People on the internet have said I look like a serial killer. Are they joking or should I cut my hair / shave...

People on the internet have said I look like a serial killer. Are they joking or should I cut my hair / shave? Is it something else?

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Its your creepy facial expression

The face is just too emotionless. Try this one.

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Nah man you just look like a faggot.

Its the serial killer stare and the angle of the photo. You look very asocial on this photo. Use smug smile and try again.

You look fine.

Op u are cute as fuck and if u live I. The GTA I would totally bang u

probably have a flat affect. look like it based on that pic.

Tilt your chin up when you take a picture so your eyes dont look rapey with your head tilted down like that. You have a chad chin and mouth, just squint your eyes some and smile

Is your stupid ego, yes is your ego

Now you are wondering yourself wtf am i talking, well let me explain.
You see if you are weak minded people will bully you, and that's what they are doing to you, for example i used to look like retard but none said anything to me because they knew i didnt give a shit.


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You look like Brandon but ginger and with curly hair.

You look like that snowboarder the flying tomato

You look like a dude who thinks too much about what others think of him.

Life is happier if you don't give a shit about what others say

It's because you're taking selfies in the bathroom with a DSLR. Only serial killers do that.

Your eyes look like they're looking at fresh meat, the way you're looking into that mirror is just so alien that you seem like a wild animal. As a woman I'd be afraid to be alone around you.

Everyone on the internet uses that generic response to someone who takes a badly lit selfie with no fake smile. It doesn't actually mean anything, calm down.

Honestly sounds like some insecure people are making fun of you because you kept a neutral face instead of a big basedboy grin.

Just smile, faggot

>look at this photograph
The good news is, I don't regard you as a serial killer.

The bad news is, it's something else, and it's still not good. You look like a Chad, but you're the wrong kind of Chad.

There are many things I have to criticize in this photo.

>you keep alcohol in an opaque pill bottle
>you take selfies with a DSLR
>your camera is in a non-standard color
>decorative wreath in a bathroom
>tacky ornaments in general; looks like a white female Facebook/Instagram user picked them out at a houseware store
>towels hanging on three separate racks/hangers
>the bathroom has too many fucking hangers for the size that it is

please expound on this if u don't mind...
wait are u that one chick I talked to on discord?

You/OP look like Chad Kroeger, lead singer of Nickelback.
ie. You look like *a* Chad, but the wrong kind of Chad.

Don't get angry ted

touching ur nipple while looking at urself in the mirror is nice and creepy. am i wrong?