My Boyfriend is a pervert

I'm really happy after 6 months of being with my boyfriend and want to keep this forever. Now we had already a lot of kinky talks and we're both far from innocent, so far so good but he seems to be much much more horny and .. perverted in a way than I am. He literally doesn't give a fuck, he jerked off to fat girls, to cock torture and even scat a bit (still not sure if that was a joke or not) and even said he likes dicks sometimes, but made clear he would never want to be romantically involved with a guy just would want to fuck a feminine asian boy in the ass. Basically anything, the only things he said that don't turn him on at all are pedophilia and cuckolding. And he admitted he came in my shoes when I was sleeping and told me when we were taking a walk the following day while I was wearing them.

He said he needs me to be in control and put his dick in a chasity device (surprising because he is so dominant in bed usually)

I'm not sure how to deal with any of this. He's kind, usually calm, makes me laugh a lot and is loving and nurturing. We also share a lot of interests, but when his dick gets hard it seems like there's no limits in his fantasy. Is this normal in a way?

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it's only bad if it bothers you, make sure you don't start resenting him because you're actually not okay with it and just going along because you feel like you have to. that being said it's give and take

You dating a real man, congrats

a real faggot manchild, not a man.

I literally don't know. I'm a bit worried if that's healthy at all? Not wanting to be overly preachy or christian but is a bit "purity" needed? I just get embarrassed and flustered and I still do love him, but... I'm not sure how to handle this or how other people maybe would. He doesn't act out on them so I don't think he would cheat, but still

Reading this made me strangely happy

Porn is not healthy, have him seek help.

First rule of Sex:

Never do anything unless both parties are equally eager to do it.

>Check em
Why not suggest some little fetish between sex like spanking? Something not too gross. He should lay off the porno when he’s got you. Hell, I would if I was in a relationship.

>he admitted he came in my shoes

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Well, we already do some things like that, and I like some spanking. But this is all a bit much.. He kinda does lay off porn and that itself seems to be more like a past thing. He even goes on that he doesn't want to masturbate when we're not together, but this doesn't really kill his horniness. If anything it amplifies it, and when he doesn't cum and we can't see each other IRL he asks me for quick feet pics, or when we call and I excuse myself to go the bathroom real quick he asks if I can take the phone with me and let him listen to it.. And this is all ... uuhm
But this is literally his only "bad" thing, and I can't even be really mad cause its a twisted sort of love and makes him unique in a way, but I don't know honestly.

I know right! He really has the nerves to just do all those things

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>but made clear he would never want to be romantically involved with a guy just would want to fuck a feminine asian boy in the ass.
Does not compute. Your boyfriend is either homosexual or degenerate. You should fully expect him to cheat on you eventually.

but we all know you won't, you'll stay with him then later bitch about men being assholes.

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>homosexual and degenerate.

Oh no, my biggest worry and there's not even a cure!

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Usually cumming in someones shoes is a big red flag. Tell him that shits not ok unless you want to wake up with a big fat shit in your mouth from his scat fetish

He’s just being honest I don’t see any problem with that

show feet

>he admitted he came in my shoes

Yeah that's kinda weird. Why'd he do that? Is there anything else he's done that's been as off-putting?

He said he just likes my feet apparently. And I guess he likes control, one time there was a convo where he said he wants to do certain things and I asked "..Why do you want this" and he immediately said with a serious voice "Control.", then held it for a moment started smile/giggle and then said "hah, idk I like many things. You're cute" and changed the topic. So my mind went a little gears turning after that. And so far nothing worse happened, except for words maybe. He wants me to force him to do things and be more cruel and all of that. Really I can't even see a pattern in it if its about body types or if its about powerplay or dom/sub dynamics or any other, its like if it has anything to do with sex he gets off. And meanwhile I just want a little bit of calm and cuddly and pure in this all because I honestly don't know if that's not bad for the soul perhaps. He's not hedonistic or nihilistic and strictly monogamous, which also almost seems like a paradox. So I don't know if I should demand him to calm it down, or try to talk it away or if some people just are like that and this is just okay.

