Do I have a chance at finding love? Shit everything online says black isn’t beautiful...

Do I have a chance at finding love? Shit everything online says black isn’t beautiful, published studies tell me I’m not as valued to men in comparison to white or Asians, and the proof is all there.

Longer, happier marriages? Financially successful? Educated? Hell even decent sugarbabies and prostitues? All white or Asian

I tried talking to a 6/10 white guy and he said “sorry im not into black girls”. The fuck it hurts

Pic related, I look similar to her

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lol wot? most white guys are attracted to black girls

you sound like a bedwench

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Why are you so concerned about the race? There's many men who'd date you how many have you tried to? Just one?

The thing about black woman I always disliked the most wasn't their skin color or face, but their hair. I really don't like those messy curly types of hair. I dont know if its possible but maybe try straightening your hair?

I feel the struggle, I'm an Asian male so it's not quite as bad for me, but I know how it feels.

There's hope, but it'll be a long while before all guys put every race into equal consideration. For now you just have to focus on being your best, because there are definitely guys who like you out there. It's just gonna take more searching than other people have to do.

Asian males have higher suicide rate than black female so it's probably even worse for you and you are just being humble.

Three things about black women for me personally.

1. Like more than 70% is overweight. Absolute turn off for me.
2. I would never guess they would be interested in me. which leads into
3. I am intimidated by the stereotype of black women.

I don't mind confident or strong women, but something about the stereotype (and personal experience) makes me feel like they wouldn't actually be into me.

Don't give up user, you can find someone.

i'm a white dude from atl. i fuck with the big ass hair on black girls, thats the sexiest shit in the world. fuck good hair.

more importantly, if a chick is not a fat ass bitch and we have similar interests and get along, i'm all about it. and being from a county where black people are an absolute majority, i can confidently say i know a lot of white dudes datin black girls. we're out there, it's just not as easy to find. good luck hoodrat, don't be down on yourself.

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Please girl please do not listen to these crusty racist incels on this dumbass website. Know that you truly are beautiful and it’s understandable to want validation but you don’t need it. I love you

It might have something to do with where you live.

Be careful about white guys leading you on just because they want to see what it's like to fuck a black girl.

I'm not attracted to most black girls, but some of them are sexy as hell. Specially light skinned. My buddy, who's black, tells me I need to find myself a black girl cuz she'll take care of me better than a white girl.

Maybe it's your personality?

Maybe some guys just care about personality and shit lel lol.

I hate when a hot black girl starts trying to make her hair straight or wear a straight hair wig thinking white guys prefer that.

I see a lot of black girl with straight hair that looks like wigs. Are those really wigs? I just thought their hair looks like that straightened.

Of course you do user and if you do look like pic related, you are very attractive.

The thing to remember about statistics is that it does not take the individual into account, it is a general look into what goes on in life, not what is guaranteed in life.

I'm a white guy myself, I'd have a relationship with you as long as we clicked and get along, you're attractive to me.

Just remember, you are not a statistic, you are an individual who can have a lifelong happy marriage, be financially successful and educated if you work towards it, you are worth it user.

Same with you user, statistics wise I understand both black women and asian males have it the hardest in terms of dating but the same advice applies to you as well, you are worth it user.

I'm half Japanese American and I consider it an advantage in American dating. I mean ya, not every white girl is going to be into asian guys, but some are, and when they are it's a huge advantage because there's hardly any asian guys in my area to compete with.

You guys will read a statistic that says Asian men or black women are slightly less preferred on average on dating sites or whatever and extrapolate that into meaning all individuals don't want to date Asian men or black women. That's simply not the case. There's still a sizable proportion of the population that's into black women and Asian men, the proportion is just slightly smaller, and if you're just trying to find a partner and not have sex with the entire world, that shouldn't actually be an issue.

If it looks like a wig it definitely is. They're starting to wear them at younger ages too, like 18 years old.

Why would they do that? I really don't understand it. Their natural hair looks so much better.

If you're half white, you probably have enough white features. Full blooded asians don't get that luxury.

Its pretty much become as common as wearing another piece of clothing amongst black women. I work with a lot of black women of all ages and I was surprised when I first found out too, but now it's no big deal.

As the commenter showed above- simply put we are more accepted with straight hair.

Sure on the internet you say you prefer black women with natural hair, but when you see one you won’t give her the time of day or regard her hair as “nappy” “tangled” “matted” or “too curly” Vs if she presses her hair or gets a weave suddenly you would talk to her

Also in professional environments and job interviews we have more success with straight hair vs our natural hair

I like their natural hair better and believe me I have seen it on a bad day.

It really boils down to this:
1) does your area devalue your race
2) are you pretty
No, no: youre an average ugly person
Yes, no: youre basically worthless
No, yes: youre a hottie
Yes, yes: youre a guilty pleasure
I'll leave you to decide

Nah I look pretty much fully asian aside from my pale skin and brown hair. Some white girls I've dated have specifically said they liked my asian features. I tend to attract the nerdier types who are into weeb shit and kpop and video games and stuff, but I like those types anyways, they're usually nicer.

