Is it retarded and immature to only go after virgin girls?

Is it retarded and immature to only go after virgin girls?

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It is retarded because
A. It's impossible to be sure if they're lying or not
B. The difference between 0 partners and 1 or 2 is miniscule

Thanks, at least now I know that I’m in the wrong and I need to change. Just not sure how I can rewire my thinking so that I don’t feel so let down when I get involved with a non-virgin girl. Any suggestions?

Not rerarded. If you aim for healthy relationship then virgins are the best bet.

But where to find them these days... thats the real question.

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You dont need to rewire anything. Thats the natural set of thinking. Less partners woman had the better life partner she will be.

Best of luck finding ome in degenerate western countries.

Church. Girls started having more sex when birth control got invented in the 60s and 7 million years of societal evolution and natural selection was thrown out the window. We've only had the technology for 40 years and we're figuring out how it's going to work

Not retarded, but IF you live in USA especially libtard states then dont even bother.

For a 48 year old man like yourself, yes, it is.

I would be asking myself why I am only into virgins. Is it the seal of freshness? The grooming and molding that an inexperienced girl can go through to form her into my ideal version of what I want? Is it the ability to stick my penis into a place no other male as been so she'll not know how sexually inadequate you are because she's got no other frame of reference?

Yes. It is immature and idiotic. It's also quite telling of your mental and emotional quality.

I'd say it's making things unnecesarily difficult for yourself. But sure, if you like to play the game on nightmare difficulty, it's up to you.

Ultimately, you can choose what you want. The question isn't so much whether it's retarded, but more whether you are willing to write off the far majority of your "fish in the sea" over this one criterium.

Also how much you are willing to sacrifice for her to be a virgin. Are you okay with her not being super attractive compared to what you "could get"? Or less compatible with you? Less smart, less sweet?
If not, being dead set on a virgin fucks you over.

As for rewiring your thinking, the first step is to tell yourself to stop. Don't read up on stuff (like on here) you know will feed your negative ideas. Don't allow yourself to dwell on sexual past in fantasy. The first step to changing how you feel is really wanting to change how you feel and fighting yourself on your reflexes.

Its only retarded if you want to find one in USA or Western Europe. If you go tonrest of the world then its not that hard to do.

I agree that birth control allowed woman to become sluts and change their moral system for ever.


yes but I think it's rooted in a sensible place though. you don't want a girl that's been through the stretcher, but 0 partners is very difficult to find.

>The grooming and molding that an inexperienced girl can go through to form her into my ideal version of what I want

Just cause virgin when it comes to sex doesnt mean she has no relationship esxperience. Virgins usually wait for marriage to lose their virginity, that implies that they need a relationship experience before they can do it.

Imagine how fucked up westerneres are when they think anything outside of their degeneracy is related to Hitler.

>but 0 partners is very difficult to find.
Its difficult only in west

Yeah, but if your a two-minute-tom in bed, she probably wouldn't know how shitty your stamina is because she's never been with anyone else to know that there are some who can make her orgasm all night long without getting winded. Thus your secret sexual inadequacy, your hilariously misshaped penis and your fragile ego are all saved.

Femanin virgin here. I dont think its "retarded" or immature. I dont want my realtionship be about sex only so im pitting the sex part until im married. Our culture is over sexualized and girls are oressured to lose their virginity as soon as they can when in actuality by doing so they loose magic moment that they could have in a special day with a person they love.


>using virginity as a prize for marriage.

You know you can improve your stamina. And just cause your stamina is low doesnt mean she would love you less. Also she wont lose her virginity if she sees you penis.

Your arguments are weak as fuck. You really think that only reason why man would want a virgin is so he can hide hes small pee pee secret? Pathetic.

You got it wrong. Its no prize, but rather a beautiful part of your life that should be left after you are married.

Do you believe that divorce is ok? Does your version of God think it's ok too?

Shes right, KEK aproves!

Im an atheist so i dont see your point.

This was probably the funniest post I've read in a while. I can't tell if it was supposed to be funny or not, but I nearly died

Only a retard would believe that collage.

Only people not wrapped up in the NPC web of lies, you mean.

Oh sure. More sex you have lower possibility of STDs. You are right. All data and sources are wrong. Our statistics are lying to use. VIRGINS ate the ones who have the highest STD rate, they are the ones who cheat the most and they are the ones who ruin their marriage EVEN if statistics say otherwise.

If you are targeting 14 year olds just to be sure, then yes.

>orange man bad
>being whore is good

Best argument i have seen in history of Internet. Keep it up, mate!

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Rest my case. Sub 80 IQ incels got triggered.

Rere case indeed.

ITT: buttmad virgins being buttmad about being virgins

>Virgins usually wait for marriage to lose their virginity
No they don't. Less than 5% do.

When you decide to troll pick bait thats not so obvious.

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Ate you retarded or smth? He was clearly talking about woman that stay virgin till the marriage.

How can anyone be this dumb.

You be you, buddy. In most world countries its the norm to wait till marriage before you have sex. Just 'cause few degenerates in west says otherwise doesnt mean you have to change yourself.

