Ruined my life by getting a child with a crazy person

>Be 21
>Have sex with condom
>Condom rips
>Get GF pregnant
>She refuses to get an abortion
>Fight throughout whole pregnancy
>Never wanted a child
>Child is born
>Get DNA test, it's mine
>oh fuck
>Happy for a few months
>Child screams 18 hours a day
>Fast forward 1 year
>Be 23
>Me and GF fight all day
>Hit each other in front of son
>I always try to say sorry and back down for the sake of the child
>I think she literally wants and enjoys the fights
>Even when I walk away she literally follows me and continues arguing
>She constantly follows me and provocates me until I get angry
>Spend every single weekend fighting all day
>Son still screams all day
>Want to leave but don't want to leave my son with a crazy person
>But I know that if I stay I will spend my whole life arguing and fighting this her
>If I move away and visit my son she will still start fights and have other men around our son
>No matter what our son is fucked with a mother like that
>When we have an argument while she's holding him she tells me to walk away, I stay calm and do it and she literally follows me and continues arguing
>She seems happy and energetic after arguments

What the fuck can I do? Please help me, I'm legit on the brink of just killing myself.

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Um?? Just fucking leave lol
Not worth the trouble at all.

But keep up on your child support payments cuz if it racks up enough then they suspend your drivers license until you pay what you owe in full.

Also child support is a percentage of your income not a set number, so dont worry too much about it. Its like 10% depending on your state

>I think she literally wants and enjoys the fights


7 more years of getting micro-managed

Record her outbursts, and you act as cool as a cucumber and pretend like you haven't done anything. Don't humor her. Does she drink or have any other 'unmotherly vices'? Record those too. Then file for a divorce and ask for custody because she is clearly too unstable to be parenting a child. Having hard cut proof is better, since a lot of these devolve into word v. word and the judge sides with the woman since the past 18 cases the judge had resulted in the guy beating the shit out of his woman, so they're programmed to be soft on women by default.

She is not normal and I hope you gain custody over your child. Being a single father is hard but you will have the ability to raise the child in a healthy environment where he won't be exposed to a wacko.

this, it is awful for the child. call her out on how bad her mothering is.

I personally wouldn't. It will not change anything. Just document her behavior, consult a lawyer and start acting through legal means. Nothing will change her if she behaves like this infront of her child. Aim to save yourself and to provide the kid and you a good life since it isn't your fault she's a fucking retard.

Albeit you could've been more careful where you're sticking your porker, but life is full of unexpected turns and twists.

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When I try to record her she immediately changes her whole personality to a nice and friendly person.

She also freaks out and tries to destroy my phone off camera.

To be fair I was also not the best dad, as I often made her take care of the child by herself. Most of the time actually. But as I said I'm fucking 23 and never wanted this.

I was close to beating the shit out of her so many times but I know that's what she wants. One time I pushed her and she called the cops on me and told them that I beat her. But I literally only pushed her because she does this thing where she holds my wrist for hours and follows me.

Interestingly when our child is at the daycare or sleeping she barely talks to me. Only when he's awake and ready to be traumatized.

You two fight because you don't love/like each other, girls act like that when they live with someone they don't like, he's gonna make your life a misery

Try recording her inconspicuously without her knowing. No offense but obviously that she's going to be acting differently when on camera. Most people do. Either way buddy, fact of the day is that odds are stacked against you by default as a father. You've got to surmount these odds and take great prejudice when you do. Don't feel bad for this bitch, provide every bit of material proof that she is a cunt and do your hardest to make it indisputable. That dickhead with the gavel will decide the future of your child solely based on that.

Man that kid is gonna grow up to be white trash. I feel sorry for you bro.

Its illegal to record people without their knowledge in a lot of states, better check your state laws. It may not be admissible in court, or worst case could incriminate yourself

It may be okay if its in your own home; but in public i’m pretty sure its not

Secretly record these arguments. Split up. Take her to court for custody of your son. Use the recordings of her acting like a psychopath against her.

youre both retarded and i feel bad for your son no matter how this turns out


While such proof might not be receivable in terms of getting a favourable divorce, there is no way the judge would ignore it for the sake of the child
t. non-burger

Here are your 2 options OP, have fun

I'd knock her up again and have another kid with her, then fucking disappear.

you're assuming what kind of person the judge is

>just have sex lole there arent any consequences

men prefer debt free virgins without tattoos.

but they will take hot single mom because she no longer has the luxury of sleeping around and it's the best (and only option) for any of you fucks to get a hot girl.