Learning to appreciate black women?

I am a black male however, I usually don't even consider the idea of dating black women or having a relationship with black women. It sounds shitty and I don't know how I got to this point. However, I feel that my way of thinking is flawed or fucked up and trying to correct it. How can I learn to appreciate black women in terms of relationship or dating? Like in my head, most black women look like trolls to me. Like go to the ghetto of georgia or some shit and look at what I am talking about. To me, the majority of black women are that way. Now me personally, I like hispanic or asian women but that is just my narrow way of thinking. I don't think I would mind some black women but I'd rather not know if they are black for sure or whatever.

The other thing I am bugged by is that if I were to date a black woman, I would feel that she would think I am not black enough. I am a fully black male but I don't hold a lot of the same opinions as most black people. I don't think white people are evil. I like cops. I have no issues with authority. I feel that most black women are turbo into politics, black lives matter movements and such. I just don't dig all that. I personally don't care if they interested in it but if they are bugged by me not being interested in that stuff then it probably won't work out.

Anyway, appreciating black women more. How can I do it? I hate that I really break black women down to how they look but I just can't look past SOME of the features of black women. Pic related. Its a "black" woman.

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As a black girl, I used to think the same exact way as you about black guys when I was younger. Honestly you just haven't talked to enough black girls and you hold the idea in your mind that we're all retarded hoodrats because of past experiences. As for looks, I can kind of relate by only really being physically attracted to "nerdy" black guys who have more refined features, but nothing to do with skin tone.
You just have to get rid of that complex because it sounds like you're trying to excuse it with ''oh I don't think any of them would think or act the same way as me while still being attractive".
Also, remember that you can always just stick to hispanic/asian women. It's not like you HAVE to force yourself to like black women. Although it does sound like some insecurity issues you subject onto your female counterparts, which is understandable to some degree since our race as a whole has a lot of issues, male and female.

What stops you from judging people individually ?
I think black people are as a whole a burden on white societies, but that never stopped me from getting to know those who cross my path and recognizing their individual qualities, if any.

Black people are ugly

I don't think black people are ugly per say. I just feel that their features aren't as... I don't know where I was taking this thought. Fuck.

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You say black women look like trolls but they don't look much different than black men, so you clearly have some self-hatred going on.

Idk. Every black female I’ve come across tends to be rude and hostile as hell. I’m no gift to women, but if black females are undesirable as a whole, I have a hard time believing it by the way they act.

Quality post. Op I think that you may be under age or very young. But as you grow older you will learn to appreciate there is no love truer than that of your own race. I used to adore Latina and white women until I graduated HS and got more into the world. Not sure why either.
T. Black 22m

what made you appreciate black women more?what do you like about them?

i am 27 years old man. OP here.

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What you are looking for is a classy black.

Girl that goes to church, doesn't mind wearing dresses, knows when and how to use a gun, would slap a man or women for disrespecting her, has an education or the drive to work a career or have a family, doesn't do drugs, doesn't club, doesn't hang around THOT's or HO's, Pimps or gangsta's, doesn't gossip, knows right from wrong, doesn't go to the salon twice a week. Girls with previous military experience are gold.

In all honesty, as a white guy, about 50% of the black women I've met and gotten to know are classy black. Just don't be looking to date a supermodel; lots of them dress plainly and cleanly, that's what to look for. If you need her to dress up, take her to the salon.

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its not like you would've been able to date her on looks alone lmao

dont worry about it. ill take care of them:)

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Black women are still women. They'll pretend to be into all that political shit, but much like commie white chicks they're still willing to jump your bones if they just find you hot and you're just blandly apolitical.

Otherwise, I don't know. If they're a turnoff for you, they're a turnoff. You can't reason yourself into being attracted to something. They do get a raw deal, but that's life.


W-woah. I’ve got no advice for you then, sorry. Are you comfortable being black or do you ever feel inferior to others? Dig deep in yourself to answer that... maybe you do or maybe you don’t but it’s worth thinking about.
Like I said you’ll never find more authentic, genuine love than from your own race, although my most intimate relationships were with an Irish girl and a Latina.
But I don’t think it’s anything as shallow as features, although that could be a factor. I think it goes deeper than that, like a primal instinct to mate with those that look closest to you for the best chance of reproduction. Additionally it could be relatabilty. You relate best to people with similar experiences, and race/skin color is the most identifying trait of a person that will determine what kinds of things they experience in life, and that especially applies when they are minorities in an enviornment.