Should I break up with my gf?

Should I break up with my gf?

Recently I found that I had some paint leftover and decided to spontaneously paint a wall in our hallway and spilled a little bit on our home telephone while doing so. My gf got mad about this, because the spill covered up some of the buttons, which according to her rendered the phone unusable, since you wouldn't know which button you pressed (the only buttons which you couldn't read were 4,5 and 7). At first I thought she was joking, but she was dead serious and since then I have lost all respect I had for her. She has a bachelor in biology, but holy fuck, how can you be this dumb? What does on in her head? Can you back me up here?Seriously, what the fuck?

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Her reaction is a bit over the top, but could be a symptom of pent-up frustration from elsewhere. Perhaps you should have been more careful while painting?

>i decided to really shittily paint my wall for no reason lol
>then my gf got mad and idk whyyyy?

>man does YOLO action with 0 regards to possible consequences
>its womans fault that he wasnt careful or at least protect the property from possible damage
Sorry OP, but in this story the idiot are you. And maybe next time before you paint, move stuff away so it doesnt get paint on by accident.

Why didn't you put down a tarp before painting?

Why didn't you discuss painting the wall with her beforehand?

She was happy about me painting the wall and this isn't what this is about. The phone has been cleaned long since. This is about her not realizing that you don't need to be able to read the 4 on the 4th button to know that it's 4th button.


Op if it's in your personality to behave this way I suspect you've pulled more shit and it's not about the phone, but that you've widdled her down with dumb fuck shit.

If I flick your ear, you'll be annoyed. If I do it over and over for months, there comes a point when you're unironically plotting my death.

So ask yourself. Just how much if an annoyance are you? Cause I'd be pretty sore too if you spilt paint on my phone and you were generally an idiot.

No one is that dumb. It's all she could say and think while she was angry. Because you really, really suck and she's out of patience with you

Why do people subject themselves to women again? I have yet to hear or see one good thing to come out of a relationship with one

>Because you really, really suck and she's out of patience with you
She sucked my dick to apologize the same night and has mentioned several times since how cool it was that I painted the wall.

Then why is there even a problem? Everyone's dumb when they're mad?

how fucking dumb are you dude? do you genuinely think she couldn't use the buttons?

>Then why is there even a problem?
The problem is, as I said in the OP, that I have lost all respect for her. I can't view her the same anymore.
What the fuck is wrong with you retards? Why are you so desperately trying to twist this one against me?

She overreacted, but you overreacted too in making this thread. You are both 2 screaming, overreacting, passionate monkeys. You're perfect for each other.

>Why are you so desperately trying to twist this one against me
I'm not doing shit just making fun of you for actually believing her when she said that.

break up with her, she deserves better.

seems you both are overreacting? Just buy a new phone or something.

>if it's not perfect, throw it away and get a new one
Ever wonder why you never see women fixing anything? That's how women live their entire lives.

Women don't behave rationally all the time. If she won't calm down then leave, but don't brood over it, it makes you look weak. Try asking her again if she's done being mad, sometimes it's just hormones or something else that exacerbates a person, but if she keeps up, ask her if something else is bothering her, and if she won't fess up, just threaten to find someone else

She’s probably back tracking now because you’ve manipulated her into thinking she over reacted, when she was probably just mad at you being reckless. Which is completely understandable

>gets paint over everything
why is my girlfriend so retarded?

Why don't you take care of your stuff?