Where I live white guys have been attacked and beaten up by black guys for being seen out with a black girl. That stuff does happen.

>Do I have a chance at finding love?

As a chubby 4/10 black girl, you definitely do. Honestly, I can't even give you good advice on where/how to find the right guy because I got lucky and met mine on /soc/ of all places. It was really hard and a tough process, because I tried ''putting myself'' out there on online dating sites which I didn't have too much luck on despite putting in a lot of effort on my profiles.

I would suggest though if you aren't too socially adept to practice open and friendlier. A lot of the successful black girls I see in healthy relationships are pretty outgoing and seem nice just from how they interact with others. Black or not no one's going to approach someone who seems hostile and closed off.

how the fuck did u meet someone from the cesspool that is /soc/

unless it was a long time ago when it had some regular people and not lunatics

>how the fuck did u meet someone from the cesspool that is /soc/
lol ikr? I thought his post was fake at first but here we are almost a year later together :')

Okay but how did you meet someone from/soc/

From an ideal mate thread.

Personally, black girls are my favorite as long as youre not some hood nigger. Nothing wrong with being from there, just dont bring it with you or i'll shoot you.

So your nose and eye area are more Asian than white? I'm not an incel or anything, but it sucks when even your own race prefers other racea.

>black girls are my favorite
> not some hood nigger

Yeah bro, I'm sure black girls just fucking love you

your favorite what, category on pornhub?

You'ld be surprised.

That too

Yes, definitely. Monolids and roundish nose.

Sounds like you have some weird masochistic cuck fetish or something, or you're hanging out on r9k too much. Asian girls don't necessarily prefer white guys, there's just a shit load of white guys with asian fetishes who go after them. The problem with Asian guys finding dates is mainly a confidence issue. Asian guys tend to be more introverted and less proactive when it comes to dating, that's why you see a population issue in Japan

Nigger's a learned behavior.

> there's just a shit load of white guys with asian fetishes who go after them.

100% true from my 100% anecdotal experience as and asian girl with a lot of asian girl friends. None of us date white guys and we rank white guys lowest on the totem pole when just running on stereotypes (sorry :(
). Ironically, I'm the only person in my group who dates a white person, but she's a girl.

When we see another asian girl dating a white guy I'm sorry to say but they're usually ugly by our cultural standards (beauty in the eye of the beholder?) or not the brightest. On the other hand the couple usually seems pretty happy and think of eachother as a catch.

White guy who likes black girls here.

You definitely have a chance- I've been told by girls that they aren't into white guys or guys with freckles etc. it did hurt. I've come to realize that attraction is based on specifics and not generals so if someone tells you they're not into something about yourself that you can't really help, it's not a big deal. They may as well have told you they're gay, or they only date really tall/short people (whatever you aren't) If they're fixated on race that's on them. Keep doing you.

Why i dont like black girls:

Ugly feet/toes
Big nose
Big lips... allthought they are great at giving bjs
Weird currly hair and wig culture
Long disgusting nails
High agressivity and low logic reasoning skills
Constant victim mentality

Even if i find black girl that i do like, its very low possibility that she will have the right mentality.

Black girl with white or asian girl personality would be amazing wife material. But you cant find them. They are sooo rare. And when you think you found on they will chimp out and prove thst they are no exception.

Mixed girls are almost always okay, tho. So i would take Mixed girl over black girl 99 times out of 100.

Skin does look great (so its not skin color racism) and pink pussy also look amazing tho.

weird, because us white people always say the exact same thing only flipped.
that is, we pity the white guy who's dating the normally unattractive asian girl because, to us, he's lowered his standards to dating a subservient, sheltered fetish that is never attractive.
sorry if that sounds harsh, but this is a common thing us white people see.

Im black guy, but your post raises one question...

How the hell can you put 3 inch dick male abowe someone else? Are you really so small and petite thst you have body of child and therefor a need for micro penis?

>Inb4 woman dont care about size
Yes they do. When i was in Japan they litterally thew themselves at me wanting some BBC action.

Date within your race. Then you won't have a "problem" with romantic partners thinking you're too black... Oh wait, I just remembered that colorism is a thing and that even people of color prefer other people of color with lighter skin tones... So, more specifically, find a black dude with a skin tone that is similiar to or datker than your own.

>tfw no chocolate gf

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>weird masochistic cuck fetish or something, or you're hanging out on r9k too much
I really don't, and have never been to Jow Forums. I have had numerous relationships and currently have a stable loving gf. It just feels like my dating pool is very limited; that said, you might be right about the way the internet affects my mind, especially on a site full of weebs.
I've heard both of these too