Hey Im super tech illiterate and I bought a seasonic focus plus 750 fx power supply and I have NO IDEA where the cables...

hey Im super tech illiterate and I bought a seasonic focus plus 750 fx power supply and I have NO IDEA where the cables are supposed to go in back of the power supply. HELP

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look at the manual, don't ask Jow Forums

there is no manual. thats the problem

Yes, there is. seasonic.com/main/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/All-in-one.pdf

also this is the advice board for a reason you ass


it doesnt show me where to put the cables at all.

I'm just saying I don't think many people on Jow Forums have the exact knowledge on an exact power supply you're looking for. Try more tech-centered forums or try Seasonic tech support

Nogger just plug them in where it fits.
What are you even doing building a PC when you can't even figure this out?

nvm I plugged them in thanks anyways

I was told it was cheaper haha

It's a modular PSU, so remove the cables you don't need. That gives you more room inside the case.

Flip the image upside down and you can clearly read what goes where.
If you still don't have a clue, think back to when you were a kid and had to put a square thing in the square hole and a round thing in the round hole. It is basically that.

Hhaha fucking kid, modssss

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>cables I dont need

which would be?

Ones that dont need to be plugged in

im back do I need this thing?

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are you too retarded to google this?
It's a SLI bridge to connect two graphic cards.

do I need it though

I really hope you didn't try to boot up without it, you just voided your warranty

I didn't what else am I missing

A brain

why point out the obvious? WHAT AM I MISSING?

Give it back jamal

why the fuck didnt you buy the 660xp2 you fucking retard

I used YouTube to install a psu.

You dumb shit.

Make sure every plugin has a cable in it, Also Ven if you won't connect the cable to a part. Otherwise you could short your PSU. Also, don't skimp on thermal paste for your CPU. You want a full, thick coverage to make sure your cooler sticks. There should be some thermal paste seeping from the sides after installing the cooler I'd you did it right.