anything. Comedians use their inherent ability to share joy with others, make statements, or as a career just as someone would use their artistic gift or mathematical gifts in their profession.

>Are you saying men do things to impress people
Yes, men have to impress to gain what do they want.

Everyone has to impress in one way or another to gain or success. It could be with looks, wealth, health, intellect, some sort of collection, you get the point.
That's something all genders deal with. Not just guys.

Women are only funny to each other. Men are funny to each other but also use humor as one of their primary methods of attracting the opposite sex. It's not that women aren't funny, it's just that men generally won't care if you are.

I bet you thought the pic you posted was funny. Kek

The answer is simple. Men in general are insecure and always need to feel superior over someone. Women are a convenient target because they're devalued in our culture. Even the most pathetic man can feel superior over a woman in his mind. There's also the fact that female comedians often speak about female experiences, something men don't want to hear about, and so they slander them.

Go to sleep already or you will be late for your SJW vlass tomorrow.


Watch this and you will understamd that its much deeper than just some "opinions" or "insecurities".

>Your opinions aren't wrong but I'd say declaring a gender incapable of something relfects on your character and insecurities.

It seems like this gal got booed off of stand-up comedy stage and now is butthurt about it. :^D

No ones funny, except that monkey in a suit, Now That Is Fucking Comedy Gold!

Great """arguments""", bro. Go fap, it's the only thing you're good at.

Best example of woman not being funny.

heres a list of reasons why i personally dont find women funny

>limited creativity
>outdated styles of humor
>limited and horrificially cliche subject matter
>overrealiance on cheap comedic crutches. for example, a woman makes a joke thats both self deprative and grotesque in suject matter. joke relies on the 'can you believe SHE said that?' the joke itself however isnt that funny the comedic effect comes from the fact that you would total never expect a WOMAN to say something like that. its akin to a young child swearing, its funny, only a little though
>completely unable to be witty on the fly
>and by extention unable to keep up with 'back and forths' where true comedic talent is displayed
>inability to read audience properly ei. not sure they are going to far or not far enough

tldr the usual. they fall flat at literally fucking everything except having babies and periods

>unable to be witty on the fly
Main problem with vast majority of females.

> women aren't funny to men because they can't relate
> men are insecure for not finding women funny

You are too retarded to understand how stupid you are.

I have never met or seen a funny woman. They might make me chuckle on occasion, but ive never met a fundamentally funny woman in the same way I've met guys. Sorry, hun

It's because women tend not to have strength in vocal delivery.

This is 100 percent the reason. There might be other sexist reasons for this that you might find in this thread, but they are all bullshit.

Some women are funny, but they are the ones that deliver their jokes like men, because it takes a certain amount of confidence in what you're saying to get the joke to land to an audience. Most women are trained by society to act meek, so most women can't deliver a decent joke.

Notice that the most successful female comedians have a really vibrant, in your face attitude, even if the on screen chemistry doesn't make it look that way.

I completely agree with you.
I've noticed this as well.
Meek men aren't funny either.

From what I've seen of female comedians, they typically fall into one of two categories. She is either the type of comedian who REALLY THINKS she is funny, and her delivery is so over the top and hammy that it's just more awkward than anything else. When Amy Poehler looks into the camera on SNL with this goofy grin after telling a joke you get the feeling she is telling herself she is funny. Some male comedians do this as well and guess what? They aren't fucking funny, either.

Then there are the 2nd types. These women have their whole routines centered around being so awkward and goofy that the awkwardness is supposed to be the driving point of the humor. It's not. Too many women think "OH EM GEE AWK-WAAAAARD!" is a funny premise for comedy but it's not.

You ever seen the show Broad City? The 2 main characters fit this bill. The curly haired SJW is the first type. The straight haired one is the second type. That pretty much encompasses 90% of all female comedy.

No women would make this caracter smile. Despite that, he is the fantasy of lots of women.

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>Humor is not objective
Only to a certain degree. If you take a class of 30 people and ask them about who is funniest, a lot of people will get 0-1 votes, and one guy just might get 20 to 25.
>2. Men have to be funny to attract women
That's questionable since women will usually find a non-funny guy funny if they're attracted to him.
>I'd say it is proportional to how funny the average woman is
Men are definitely funnier. I've hardly ever met a funny woman, and in social groups, it's almost always a guy who's the main joker of the group, and then there's male dominance in the stand up comedy industry.
>relfects on your character and insecurities.
This thread reflects yours.

Amy Schumer is so funny I love when she talks about how stinky her vagina is hahaha

>Implying I don't love it when a cute girl trash talks me.
Maybe you're just ugly, lady.

> but my misogyny!!!!!

The only real people in the whole thread.

Those are people with opinions that contradicts evolutionary behavioral biology.

In other words... thats not how the world works.