Tinder advice general

Can I get some Tinder advice pls

>What to say as the first message
>How long to wait before messaging
>How long to wait between messages
>How long to chat before asking them on a date
>How to deal with fear of rejection

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Just delete it.

But I'm getting a lot of matches user

Matches don't mean shit. She could unmatch at any time, ghost on you, flake when you try to meet up, etc. Just because she swiped right does not mean you're in. I've had dozens of women match with me, send me the first message, show all kinds of interest. Then she one day unmatches and stops responding to my texts.
>inb4 I must have done something wrong
Or maybe women are just one these sites to see how many men are lining up for her? Hard to believe women are in it for the ego boost, right?

Wow, user. I wanted an Jow Forums tier response, not Jow Forums

Im not a love guru by no means but what worked for me is to go off on their bio or picture if they have one. If they have a parrot on their shoulder ask about that or if they are in a exotic location ask about that and branch a convo off of that.

Message them whenever you want. Never double text..makes you sound needy, I say just feel it out asking them on a date could vary on how you are feeling each other.

Dealing with rejection. Just go on the mindset of YOU ARE going to get rejected its all part of the game. Be yourself, don't be scared to talk about things you like anime etc. you never know she might like it too. If they don't like you thats fine..if they like you awesome. Just go in the mindset you're gonna get rejected more than you pull. Especially on a dating app. Good luck user.

Bump. Can I get some serious advice for the questions in my OP please?

Thanks user

Has anyone found a genuine relationship with this app, or only one night stands?

What kinda message should I send if I wanna go out with my match?

“Let me suck the stress out your titties” this is not bait.

Honestly best advice. You swipe on thots, maybe even get a few matches. But you’re not having fun, and you’re not even getting anything out of it.

Thots are just detractors in life, so why stick your hand in the thot hive? You get nothing, in fact you swipe hoping you find a slut to spend cash on. Lucky you.

You won’t get a qt gf, you might get laid if you’re 8/10. If you’re lucky, you’ll take them out and not even get enough respect to get a rejection text.

M8s what do when you were flirting last night and one of you falls asleep and the last message was flirty
How do u continue

"Fuck me last night got me so knackered I collapsed straight away. You must be tired too, can I suck the stress out of those titties?"

He gave you ral advice you autist. Matches dont mean shit. Turning those matches into actual dates is very hit or miss. Women flake like crazy.

My brother has been in a 2 year relationship with someone he met on Tinder and I just started seeing this girl, we fucked last night, and i hope it works out

If you fuck the same night. It's not going to last enjoy the cheap thot sex

We went out once prior to this and we really really seem to click. I could just be naive, but I really think there's something more to this

I’ve been seeing this one guy I met from Tinder every weekend this month so far. We met yesterday and we have plans to meet next weekend too. Worth noting - we’re in our 30s.

How he did it:
>messaged me with a comment about one of my pictures (I was holding an owl)
Gave me something positive to share about myself.

>chatted for a few days before scheduling a meeting that weekend, didn’t bring up sex at all
Gotta chat a bit to make me think you’re interested. Ask real questions. I know you’re horny (me too) but if she’s looking for a relationship she wants more than sexting.

>no more chatting with me after the date was scheduled.
Made me look forward to the date. Also weeds out clinginess on both sides. I’m a busy adult, so are you (hopefully).

>first date was short, a few hours only. planned to just get coffee (but later had lunch) and was during the day
Daytime date put less pressure on both parties. If you only meet for a drink at first it’s an easy escape if you’re not feeling it. Night makes me think you’re interested in hooking up, and I’ll expect a fancier dinner. Don’t waste your money on fancy meal with a stranger.

>Researches places to go on the date.
Don’t be lazy. Relationships are work, take time and make a plan. If you want to lead in the relationship and not be a beta cuck start immediately. Have confidence in you ideas, if she likes you she will be thrilled. Anyway, would you really want to date someone who is high maintenance?

>has acted like a gentleman the entire time. Walks me to my train, pays for my meals, opens doors, etc.
Girls love this shit. Do it. I offer every time to help pay for the meal, but I love it when guys do.

If you want a relationship act like a boyfriend from the start. If she’s a quality woman and interested in building a relationship she will be excited. You get out what you put in - if you’re only looking for sex to substitute real intimacy that’s all you’re gonna get.

how normal is it to swipe right until your limit and get at most 1 match with an unattractive girl

this is really depressing

I didn't get any matches.
So I hope it is normal, the other truth is just too heartbreaking.

If you swipe right on every girl your profile gets shown to fewer and fewer of them in return. Tinder's algorithm tries to encourage you to pay for the app, yeah, but also to at least pretend like you're interested in meeting people off there. Pause on a girl's profile, read the bio, flip through the pics, then swipe yes or no. Don't swipe yes on girls that are definitely out of your league or on girls that you wouldn't fuck if it turns out they do match with you.

