Fetish makes me uncomftorable

So my boyfriend keeps pressuring me to do his fetish called "puppy play". I know I should accept his fetish blah blah blah, but jesus christ it freaks me out to no end. How do I tell him that that shit's not cool?

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There are other fish in the sea. Fish that aren't crazy.

You know, you might want to really reconsider.
Fetishes dont come from nowhere, this shows things that are deeply in his psychology
Talk about it, make him explain in a non-hrny mood why he likes it and if you still are weirded/grossed out... well

On occasion we might playfully jab at these differences at each other in conversation or when fooling around but because one of us might not really be into that it's the lightest of the light when it comes to that realm, and it's only momentary. Partners shouldn't feel bad for those aspects of their desires but acknowledging it is better than it being a completely private part of their lives. Having said that we just get off to these things and don't actively force the other to sit down and jerk it to a video involving the fetish. The fact that you mention the fact he's pressuring you to do it is a bit different.

If talking about it more in the way above hasn't/doesn't help then your options are to either reluctantly try it once (probably unlikely you'll do that), have that part of his life be something he can pursue under an open relationship agreement (which is risky but may be for the best) or just straight up say, "I REALLY don't want to talk about this kind of thing anymore and if this part of you is so important to your sexual identity that the fact it makes me uncomfortable is a problem we may need to talk some more and have a long think about where things stand."

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look OP it ain't going away so either humour him or let him go. I'm sure he's aware it's not a normal thing so don't treat him like a freak.

t. have a weird fetish

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The gist was that both me and my boyfriend have things we're into that the other isn't - I like traps and he likes silver foxes. What's worked out for us in terms of relationship health is a respect that we just have our own areas.

Holy fucking shit, that guy in a dogs outfit scares me..

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just fucking tell him.
End of the day, your boyfriend has to know its a kind of fucking left of field, and if he can't accept that not everyone would be into it, then he's hardly being fair is he. Let him know who you feel.
(Also that shit is fucking hilarious, I never even knew bout it till then)

Here's the fetish in detail, sorry I couldn't respond earlier.

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Is this the same guy who made the cuck fetish comic?

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As someone who indulged in her ex boyfriend's trampling fetish out of insecurity and obligation, get out while you still can. He will try to find sneaky ways to get you to do it, maybe even use emotional blackmail.

I'm dead serious. Submissive men are trash.

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>t. Pedo

Say "nah" and if he asks a second time then break up with him and date his best friend to make him jealous


sounds like you both were trash

>Submissive men are trash.
This isn't true, I like it when my gf coddles and nurtures me; having me lay my head in her lap, petting my head, etc. That doesn't mean I force her to do anything she's not uncomfortable with.

congrats on being rare and special

Nevermind, I found the Freudian slip

>That doesn't mean I force her to do anything she's not uncomfortable with.
>she's not uncomfortable with
>not uncomfortable with

Most women are submissive and they usually get their way which is even worse.

Most men are dominant which is probably worse than being submissive too.


Just be honest and find some kink y'all have in common. I've had gfs that didn't share one or more of my kinks, it's no big deal so long as there's something to get the chemistry going.