How and where do I get a husband who looks like this and is 185-190 cm tall?

How and where do I get a husband who looks like this and is 185-190 cm tall?

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Try /v/

A manlet with a horses ass?

185 cm isn't manlet

I'm 195cm but my ass kinda flat do I count ?

Message me, lol.

I mean, I'm not about that marriage life, but that's basically a pic of me

dam he got a phat a$$

...hey ;)

Oh hey you actually messaged me, I didn't think I'd get this far


For those who don't know, that picture is Guy Fieri

Looks nothing like him, kek

>basically a pic of me
Do you also wear jockstraps?

Just out of curiosity,what about the juicy man-ass is attractive to the women that like it? I get the hands, and the muscles, etc most of them talk about but I can't really get my head around this one.

Thanks for the thunder thighs though, mom.

Nah, just a thicc dude ass. I think it's half from walking with a straight back my whole life, half from doing lots of hiking as a kid

You can't have an ass like this without lifting heavy weights at the gym doe

I do lift, but my butt has been like that since wayyyy before I ever started

>where do I find a husband who looks like an ass

Kill self

It looks female. A huge muscle monster with such a feminine ass looks cute and hot at the same time

OP is a literal homosexual who posts this same thread every day on multiple boards.

In my country it is.

>Likes a thick ass and is autistic enough for me to emotionally manipulate into not leaving
He's perfect

Can't get better than a tight bara butt

You don't fit either of the criteria so I don't know why you would even ask

Why would you want to emotionally manipulate your love? Are you a psycopath?

He's not my love, he's just an autistic man-thot. It's okay

Then why would you want to manipulate him/her intp not leaving?

So that I have am autistic man-thot to fugg, are you Vaped or something?

He/she says he/she's a trap top, otherwise why would he/she want a bf with a thicc ass, lol

So? A true Chad can take a cock and still manipulate their fucktoy

How are you a manipulator and she's a sextoy if she gets what she wants? XDD Where is the manipulation here? I don't get your logics, sweetie

Just because I get what I want doesn't mean she (he) can't have what she (them) wants

Then how do you manipulate her?

>how do i get an athlete for a husband
be an athlete yourself or be beautiful

She (it/they/them'st) is autistic, it's not rocket proctology

Is it niggerlands? Even in the niggerlands 185 cm is above average

>I'm not about that marriage life
Neither am I. For me husband means someone to eat pizza or sushi while watching movies and youtube, playing gayms or discussing books together with, lol