>waaaaah I can't get dates on tinder
you are genuinely pathetic

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>0 matches in first 3 days
>original layout had 3rd pic as 1st pic, 1st pic as 2nd pic and 2nd pic as 3rd pic
>desc was always “Ask me about Assassin”
>basically a game that the entire senior class is doing at my school(im 18)
>change pic layout to pic related
>0 matches for the rest of the week
What am I doing wrong

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You look like you just want to fuck. Cold and unfriendly. Even if all that’s true you need to present yourself like boyfriend material.

Hello OP

Guy with 70+ matches here
Went out on dates with 11,
So many phone numbers I lost count. I am fairly attractive but i cant keep up with the attention other guys are giving them.

Heres the deal,

1. Matches dont matter if youre a guy. Even getting numbers dont matter. Hell, even if you get passed the first date and you made her laugh, it doesnt ensure a second date. They have SO many options. Remember, they have more options than you do.

2. X amount of girls are in it for the ego boost. Some of them are pretty, some of them are not. It's easy to spot these kinds. They'll give you their instagram, if not, they put their instagram ID on it. But they dont sync it with tinder. And they'll claim they a model even after a single photoshoot from a no name photographer.

3. Avoid dumb shit descriptions like I like to travel and stuff. Let the pictures do the work. Avoid selfie unless its with your pet. More outdoor pictures. Most girls lives are boring. They want a guy who travels a lot because think youre adventures & they can self insert and make their life exciting.

3. skip the boring Hey how are you questions. theyve received tonnes of it already. ask them this:
-pizza with or without pineapples
-pepsi or coke
-tea or coffee
p/s: insert some emotions behind their choices. make fun of them or act disappointed when they choose X

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Start over. You have to delete your account and begin again

Just don't. Online dating is cancer. I've had moderate success in the early days of Online dating and from what I have seen, its only gotten more fucked and weird.
>Step 1: Profile pic
This brings out the worse in people as you are litterally making a superficial split decision. However there are things you can do to Statistically increase your odds.
>No selfies, get a friend to take a pic of you
>Take a pic with a dog. For some reason the response to this is overwhelmingly positive. Not enough to turn a No to a yes, but will turn a maybe to a yes.
>dress somewhat nice, but not super peacocky unless you are trying to get a specific type of chick (punk, metal, goth, etc)
Step 2
>What to say as the first message
Depends on the girl. Read her profile. However women are vapid and dumb so just be dirrect and compliment her picture and compliment something not as noticable. If she seems like she's more thoughtful than that be slightly funny. Get her to talk about herself, then transition that into meeting.
>How long to wait before messaging
Doesn't matter. Just don't be super spammy with messages. However if you are able to respond ASAP to every message than you look like you have nothing better in your life going on
>How long to wait between messages
See above
>How long to chat before asking them on a date
Depends, but try and get to the date ASAP. The kinda girl that wants to talk more will take forever or never wanna meet IRL but still get validation of attention. Most girls on there get bored if you talk too much and nothing you write is gonna blow her mind. She has clickbait articles of FB for that
>How to deal with fear of rejection
by facing it constantly. Build an immunity to rejection by getting rejected often, then you stop caring. Best you try this in a different city where you won't run into IRL people often

Being attractive is the first step to success

Lol here you go
>Speedswipe to maximize matches
>find something funny to say about their profile
>If you can't, they're either uninteresting and not worth your time or you're not funny enough and never had a chance anyway
Ezpz lemon sqez

What you write doesn't matter
Your questions signal bad confidence, which will manifest itself in whatever you'll write. Stop giving a shit

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You have to be attractive for this type of message to work. You gain confidence through growing up realizing you're attractive through feedback from socialization. If you send a message like this and you're fat and unattractive then you will be unmatched.

You are very out of touch

This. Be wary of advice like "just be confident bro". Stop. No. Work on your fucking appearance.
Get great pictures of yourself.

What happens after that? Life becomes easier. People are superficial like that.

Any advice on how to seal the deal with girls trying to be fwbs? Problem is most of them aren’t attractive enough for me to warrant fancy dinner outings (really out of shape, uninteresting, etc) so I don’t feel compelled to do the full package besides fucking.

Any advice on how navigate as a married guy?

>Then she one day unmatches and stops responding to my texts.
I've had women come back to me later and say they deleted the app altogether/logged off because they were being bombarded with too many messages.

I don't disagree that Tinder is full of attention seekers and branch swingers. With the abundance of men on there it's to be expected. That said, you can't *always* assume the worst. Most of the time, she hasn't unmatched you, she probably deleted the app because she got sick of it or found someone else. Yeah, you gotta assume women on Tinder are talking to multiple men, in fact I'd assume that of any woman in 2019. If a woman messages first, it could either she's so interested that she is willing to bypass gender roles to get what she wants, *or* she's simply showing the confidence and initiative men are always expected to do, and to her, messaging first is not a big deal wither way.

If you take a fuck buddy out to a nice dinner she's not a fuck buddy, she's a girlfriend.

Hey, it's the OP from that thread that didn't have the balls to just tell his wife he's horny