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What a disappointing ending to what could have been a great romance.

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I love you.

I want to express how I feel to people but I'm afraid they won't accept me and abandon me. it's been bottling up and I'm afraid the emotions will be too raw for people to handle, even the good ones will be overbearing. I have no idea how to express myself and people think I'm this unfeeling robot.

The only reason I fell for you was because you were more broken than me. If you had your life together I would feel like I wasn't good enough. But knowing your real story makes me feel less alone. Still, I think I am more mature than you, or smarter than you, or stronger than you, and that's why this all happened. I don't want to be the one who has to keep it together while you fall apart. Whatever you are doing now, it will take a lot of effort to make things okay between us. And if you don't say and do the right things then I don't think I'll ever feel comfortable with you again.

>disappointing ending
You're right, the last thread truly turned into a shitshow fast.


Why did you have to do what you did. What, I made you nervous? I had a dream last night of us. We were by each other at a school, and you leaned in like you do, and it was like my previous dreams of us except there was no desire, no underlying meaning or warmth or depth to our interactions.

What have you done?

What happened?

Fuck, I still have these feelings for my friend

We aren't friends.

then what?

Seconding this.

I like Snowden a lot. He's evolved and he comes from the heart. What a great human.

I am not broken. And I don't need you.
Also it's "and smarter... and stronger."
You're a channer, not a god. Be nice.

I’m so dizzy rn just gonna post more cows
Feeling decent though lackluster I don’t have any meaningful words tonight. Idk be caring to each other everyone we’re all that we got.

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I had a dream of you sitting in a school as well. Honest to God.

I just want you to know...

I don't owe you a thing.

Not even a hug?

Yeah, but user, i'm not ready for a relationship, i wouldn't know what to do, i have never been loved

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How hard is it to reciprocate with someone you like? You're sabotaging your life.

If they're nervous you probably hurt them.

No, fuck off.

But you're a little grumpy and upset - you could really do with one.

Men are truly insufferable.

I feel so pathetic.

I always feel like everyone is looking down on me. I want the ability to get what I want, to influence what happens to me in some way, but I feel so powerless, as if I have to rely completely on luck to get anywhere.

How can anyone respect someone whose not in control of their own life?

I asked if you wanted company when your family went out of town Last Christmas. I wasn't expecting anything out of it; I just wanted to meet you and wanted you to not be alone for the holidays, especially with the condition you were in. Don't think I never gave you a chance. I think I made my feelings about you very clear.

Not from a stinky sewer Jow Forums rat

You're a stinky sewer Jow Forums rat as well, though.

It's just sleeping forever right? Obviously with no dreams.

I'm a temporary tourist to your sewers. I've kept away from here since it's inception until recently and will continue to do so shortly.

Sorry you're desperate but I don't do larping.


What's funny is you think you're intimidating. Try me. For real. See how that works out for you.

no, you're just a loser demonic troll

You're even marked.

Preach girl. I know what you mean.

Don't mess with crazy, especially crazy suicidal with a ton of guns.

Oh shit i Would never say this but i think i miss you, that or it's just that i need somebody

I know it's not advice but try to feel confident from inside, fake it till you make it, because it shows. At my absolute worst I just got to the point where I was sick of it and just emulated confidence like "I'm down now but that means I'm going up and I'm amazing for even going through this struggle" And you know I got so many opportunities just for being strong and positive with other people.

Anyway hope it helps

Whatever you say schizochan.

I think I'm looking for an opportunity for someone to give me a reason to unload on them. I would 100% do it too, then I would unload on myself. It's the perfect exit.

I'm not the one with the mark of the beast. Numbers don't lie nasty sadistic troll.

I think you have me mistaken

If you’re an illuminati cunt though, then say it to my face and not online fucker and see what happens
I never try to be scary but I’ll stand up to you however you appear.

As an aside I don’t doubt the cowgary cows were made to be some occult shit, but I’m taking it back. They failed their malicious memetics by making the cows ridiculous in variety and form.

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Actually it has been proven that trolls have mental illnesses.

Yeah don't mess with me
>h-he he

On a different not, choke on a phallic object. The number of guns someone owns doesn't make them any more dangerous since normal humans can not operate more than one at a time effectively. Now excuse me while I fondle my big black shotgun

Why did it have to be like this? Why couldn't you have just felt the same way?
We had so much in common, I knew everything about how you felt because I had been there before. You were the missing piece from the puzzle of my life and now you're gone forever.
I miss you every day and I wish there was something I could do to bring you back.
I don't think I can survive another Valentine's Day feeling like this.

You're insane and crazy. Hinduism isn't illuminati or the occult.

If I find out who you are, you'll be sorry. That I promise you.

You've never seen people handle more than one handgun?

Why can't I stop myself from feeling depressed? Life is good, my brain is not

At least not effectively, no.
And movies don't count.

I used to like this guy a lot but then he told me he liked Richard Dawkins and I lost my crush.

You left me after you got your nursing degree. I encouraged you and provided for you and gave more than I thought was possible and you abandoned me in a moment's time. How the fuck am I supposed to act after that

Well...let's hope you never see it in person because that will be the last of you.

There's some attraction with depression, it's very relaxing actually

It's sobering, but wishing something would kill me sometimes is starting to suck.

How TF did this end with guns?
only in america anons

I really want to shoot someone in 'self-defense'

I love guns. I am female and not in the US.

I can also make and wield a bow and I know judo.

Probably a bit crazy but not unstable, confused more accurately.
These are cow statues from the city of Calgary where I live
I’m not Hindu and had no idea what Kamadhenu meant up until now. My first name is Andrew, would rather not post last name, if you really have beef (yeah cow joke) you should elaborate why instead of posting cryptic threats while obfuscating your reasoning for your hate towards me.