Virgins who stay virgins until marriage usually wait for marriage to lose their virginity? What a revelation.

Can you quote a source for that?

>Is it retarded and immature to only go after virgin girls?
Why do you care what others think? This question is about your future partner. Person you will stay with your wholenlife with, so dont listen to some idiots on internet, but fallow your heart.

For a retard like you it really must be a revalation. Now go tell mommy its your poo poo time, cause i can already smell shit coming from your posts.

Not the guy you are responding to, but if you look at the bottom of that pic there are source links.

Just remember that most people who call others "incels" online are huge incels themselves

Did you even check those sources at the bottom of the grapf?

Also its common sense to understand this. You are either heavily brainwashed individual whos living in a buble or a genuin retard.

This is the best advice in this thread, OP, ignore those haters.

You two idiots, why are you feeding obvious troll? Ignore him so he can go to other threads or back to hes booring depressive life.

If you believe in chaste woman then its okay. But remember that you have to be worthy of her time. If youre one of those basement dwellers neck beards then you will never ever find chaste woman.

You just outed yourself as a samefag. That reply was not to a graph but a statement. Meaning you didn't even check what the reply was to and your NPC programming of "reee sources at bottom" activated, despite no one having replied to your graph.
Your samefagging is the most desperate thing I have ever seen.


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I wish that there were more woman like you. All thought there arent thst many man who would be worthy of virgin woman.

You just have to be down to earth guy who dont sexualize woman all the time. Thats litterally it...

Trolls dont even try anymore. It seems thst they go by the same script.

1) retarded comment that are obvious bait
2) retarded comment to the responses
3) if he gets called out say everyone is samefaging
4) post more retarded comments

Oh hey this graph.

So I checked the sources. Really good reputable places by the way, blogs are where I get my facts too. But looking closer, I see a couple different things. One, the differences between happiness from low partner count women and their high partner counterparts, is quite negligible. There is a general trend but there are factors for this, I mean one of the most obvious is that women and men who are unhappy typically seek validation through sex. Therefore, you're more likely to find women who are unhappy having lots of sex, but you'll see that this is not the case for many promiscuous women simply by interacting with them.

Marriage stability, the infographic implies that promiscuous women are in less stable relationships. If you look at the article you can find some interesting points...

>Women with 3-9 partners were less likely to divorce than women with two partners
>Women with 1 partner were least likely to divorce, and those with over 10 were most likely to divorce

Hey, guess which observation made it to the infographic? Just the second. The article even finds reasons for this discrepancy itself! In summary, it stated that women with one or zero partners typically attended church more frequently and churchgoers typically restrained themselves with only one partner, not believing in divorce. Women with 3-9 partners were exposed to seeing other people, allowing them to make a better decision for themselves as far as a partner goes. Therefore, longer lasting marriage. Women with 10+ also had long lasting marriages it claimed, but it simply was less than those with less partners because these types of women were not interested in settling down. Not because they had an inherent dysfunctional understanding of a loving relationship.

And STDs. Oh boy. Turns out if you drive more often you're more likely to be in a car accident. Who knew?

OP make your own decision. Judge people fairly and you'll be happy

You missed the point. You were reacting to
which was responding to . However, for some strange reason you thought it was addressed to
. Now why would you do that? Why would two posts do that?

The only answer is that you saw a (You) and thought it was addressed to your graph, and didn't check and failed to realize it was to another of your posts.

Caught red handed and still trying to deny it.

Realize that virgin girls don't know how to have good sex and will be infinitely harder to get her to try any kinks you have. Realize that you're probably just as disappointing as they are.

Butthurt whore

Cope, people who actually get laid know I'm right

Why do incels keep coming on this board? They always get thoroughly btfo with facts and logic and yet keep coming back to make themselves look even dumber.

Getting laid with cheap whore is nothing to be proud of.

They're the ones most desperately in need of advice, but they come here to see if they can get validation in some form. They want someone to say "yes, Dennis, those mean roasties are out to get you! That's why you can't get laid, you're so based for choosing not to have sex, and it is definitely totally YOUR choice and not the choice of the women who don't find you attractive!"
Women who have had sex =/= "cheap whores," but since you're a weakling and don't have a better point we can play your way. Even if they were cheap whores, it's still better than being an involuntary virgin and coping by claiming you're "looking for a virgin." People who fuck "cheap whores" are, provided they didn't pay for sex, still fulfilling the modern equivalent of the age-old biological rite of passage of passing on their genes. True, if you aren't retarded you aren't going to be going around trying to breed every girl you fuck, but you're still using your body and charisma to signal to the primal part of a woman's brain "hey, you want to have children with me" and thereby getting them to make your dick feel good.

On top of that, it actually require considerably more effort, good looks, and charisma to bag the women you're calling "cheap whores" than it does a modern virgin woman. If you actually find one, they're probably a teenager, and you're a goony nonce for trying to fuck one. If they're not a teen, they're some headcase that was raised in the church and they'll think you're "the one" just for paying attention to them. All you have to do to fuck that type of girl is date them and wait a month or two. Even a fatty like you could pull that off