How do you pick up girls at the gym, Jow Forums?

How do you pick up girls at the gym, Jow Forums?

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You don’t unless it’s some bullshit class. Go to a bar or club like normal people. Gym thots aren’t there for you and chicks who actually lift aren’t there for you either

overhead press her

>”Hi, need a spot? I’m happily married but don’t have a workout partner.”
::proceeds to wreck imaginary home because women are bad people::

ask her if she working out

ey girl you lifting them weights

Ew, she like gross nigger dick in her pussy you know. Why would you post her you cuck?

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Fireman's carry

Honestly this probably would have a fair success rate, as sad as it is

I'm chick who actually lifts and I would love to meet a guy at the gym. You already have several things in common: appreciation for your health, motivation to improve your appearance, discipline, enjoyment of working out in a social space, etc.

what anime is this

>Go to a bar or club like normal people
>like normal people
Normal people don't do that. Degenrates do

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"Hey! You! Bitch! Yeah, you. Why don't you suck my fucking cock, you fucking whore?! No? Do you want to make me come over there and make you? Yeah, that's right: I'm watching you. when you leave, I'm coming with. Gonna fucking ram you so hard..."
Chicks dig when you talk dirty to them.

>I'm chick

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I bet you're fun a parties user

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People seem to like me what can I say

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>go to gym
>qt there
>she's talking to one of my gym mates
>work my way into their convo
>she has long distance bf
>we hit it off though
>talk alot when we are both there
>she flirts alot
>steals my water, hits me with a yoga mat sometimes
>hit her up on fb
>ask her if she wants to hangout sometime
>blocked and ghosted 100% by her

not worth your time unless you can get her out of the gym

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You retard. She said she had a bf

who is this?

akira toriyama's dragon ball

she wasn't acting like it m8. she initiated conversations with me pretty frequently over a few months and talked online for a while longer than expected. I only hit her up after she left my gym and I knew it didn't matter if she thought I was a douche because I would never see her again.

it was kind of dumb but moral of the story is don't waste your time

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>don't waste your time

Do you mean the two minutes it took you to send an email, or the months you spent pretending to be her friend so you could try to fuck her?

Show up consistently and display to everyone that you are a decent guy. Always re rack your weights and be friendly to guys and girls. You won't be compatible with every girl there, but you increase your chances with a good reputation. Easiest way to talk to them is to work your way into a group conversation and push the conversation towards what she is into. You have a few people to bounce off of and even if a chick has a bf, she would make a mental note that you can be a good experience for her or a friend in the future.

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>don't waste your time
Don't wast your time giving out positive energy to someone not willing to give it back to you.

> months you spent pretending to be her friend so you could try to fuck her?
I wasn't pretending to be her friend m8. We really did get along well and I enjoyed her alot. Our conversations got outside of the normal realm of friends, where she would say shit to me that made me think she would be into something outside of being gym friends. Looked alot like monkey branching to other people I talked to and I took the two minutes to send an email to see if it she was playing around or for real.

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>Hi my name is dickface, I was just wondering if I could work in?

I pick up weights not girls faggot lol

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Fuck. My exact problem right now. Gym thot and her headphones.

Be attractive

>dat lovely face
No, OP. I'm jacked, but I'm a jacked loser in the end.

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don't shit where you eat
but youre probably some dyel faggot that doesnt even go to the gym in the first place

boyfriends are like goldfish

I don't care if you have one.


>I'm chick

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you can just talk to them
just be calm

a good line is waving your hand to get their attention, then smiling, laughing a bit embarassed, and asking if you can borrow their headphones. tell her yours suddenly stopped working.

then strike up convo as you are 'testing'. apologize, ask what she listens to, blah blah
then thank her and go about your business

if you see her on the way out, introduce yourself then bounce

say waddap to her later in the week, eventually get into a deep convo with her and ask to hang

shouldnt take more than a week

Not the girl in OP's but THICC. Thanks.

>or just be above 5ft10 with good facial aesthetics

>Go to a bar or club

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i asked a cutie to check my squat form, shes got perfect form so thought why not?

>borrow their headphones

Not gonna make it.

Whatd she say?

trash advice

I’ve hooked up with a few girls from the gym. Best way to do it is to ask her to film you while doing a set, then lift something heavy as fuck. Give her a few instructions like stand here, hold the camera this way, etc. tell her to hold it vertical bc you’re going to add it to your insta story. Thank her afterwards and ask for her IG so you can tag her. Bada boom bada bing, connection made

In general I’ve noticed that when I wear tight shirts that show off the arms/neck/chest and lift heavy weight, girls tend to hover more. Even had a few approach me and ask for help.

she checked my form, said it was good, and we chatted after. Still chat when I see her.

My ex along with most any girl I've ever known that was a gym regular fucking hated men approaching them at the gym.
Was sometimes a multiple-times-per-session occurrence for some of them.
They just wanted to be left the fuck alone at that point.

My wife loses her fucking mind when dudes approach her in the gym, can't imagine too many women appreciate it

Will try this.

Decent, although I still wouldn't shit where you eat. And you better have a bangin insta profile

what if she's works as a staff member there? So technically you wouldn't be obstructing her workout. She's dangerously cute.

