ITT: Ask Men Anything

Females are encouraged to ask for permission before asking their question. Please wait for a male to grant you said permission before you post.
Keep questions short for more answers.
If you're not going to like honest answers, don't ask your question.
And please no derailing arguments.

Thread is intended for males to ask males about life advise and such.
Things like
>How to get gf? :{
>How can I become attractive?
Should be kept to a minimum.
We should be open to helping each other exploit the world and achieve peace.

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There's literally no way to police this. Nearly half of users are female and you just assume they are male.

You sound really autistic

Well, it's worth a shot. The estogren usually seeps through my computer and it's getting on my nerves
And you sound triggered

>nearly half of users are female
Doubt. Even the falsified statistics on the homepage say that Jow Forums is 70% man and moot just pulled that out his ass..

This. It's almost entirely dudes LARPing as girls to trigger incels or normies. Or everyone is LARPing. Who knows


do you ever fart on your balls? and if not, why not?

son of a...
welp. hearty lol at but also pls to be disregarding for a moment b/c just read the full op

>nigger of gender here, Jow Forumsing permission to post

Whole of Jow Forums sure. I'm convinced Jow Forums specifically is at least half woman.

hmmm well I'm feeling generous m'lady so I will answer your question. No because balls don't droop down close enough to the asshole, they're higher up.

hwhy thankyousir. limited range aspect was somewhat unexpected and kinda btfo the whole premise. may i inquire further with a hypothetical?

Why are you destroying the planet and letting other men do so?

femanon here

Just wondering why would a guy who I met online talk about how his GF and him has nothing in common, about his ex's etc..

I'm too autistic pls explain this guy mindset

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They want you to realize they have value because other people in the past have seen enough value in him to have engaged in ritualistic courting behavior.

Not that user, but I give you permission to ask me. Go ahead.

A lot of women find it attractive.

How do i get a gf?

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much obliged, cheers lad. right ok so say you find yourself locked and ready with one in the chamber but your balls are, because of reasons, snugged up right against the exhaust and thus inescapably in direct firing path of the impending brapp. do you leave them be due to comedy value (if any) outweighing the brief discomfort/tickle sensation (again, if any) or do you hold fire and reach down to readjust first?

thought process that brought me here, to (maybe) clarify the above in case of wtf
>farts are inherently funny
>balls swing during fug so probably end up by arsehole sometimes if you, like, sit down funny or are awkwardly bending over to work on something or some shit, idfk
>farting on own balls would probably feel bretty funny
>kinda wish i had balls now b/c would totally fart on them for lulz
>wait, why can't i ever remember seeing the particular sequence of dude > fart > self-satisfied chuckle in amusement > respond to quizzical expression on companion's face with "got my balls with that one" (or similar)?
>there's gotta be a reason this isn't a thing, maybe i *wouldn't* be so inclined to do it after all

Do you think dudes tuck their ballsack skin into their anus

mm i would think definitely & obviously no but then again i could easily see it depending on whether we're talking normal dudes or homoqueer so maybe but hopefully no

>letting other men do so?
You realise that women make up the majority of society and wield more voting power than men right? Perhaps you need to look in the mirror and ask why women continue to elect these men.

when we brap it comes out perpendicular to the anus right? So by extension the balls would have to be drooping over the anus to get caught in the resulting blast. Guys balls just don't come down that far. Although I'm sure there are a few exceptions they wouldn't be common enough for ball-blasting to actually be a thing.

Men designed with their own buttplugs.

Bumping this thread fo interest. Penises are seriously the funniest things.

except when they're only 4 inches

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that makes sense. also kinda makes me think about asking oldfags on /o/ but p sure at this point that's just me still desperately wanting this to be a thing and being a wee bit let down that it isn't. ah well. thanks again for indulging muh curiosity.

fug dropped pic

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if it makes you feel better it probably does exist, some guys have ridiculously large and droopy balls (not myself unfortunately, I'd love massive balls).