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You are a shitty person inside and out i hope you die

Spicy quinoa seems weird to me.

It doesn't make sense why you would do this to anyone.

Why? Do you guys honestly think this makes people better? More likely to fall in line? Do you guys really think that ruining someone is part of the process, about growing up? Do you really think this is "just life"?

I don't understand why you would do this to anyone. To ruin someone forever. To kill their ability to trust, to hope, to love.

What was wrong with me before? Why is it wrong to care for people? Why is it wrong to give people second chances and to have hope that maybe one day someone will listen to you, and maybe some day someone will help you?

What you did to me ruined me forever. It doesn't make any fucking sense why you would do this to anyone. You say "When you grow up, the heart dies." but that's not true. It doesn't die, it gets murdered.

By people.

I'm tired i deserve closure

Maybe you need to accept life for what it is

if they ended this about a year and 8 months ago there might have been something left. When I thought people actually cared and that they were actually trying to help me.

but now I know they are just using me. I know they are just torturing me for their own gain. They don't give a shit about me. All those messages about hope, love, and forgiveness is to pacify me so that I don't want to get justice.

These people are fucking evil. Pure evil and you dumb mother fuckers keep believing them when they say that it's "just part of the process." or that they are doing this for a greater good.

What greater good? They are killing, torturing, poisoning, illegally experimenting on people, enslaving people, violating our freedoms. What "greater good" are they trying to defend by doing these things? Are you telling me they run slavery, torture, and murder to... prevent those things from happening? But they ARE the ones doing those things. They didn't prevent shit. People ARE suffering. People ARE dying. THEY ARE COMMITTING THE SAME ATROCITIES THEY CLAIM TO BE PREVENTING.

Are you people fucking retarded?

this isn't life, this is people hurting other people.

are you an idiot?

You win, I'm going to ask you out.
I just hope this works out.

I've deleted all the art I've done in months. All the journals. All the pictures. All the poetry. Because the inspiration was mostly this one person I'm not going to talk to again. I've started from that and then I deleted literally any old pic or any memory I had saved. It felt liberating but also empty. Every early high school picture or diary. I just hate my life lol. And I've been playing "I'll be seeing you" by Billie Holiday - the song NASA finally transmitted to the Opportunity Rover when it died on Mars. I thought it was funny that I was listening to it but it's relatable. We'll never get to see each other again in this life, technically, but…:

"I'll be seeing you
In all the old familiar places
That this heart of mine embraces
All day and through
In that small cafe
The park across the way
The children's carousel
The chestnut trees
The wishing well
I'll be seeing you
In every lovely summer's day
In everything that's light and gay
I'll always think of you that way
I'll find you in the morning sun
And when the night is new
I'll be looking at the moon
But I'll be seeing you."

Yesterday we got into a fight because you said I complain and joke too much about how you dont love me and say you never talk to me. You said it makes you feel unloved and that I hate you.

You have yet to message me once today. If I dont initiate every time we talk, then we never do. Like fucking today. Its 8pm and you havent messaged me once. You're going to try to justify it by saying "oh but I knew you were working today". You know I'm able to talk most of the time at work. You know I get home at 6pm at the latest.

Are you fucking kidding me? When I bring up how you're wrong today, you're gonna go straight into your "ooo boo hooo I'm so abusive to you". This time I wont talk you out of it. This time I'll let you go.

Now I have to decide whether to send you this.

I will find you

I am not doing well at all.
> Work has me stressed so much. I half want to leave but if I do I have no plan. Maybe go travelling.
> Girl I was dating for 3 months left me and it has me torn up inside.
> Caught up with an old friend. Had sex, no protection. Didn't cum in her but now I'm paranoid. We went to the pharmacy to get the plan b and she took it.
> Grandparents are getting ill and it's getting harder and harder to look after them.

2019 has been a rough year already.

It's hard to keep my head level with all that's going on.

stop putting shit i nmy fucking nose at night you fucking assholes.

It hardens up and I can't breathe worth a shit through it.

give me my god damn fucking medications you fucking retards

"hey guys, we are trying to help him!"

Really? Fucking REALLY? You can help me by stop trying to control my fucking life and give me what I want already you stupid mother fuckers. You faggots have been controlling me my entire life and look at how well that has fucking worked.

Try something new asshats. Let me do what I think is best for me. Let me control and make my own god damn fucking decisions. Starting by giving me my fucking medications in the quantities that I fucking want. Not some shit substitutes, not "Well these are close enough." but the medications I specifically asked for in the quantities I specifically fucking asked for.

If they were trying to help me they would do this. They would realize I know what works best for me and that I can make my own god damn decisions.

If it wasn't obvious before, it is now. They are just trying to kill me through neglect and abuse.

Why would you do that

>be me
>realize over the months that I start the conversation with my friends virtually every single time we talk
>try an experiment with myself
>stop initiating the conversations
>notice most times I'll have a friend start a convo once every week or so
>eventually now nobody talks to me
>try to start back conversations with said friends
>they either ignore me or stop replying after 5-6 messages

This has really been bothering me for awhile, seeing that people who I thought were my best friends are guilty of this too.