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That’s pretty solid advice though I imagine you’d actually have to start posting the vids to Instagram and I’m not about to be like that.

>c-could I borrow your headphones, mine broke? Haha

These days, I just go right up to her and ask her how much to see her bare feet.

T. Alpha, a man who knows what he wants, and a boomer with both class and taste

>enjoyment of working out in a social space
fuck off

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aestheticlets btfo

if someone asked to use my headphones i would be so turned off this is terrible
forcing girls to film u is also stupid

akira dumbass

Just talk to them in between sets. It's not that difficult.

How to pick up girls at the gym:

>Need to squat lmao 305 lbs.
>Find two girls who look 130 lbs each
>Shove them vag first onto either end of the barbell
>AMRAP that shit

Most women say that. It's usually no an issue, but it's a sign that you might have been coming on too strongly. Chicks do those kinds of shit tests all the time.

Fucking underrated top kek don’t workout and am fat just come here for keks like that

>animating his arm tucking behind his body so you don't have to animate the sleeve roll
So THIS... Is the pinnacle of ""japanimation""...

>gym staff get hit on all the time and have their choice of hundreds of men
>you post on Jow Forums

130+130 is only 260 user? Unless.... wait please dont tell me you count the weight of the bar in your totals lmao. Fucking dyels.

ignore everyone and do your shit till you can bench at least 4 plate and squat and deadlift at least 6

then maybe you can start hitting on women in the gym

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do group workouts. This gives incentive to talk between sets and maybe even do some exercises in pairs. Some group workouts have solely girls so you are like the one choice. I do oly weightlifting and the attention i get is just crazy. I am happily married though but if i werent it would be really easy. One big plus, nice big oly asses.

>"You know those expensive things which are lodged in your ears to play music and drown out the noise of other people? Can you remove them from your ears and stick them in the ears of me, one of the strangers who you were trying to drown out?"

T. Has never left his house

until she looks on your camera roll, discovers your goal body pics saved from /cbt/, and thinks you're a faggot.
>t-thanks Jow Forums

lol thinking the only place to meet women is at a bar, just no.

Just find a time to go up and say anything. "Hi i'm user. I've seen you around. Do you come here often?" or whatever.

Does she respond in any way? Yes? Great! No? Drop it and move on. Maybe try once more at a fairly later time if you see her around there often. That's it.

I can only lift asians
White girls are like 115-120
Maybe I could 1rm it.

don't pick up girls at the gym, you fucking incels

You dont
Gym isnt some kind of bar or tinder app
You goto the gym to get stronger

Mixed grip power snatch.

surprisingly it's still better than most others that are being produced these days

You don't you cretins. Go to the gym to make gains, not creep in girls in an enclosed space like a sex offender.

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> You already have several things in common: appreciation for your health, motivation to improve your appearance, discipline
no, gym thots don't have that lmao

With my hands

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This is actually true. It's just that anons are living in their own bubble that they can't realize it. There are plenty of women who just want to work out, but also plenty who would love to be approached like this.

Most chicks agree that you can approach them after gym atleast, there you're not interrupting anything.

nah it's not gender based, males can also say stuff like this. It truly is despicable though

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This physically makes me cringe. I can tell you're new to Jow Forums and think you can fit in despite having browsed Jow Forums in the past (and still probably do)

source : your ass

Source is fitbunnies on Jodel app, a few threads there.

It's amazing how girls say the opposite things there compared to more male oriented sites, where bros theorize with others bros about 'the truths' about women.

You mean incels theorize with other incels.

I've picked up plenty of girls at the gym and its not hard unless you an incel looking motherfucker. If she is open for it she will make eye contact and hang around you

Underrated deadline poster

Why i have really bad urge to pull the trigger?

Yeah. Anons can be pretty level headed about most things, but when it comes to women you hear a lot of false shit thought up by people with limited knowledge.

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If you weren't autistic you'd recognize that her behavior was completely normal and even predictable. Of course she's going to be tempted if she doesn't see her bf in person often. And if you don't understand that she still wants to be faithful, ghosting you is the only way.

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>Approach girl
>Ask if she is not busy, if so proceed, if not, move to next step
>Request that she maintain a rigid standing or laying posture
>Apply firm stable grip on part of body applicable for proper leverage
>Proceed to pick up and lift

what am i looking at

Why is she so attractive to me? Why am I not attracted to men if I'm a faggot?

Consider that the motion is still fluid, conveys the action, and looks natural. Would it add anything to add in more frames to show the sleeve being rolled, or to show that scene in a different angle to show the sleeve being rolled? It's common to shave down frames when you can in animation, and knowing how and where to do it is where you get to choose how much budget is spent.

>she initiated conversation
Wow I can't believe she didn't suck you off right in the middle of the gym after initiating a conversation. What kind of slut would start friendly chatter with a guy if she wasn't interested

I do this except I ask them to trade undies with me, as I got cum all over mine

Home gym master race

kek, a lot of girls like to try to turn gay guys hetero. Just like gay guys often approach you even when they know you're straight.
So you still have a chance in that situation

t. guy that fucks men for this reason

>enjoyment of working out in a social space