I fucked up everything

left gf of 5 years to pursue a girl at work who I didn't know but thought was wife material.
Went on a few dates, friend-zoned me, curbstomped my heart and turned out to lack any empthay.
Now I have to transfer to another store because I need to stop thinking about her and get her out of my life.
I'm good friends with the people at that store, worked there 4 years, I was living with my GF but moved back in with my mom when we split.
Now i'm alone, living with my mom, about to be self-exiled from the place I've like to work since 17, oh and I totaled my car a few weeks ago.
I don't want my ex back, I don't want the girl I thought I did, I don't even know what I want at this point. I wasn't happy before, but things were stable, i'm losing so much so fucking quick these last few months.

what do? Anyone else in a shitty situation?

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You’re retarded

>i'm losing so much so fucking quick these last few months.
You're not 'losing' anything.
You threw it away.


Yeah I just want to say that you’re retarded again

>pursue a girl at work who I didn't know but thought was wife material

It's all hindsight now but seems like you just got bored of your GF after 5 years and instead of talking to her about it, you went after some other chick assuming she'd automatically love you. At this point you just gotta start fresh at that new store, make some new friends and try to redo your life unless you wanted to get back together with your ex which I doubt you really want to.

what do you actually want rn in life?

Don't worry about it lol.

Why did you break up before dating this new girl? That's like leaving your job before getting hired at a new one. When I'm upgrading my girlfriend I always wait a few months to break up with the previous one just to make sure the new girl is secure. Sucks that you're not getting any puss now but at least you learned your lesson hopefully.

Most women lack empathy. Next time you find one that doesn't, try to make it work.
>what do?
transfer to another store, make new friends at work, get a new gf. Nothing else to do.

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in and out like a pirate. do not let them into your head. and that includes your mom. you are better off flattening out ur pecker with a rubber mallet than enabling females to mentally terrorize you

You're an emotionally fragile idiot.

Just because women don't care about you specifically, doesn't mean they don't have empathy in general. It only means they don't give a shit about you.

You know, i was about to tell you something like good, it costed you a lot but you learned a very good lesson, then i read this:
>I don't want my ex back, I don't want the girl I thought I did, I don't even know what I want at this point. I wasn't happy before, but things were stable, i'm losing so much so fucking quick these last few months
If you really don't want your ex back, nor you want your pseudo relationship with your colleague, maybe it so was for the best. You said you weren't happy but at least you had stability, but sometimes stability may fuck you up for good by letting you accept a boring life in order to perpetuate it. I don't know if all of this was really necessary, but maybe you needed a change in your life

shit happens. It's all Gucci, just carry on living

ill accept that... whats ur damage?

5 years is whatever. Look, if you don't want your ex, I know what you're going through. Stagnation is a strong force, and you should thank that work thot for pulling you out of it. What you want is to enjoy the company of friends, go find hobbies, start lifting, meditating, taking cold showers, whatever placebo you think will help you feel at ease. I'd say your biggest loss is the car. You have your mom, and that's more than many people can say. Appreciate her, and pick yourself up while you can.

see this, I think it's someone you might be able to empathize with.

You got it, pick yourself up bud. If your 5 year gf still wants you back and you end up liking her back, take this as a lesson, and talk things out like noted, or just keep that advice for future reference, before you let someone else pull you out and crush you again. Don't lower your standards (for women or yourself)

1) Blue-board you absolute madman

2) Live and learn. You now know, out of experience, work place relationship are a bad idea.

3) I would rather do a sexual harassment claim against her. This is your store, you pissed in it long before her. Scream sexual equality or some BS. But right now fight for your store.

4) work on yourself and what you want
>I don't want my ex back, I don't want the girl I thought I did, I don't even know what I want at this point.
you want your work place you love. Sure moving out might be better for you, but you already fucked you comfort zone enough for right now.
So fight harder for your current job, THE RISK SEEMS WORTH IT.

>This is your store, you pissed in it long before her
kek, thanks for the laugh mate.
Thanks. You're right, and I am still happier now than I was before with the ex, and though that girl fucked me up, wanting her inspired me to lift/eat clean/be more outgoing, and I don't intend to drop that at this point.
>Stagnation is a strong force
Damn straight, once I was out it was like a spell broken, I might've just coasted my life away with her, probably says something about me.

>I might've just coasted my life away with her
I think I would've coasted my life away with mine too, and I would've been settling for less. Never settle for less!
>Probably says something about me
You're probably fine, I'm going through a very similar situation at the moment. I'm still in the phase of "trying out the new girl", she pulled me out of the cycle, and we're going for drinks later, and even if it fails I won't die with that regret, and you won't either user, godspeed.

If I walked past your pic related op, would I be able to smell the smell of her sandy cunt wafting through the air?

>I don't want the girl who friendzoned me
>I don't even want my ex back
you're acting like a child who trhew his toys out if his pram

Idk man, I've been in OPs shoes, and it's possible to not want either after you've seen the light.

It was only 5 years OP. Be happy you didn't wait 11 years to do it

Is your mom hot? Does she need a boyfriend, son?

no, most women just lack empathy in general.

>I wasn't happy before
so whats the problem? lifes filled with ups and downs. youll be back up soon.. you not even 25 yet.

also, leaving a relationship to immediately pursue someone else... you have some serious issues there man. do some internal searching on that.

Sounds like you helped make a lot of other people’s lives better by removing yourself from the equation

Start over and find a new so. Consider a career change while your at it, maybe even the armed forces

>Anyone else in a shitty situation?

OP, I'm in pretty much the same situation. Did almost exactly what you did. Except I left my ex purely because I had feelings for someone at work. 5 years and everything too. I waited a month or so to ask the new bitch out and then I knew I didn't really care about her all that much. But anyway, ex had so much baggage, I'm glad she's gone. I'm moving back to the town with my best friends and I'm never looking back.

>Leaving a gf of 5yrs
She was basically your fiance at that point. You fucking idiot monster.