Am I in the wrong?

It’s good that you’re able to start the conversation. I’m bad at it but once someone else starts it I’m okay. Everyone has their strengths, maybe your friends are like me. It’s a thought.

Capitalism is pure exploitation and it’s not possible for everyone to prosper in and to think other wise is fucking retarded. My father works his body to the point of breaking his bosses do nothing but they are the ones who profit? I swear to god I will end up a mass shooter if I don’t get a stable livable wage soon.

why is my father dead fucking set on making me suffer as much as possible? Why do they try to close out my browser when I say I want to quit, I want to go home. I'm done with this shit. I don't want your disgusting money or your stupid whores. I just want the truth and my freedom.

Why do you cunts keep forcing me to keep doing this shit? Fucking let me go already.

peterson voice:

people very rarely initiate conversations unless they want something, usually what they want is attention. Most people are cruising through their daily routine on auto-pilot. They respond to whatever's in their inbox and rarely stop to think "Who have I not talked to in a while? Oh yeah, I should txt bob and see how his new job is going!"

So if you're bob, and you've got the time and you're thinking about someone you havn't talked to in a while... send them a quick "hey what's up" and it doesn't matter if the conversation stops after 6 messages. That's equally on you, if you've both got nothing to say and there's simply nothing to talk about then go say what's up to the next person.

I love you... so much. I can’t wait to talk to you again tomorrow. I wish I could hug you or tell you goodnight.

I love you, too. It's going to be okay

If only ;_;
Thank you, user.

I feel like I was a bad and rude person in the past. But somehow my friends still want to be my friend. Idk whyyyyy

the fucking songs and messages are all just horseshit. To make people have false hope so that they can suffer longer, giving you cunts more ammunition and to earn more money and influence.

That's all you use them. it makes people hold on longer than they would otherwise. To make them feel like they matter, that people care.

If people really fucking cared they would use those MILLIONS to fucking rescue the fucking person. But no, they do nothing. They just keep sending more and more useless fucking messages while the person is tortured to death.

I have a friend like that. His good qualities outweigh the bad so I stayed friends. I feel like he is troubled or something. I love him so I had no choice but to stay.

I wish I could say lot more than I mean

Say it...


>talking to girl on an online dating site
>Seems qt based on all her pictures
>Plan a date
>Turns out she's short, overweight, and a total potato looking feminist

Every fucking time. This is the last time I trust online dating sites. Every woman I encounter either has a super high standard or is a potato looking feminist. Wtf?

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No problem fren. We have to look after eachother.


I so want this to be you...

I really feel Jow Forums is bleeding here and that's bad because they are recruiting people from here to inceldom.

C'mon guys, if you are suffering don't bring people along at the very least.

We broke up, but still love each other. We made a promise to grow as people and then maybe get back together.

I hope we get back together.

I thought I was a shitty person for wanting to take a break. Now I'm realizing how shitty you are, because I couldn't see you for who you were up close.
You're falling apart.

I need more new friends.
The single one I have diserves to not have me rely on them as my sole outlet for socializing.

How am I supposed to "get over" you when every time I see you my body reacts like an addict to its drug? Holy shit.

The thing is, they lost their charm because nothing happens. Because it never ends. Like, if they conveyed an actual message then it would be exciting. If there was an actual game here for me to play. With clues I can find and the like.

but it's just the same messages over and over. "It's over! You're free! Everyone loves you! It's time to go! It's the end! It's all over! You don't have to go home but you can't stay here!"

but it clearly didn't end, it's clearly not over. You guys just keep repeating that and nothing happens. It's just... "Soon!" or "Very very VERY soon!"
I quitr? I give up?

Can I go home now? I'm bored out of my mind.

but I can't quit unless you guys let me so I'm just going to have to wait until you guys quit then.

You're the ones that have to listen to me. You're the ones that signed up for this, I didn't.

What mental illness have you been diagnosed with?

she is waiting, watching, keeping track. Keeping judgement.

which one of you tried to help, which one of you got in the way, and which one of you plotted against your fellow man.

which ones were good enough to make a sacrifice to defend those incapable of defending themselves.

Not everyone will be treated all the same.

Why can't you be together?

Being a jackass over something so small is gonna unfortunately bite you in the ass.

Next time don't expose yourself as a whiny cunt over social media to the very people hiring you. It's great seeing you reduced to making posts begging for work on reddit.

My husband is out and I’m home alone again. He’s not answering my texts again. I’m lonely. He’s leaving for a lot of business trips this year and I’ll be alone alot and he’s out getting drunk now instead of spending time with me. I didn’t sign up for this. I feel like freaking out but I know it won’t help. I’m tired but too frustrated to sleep.

I desperately want to spend one weekend with you. Have amazing kinky sex, wake up and have coffee while cuddling in bed, go to the beach together. Awful cheesy things that only happen in movies. Then I want to go back to my normal life because I know all my fantasies of us together are far too good to be true. I like my boring stable life. But it's hard to let go everything we might have been if I was willing to take the risk.