Do you have similar feels and if yes and have/had relationship(s) how does the other handle it?

>hates pedophilia
>hates cuckolding
This user's right, no problems here. Enjoy your relationship OP.

>He said he just likes my feet apparently
>A footfag.
Thats pretty BASED. Assuming this post is real, I'd say your boyfriend and I would be good friends. Though scat does seem gross.

>He's not hedonistic or nihilistic and strictly monogamous, which also almost seems like a paradox
Not really, I have some odd fetishes but I only want to do them with my girlfriend.

I am glad you felt that, here's my real opinion, I am very surprised he had the balls to actually tell you all this stuff so early, he's really sincere and trusts you, i am even more surprised by the fact that you didn't got scared or discriminated him for being like that, there's nothing wrong whit being pervert and having a couple who understand you, in fact it's perfect as long a you feel comfortable with it, how do i know all this? i am just like your bf, i have sex every single day, i am obsessed with my girl ass, i eat his whole ass ever fucking day to the point where she's really used to it (she won't allow me at first, and died of shame just for considering it) along with many many other fetishes, but it took me a while to open up and tell her all that stuff, 8+ years relationship and we happy, don't listen to the people here saying he's sick or whatever, they all jelly because they would want a girl who understand his fantasies too, try to be happy you too, maybe you will discover something about your sexuality.

OP here, thank you Anons

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You're all gonna get OP killed. Press F For for OP.

porn rotted his brain


Porn addict for bf is waste of time just like slut for a gf.

>he came in my shoes when I was sleeping and told me when we were taking a walk the following day while I was wearing them
Read this doujin where a dude cums in some chick's cereal and she eats it I'd keep my head on a swivel from now on.

Dude he's a fucking weirdo and if you stay with him he will eventually cheat on you and give you some turbo STD

Okay so he's enthusiastically into all kinds of kinky stuff. How do you feel about that? Does it turn you off? Intimidate you? Turn you on? Does it make you feel like you know him? Or like you don't know him at all? Does it make you in any way at all uncomfortable?

If he got those experiences, would he be happy? Or is he chasing some elusive "it" factor that would never be found ("the threesome doesn't count because we barely did stuff with the three of us together")? Is it primarily porn induced or is he acting on more spontaneous personal desires? Or on real life experiences?

And if he doesn't get to explore (all of) this with you, would he be disappointed? Feel rejected? Or resentful? Would he be tempted to seek it elsewhere? Could you agree upon a compromise like anonymous online roleplay?

Do you have anything you would like to bring to the table to not let your sex life entirely revolve around his sexual Neverland? How willing is he to leave his comfort zone for you? Is there trust? Do you feel like you could be vulnerable and potentially humiliated around him and he would still be respectful and supportive? Do you trust him not to brag to friends about what he gets to do?

And: if you don't participate in his kinks, can he still be passionate in sex or is he just going through the motions at that point? Can he get enthusiastic about exploring more vanilla acts you haven't tried yet? How does he meet your needs currently?

Obviously you don't have to answer all these but think about (some of) it. You can condemn some of your own feelings/thought patterns but relationships don't work if you're afraid to face all of your most problematic/dark thoughts. If you can't even be honest with yourself how can you sincerely show your real self to a lover in an emotionally invested relationship?

>dominant in bed usually
>He's kind, usually calm, makes me laugh a lot and is loving and nurturing
OP is a lucky one

Did you find him on Jow Forums? All that stuff is normal for a guy from here

I'm open-minded and sexually adventurous but your bf is just over the top.

This. Not into the whole chastity and femdom stuff personally but besides that im sure im as perverted. Just need someone to be open with. Seems great that OP is not dumping him for it.

came in ur shoes...fart on his pillow