So guys hello there. Im from russian board 2ch...

So guys hello there. Im from russian board 2ch, but like english a lot and i feel i would feel better if ill tell everything to u guys.
There is my story
When i was 12 my parents divorced and that is fine i guess, dont know how in other countries but in Russia thats ok. So i lived with my mother after divorce. But when i turned 14, she mooved into another country coz she found new love, Left me some money ofc. I thought its gonna be cool adult alone life but no. Soon there is no money left, and i started selling TV and other stuff (also sold my ps3 sad face) thats how i survived 1 year. Also my dad dont want to contact me or help. Same with my mom, she only respond on my birthday XDDDDDDD funny tho
at 16 i start working after school so i can have food and pay for internet and bills shit. Now im 17 and im tired as fuck, in school im sleeping coz i need to work at night (so thats why im having bad marks) I have no friends coz im used to live alone. But there is things that getting me upset like im never gonna have normal familly dinners or wake up from feeling smell of a food from the kitchen. Just never. And u know, its cool to be alone in silence but sometimes im crying really loud, coz i want to be herd.
So! What to do, how to get Normal life guys? Can u tell me? or at least read this and write what do u think, sometimes i need to speak with someone.

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That's pretty fucked up of your mom to just leave you behind on your own. Do you have any other family members like aunts, uncles, cousins, etc?

they are dead or in 1000 kilometers

Well, either get in contact and try to move in with them, or find a roommate so you don't have to work as much.

I thought about it, but i have only 1 key from my place, tried to deal with companies of key copying but they dont want to work coz IM UNERAGE thats stupid really. So i dont know how to get keys for mate thats the first problem. Next one is to find that mate, i mean what if its gonna be crazy person

Jesus man, sorry you're in that situation. If you were my friend I'd take you out for drinks or something, it's a shit thing to experience. Get some friends you can speak to this about.

Shit nigga, then quit going to school and make as much money as possible then. You don't really have many options in your fucked up situation, so stop thinking of excuses and figure your shit out.

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i just cant, friend thats not an easy thing, u need to trust to person and so on, and so far i cant find thats person, not to much time, at work there is only creepy old men and woomen brrrh

Im not gonna be able to find better job if ill quit, there is 1 year left

I'm serious when I say this.

Get in contact with someone from the government or something, I'm absolutely sure they would help you. Like go to your town's mayor or something just let your story be heard, go to TV stations, write a book, ask to be in newspaper just something.
I've heard that Putin is a good lad when it comes to his own so I'm sure even he would help you if your story could somehow go viral.

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Okay m8, sorry then

No problemo, but seriously try reaching out to some charities or create your own via some crowdbegging site

Sell weed.

Thats illegal man


user, just seek asylum in Europe (Germany/France), invent a story and stick to it, say you were abused by the mafia, no parents no help ( everyone knows how corrupt Russia is).
pzdc kak ti vovwe zhivew tak?
I ya dumal y menja problemi...

pic of your appartement?

Find a local craft that looks cool and sell that shit on ebay. You’ll make a killing.

Focus harder on school, work as little as possible and learn how to cook well for yourself. Invite students over to study and socialize with.

Can you do me a favor? Take a picture of something pretty outside your house.

Have you told your teachers maybe?

Explain the situation to your teachers, they'll be able to understand, I'm sure. Also, with the job, for now it's important to hold onto it so you don't end up homeless.

Good luck, look at the brightside, at least you aren't homeless yet

Find one or two friends, and then you can have them over since it's your own place.

I think the best advice in this whole thread though is this about a roommate. Uni kids are usually pretty chill from my experience, post an ad around.

is solid too.

You cant get be refugee in Europe if you come from Russia. Only exception is if you are opposition politician whonworks for Western Secret services then they will help you. If you cant be use to them they dont care. Youre a whitenmake after all, not some poor black african woman.

Wrong. You can get denied, sure, and there are a lot of potential issues you may encounter, but you are actually on the same ground as anyone else. Not having a war in your homeland does make it a bit harder, but I'm not sure that not having a war is bad.


Join the military

дaвaй дaвaй!!!!

Is a larp lol, i was alone as kid they putted me right away with other adults, this guy is just fucking sad

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