Again I think you have me mistaken for some person, but if not then fuck you too bud.

And these cows statues often seemed like some occult shit, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen them but they are equally cryptic and yuppy in nature.

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and if you’re upset about my generalization about generalizations from the previous thread (in which the thread devolved into a shitflinging generalizationfest) then you missed the joke

Why the fuck would cows be occult Andrew?

They have to do with the Calgary Stampede. Duh.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

They were everywhere a decade ago though their reputation virtually disappeared at the advent of the internet age, the art on them is fascinating though somewhat obscure and often layered in symbolism (as art is), and the main reason being: they were a bunch of cruddy fiberglass cow statues that in total sold for over 1.5 million dollars at the time. The public art projects around here are shaddy, they spent half a million on some dumb circle near the airport. Another art project featured blown-up posters of random UK models (without their knowledge or consent) with the premise masquarading as representing “local lowclass everyfolk”, and it probably siphoned a fair bit of dosh into some yup’s pocket

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Maybe I'm the thing everyone scorns because someone has to be
And everyone's happier as a result of my depression

Maybe it has to do with that force in the park. It's known as on of the power centers of the world. On par with Stonehenge.

No, that's me.

I take the fall for everyone. You'll see it all unfold in the end. It's my fate. My dirty fucking fate.

It will be a celebration for those who hate me. I knew long ago this is how it had to be. It's just the way it is.
here’s the other art outcry

I really do like the cows though, it’s whismsical and it is actual art even if some of the cows are really fuckin strange.

My city did this but with horses. In the 90s. 'Horses on parade'

Hey man I said I may have been a bit crazy, but I don’t think that the lawn near the airport is some sort of powerful leyline

Half a million dollars for basically an ugly-blue circular lamp post, however, is completely crazy. Now THAT’S art that makes people really feel!

wtf do you even want with me?

Just leave me alone. please.

You actually want me to believe that you love me when you've only shown me the opposite?


Think of one single objective demonstration of love and I will take it back. You think I was born yesterday? Really?

But he literally states at the beginning it's unsafe, and he would have gotten more hits with one gun and a reload.
I am not American though
Nice, so there's hope

You need a really high dexterity modifier to actually pull off two-weapon fighting effectively without taking serious penalties to hit, but the DPS boost in undeniable.

You get double the hits. Mostly, it's just a backup, one is knocked out of your hand and you another back up.

I have very high dex.

I'm extremely coordinated.

I think I have pretty high hps

9 lives and all

Hope is someone tries to fuck with me. It's an excuse to take them out and myself. That's the beauty of being crazy and suicidal. You just don't give af about anything.

I took the monkey grip feat allowing me to use a 2 handed weapon in a single hand while also using a shield so I would just block all of his bullet while shooting him with my M82. The bonus to hit from the rifle well makes up for the penalties.

What happened?

Like I believe your random story.

I don't let you know but I take it all in.

I feel like I should do it tonight. Tonight I was playing a game and by turn two it was obvious I was going to lose. It was just such a perfect analogy for my life right now. I know I'll be laid off from this job eventually and I know I'll have nowhere else to turn. So why not just spare myself the agony of not knowing and do it. I've been just drifting these past couple years. This job is the only thing that's keeping me on this planet and keeping me alive. What's left for me if I don't have it...

I should have been more direct.

We're past the dress rehearsal phase. You're hopeless. You should've learned by now...I give up.

>have been with gf for 2 years
>new girl comes in
>been hanging out for a few weeks
>she revealed that she wants to date
>have the chance to date a cute girl that feels more compatible with me
>thinking I'll do it

Gf and I have been going through a rough time together. She's been needy, passive aggressive and her using depression as a crutch is starting to wear me out. I tried to get her help, but she kinda just dropped it. I don't know, I think is she was actively looking for help, I wouldn't feel like this.
I'm just not happy.
New girl and I have been just talking, sharing stuff, laughing at dumb stuff, and it feels good to smile again. I miss smiling.
But it's hard to do something like this to a person that trust in you.
I want to hug the new girl more than my gf, that's probably not a good thing.

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I don't care anymore. I really don't.


I’m sorry this happened to you. Mourning is never easy.

What I've decided is....I need to be like the people I admire. I need to stick to what I say and not waver.

When I leave it needs to be permanent. No looking back. I'm ready for that.

Cynthia, sorry for treating you the way I did.
Truth be told you would be a fine wife for me.
I love you so much it hurts me. My chest burns as I think of you. I want you to be my lactating wife gf and I will drink you dry until the morning comes.
God I love how you make my dick feel. You felt like such a hot and tight wife, every other woman should envy you. Your tight little body on my dick feels amazing. It's like feeling a glove slip on my dick~

I need you again~. Your body makes me truly feel like a man. Fuck the other ladies you make me feel whole~. I just wish I kept you longer.

My friend has been cancelling our plans for 6 months now, always reasons like “I’m on my period” or “I feel ill”. Once or twice is fine but it’s every week now. Makes me feel like shit because she’s my only friend.

Is it time to cut her off and find new friends? I hate inconsistent people

yuck. I actually thought you were talking about a blow up doll. You're disgusting.

We can't all be Romeo.

The strangest part is how I tried to convince myself you weren't evil. It's my greatest weakness....I know it is.

I share a sorta-cubicle with you, the least you could is say "Hi" at the start of the day

tough luck if you're 3 blocks away

It's a small business and its awkward as hell to be the only person that shares a space with a femcel

Hey fucker. Hacking someone doesn't count as working together. I am praying for your death.

There’s still hope.

You think you know me? You don't know me. It's like you watching some actress. You see me, you know what I do but you don't know me. I don't even know anything about you except you're sick in the head and I hope you fucking die...and soon.

What makes them evil?

They ruined my life.

You don't say, user.