How is that self improvement going?

How is that self improvement going?

Working hard to trigger and pwn the incels?

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Which one of these girls will you propose to after she is ready to settle down?

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I want art hoe/goth gf, not a fucking npc

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Simply epic

Imagine going on a hook up app and then being surprised that the people just want to hook up lmfao

HA HA HA [coping mechanism engage]

This is how young people date, grandpa.

But it unironically is. Are you really that astonished by hedonism?

What's there to improve?
And, no.

Only on Jow Forums are posters dumb enough to think those collections mean a shit.

Yes, we are all equal.

Hail equality and fairness is this just universe.


stay bitter, virgin

>only people dumb enough to notice how things actually are are dumb
Woah... so this is the power of the normie?

Women are just low value scum.



Ok user I'm gonna go eat my gf's ass now please keep posting Jow Forums bait while I'm gone okay

Ok. Have fun

Man, I look better than this guy. Does that mean I should be more forceful about what I want?

>art hoe/goth
>not just like normie girls/even worse

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Jesus Christ how do they look that old when they're that young
Either they're lying or Jesus Christ

Stfu 2d faggot, goht/emo girls are the best

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Goth girls are only good in 2d
Arthoes are never good

>majority of sluts use such apps for quick fucks
>actually believes that all women are like that

Nigger i have hundrets of likes on dating apps and I'm a fucking retarded autist. It solely depends on how you present yourself

Noooo thats a lie, take that back you fag

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Shut it ted