Get a hobby like pole dancing or yoga or a class. Something else to forget about this situation and focus on yourself so you don’t spend so much time alone with anxiet

What is the risk? Unless the person already said no, just take it. How can it be too good to be true

Ew gross it’s an HR emloyee

why do I suck so bad ughhhhhhhhhhh

I have things I like to do but it’s 12:20 AM

Do something special for him when he gets home. If you attack him when he gets home he'll be less likely to spend time with you. Be loving and caring.

I am loving and caring. I do so much around here and we both work. I try hard to keep the house clean, do our laundry and I cook all our meals and he plays video games. I’m usually very forgiving but this is the last straw. I feel like I’m taken for granted. I know even if I had a melt down it wouldn’t make him care more.

I always call people out for their flaws in character and behavior. But never appearance. I think it is petty to attack someone's appearance. But their personality.

I was told growing up to smile and play nice and forgive and whatever, but if a girl is being a bitch or a guy is being a douche I'll let them know it. I was told to be nice with people bullying me, if my friend did something to bother me to let it go even when they were wrong and immature. That's bullshit. I'll drop you fast if you annoy me with your shit.

It's funny, I don't care if people like me but you treat me with respect at least. But they always care if people like them and get offended if I don't like them.

Why don't you be with them long-term instead?

I am an asshole.

Idk why but I'm having a prolonged panic attack. Like a heightened emotional state. I've been trying to trigger the attack and I had one yesterday but now on day 2 I still can't get out of this. It's frustrating.

I know we’ll never work out, but I can’t move on

I know a lot of you read this shit alot but I'm not doing this shit for attention I want a quick painless way to go, I dont have alot of money the problem is whenever i think about killing myself, my brain starts justifying a better future or maybe something gets better and I hesitate way too much. But nothing gets better, shit gets worse everyday I really want to kms deep down but cant bear the thought of harming myself thats why I need a quick way

I don't know if I love you or not. You freely say that you love me, but I don't think we have the same definition, let alone same understanding what love is. I keep thinking of reasons why I could love you, but they are the same reason I could love someone else. Is there uniqueness to it or any point of me thinking about it.

Sometimes I dream about unloading an AK 47 drum mag into my nigger managers face


It really fucking bothers me when people say they will only drink cold drinks. Room temperature bottle of water? "Oh no thanks only cold drinks taste good" what the actual fuck

Knowledge is suffering.
I know the true nature of humanity, so I'm able to see past the masks and the faux sincerity. We are all shallow. We judge people unconsciously based on their physical appearance and we have since we were infants. Children are famously sincere, which brought me to the conclusion that they are sincere in their bulling too. I only hazily remember being bullied for my height when I was a child, and to be honest my older brother got it worse than me.
My point is that we are all still bound to our animal nature, and yet we still insist that we are above it. The whole "don't judge a book by it's cover" meme of a theme has been trotted out and beaten to death and yet we still do it.
Maybe even rightly so as apparently a link between beauty and intelligent has been found, so maybe this tracks back to something bigger than me or you or even all of humanity, but a system that chooses the best and discards the undesirables and everyone in the margins simply supports the best. I've just given up on my life at this point.

I know all we mean to one another, as a bunch of people, is not much. I know we are the passing characters of a hermetical scenario that each of us contemplates in their heads.
I don't ask to be a main character for anybody.
I just ask myself how it feels to be understood. How does it feel to be known? For people to keep track of you ? To be interested in you ?
How does it feel to be liked ? How does it feel to not have to make supplementary efforts to reach out to others ? To be accepted, maybe sometimes, maybe for no good reason, how does that feel ?
How does it feel without loneliness ?
I forgot how genuine sincerity feels comming from people around.

I don't know why I let you in but I did and now I'm suffering for it. I wish I knew the real you, the you without meds. I think we could have gotten along better. The person you are now seems to be the fictional character you want to be. I never lied to you, I told you I'm damaged from the start, and you said you'd take care of me and this time I actually believed it. I get that I'm a lot to handle sometimes, and I said I need space sometimes to think shit out. But you can't understand, and you lack empathy. I'm such an idiot for even trying and now I have to see you way too much, so soon after you coldly ended it on vday. No, we can't be friends right now. I hate hearing your voice right now. I can't even speak to you, I'm so frustrated at your indifference, your apathy. You act like you didn't just crush me. The next few months are gonna suck.

Well I'll tell you what:
If you are who I wish you were, fuck yeah let's go. Let's go to one of our many beach areas after a violent night of fucking bareback style, walk around in the nude, be drunk, play pool, go bowling, and keep at it until that weekend ends and we never talk about it anymore.

Well, unless you wanna keep going. I wouldn't stop you at all. I know how thirsty a little succubus you are. I know you want me dry until next time. You want a cute little puppet to keep you quenched until later. I will gladly oblige.
I just wish you kept us a secret. Once you do, I will do anything with you until I am tired. Good news is I don't tire easily.

Just tell me what hotel we go to and we'll go from there. You always made me thirsty for you and I never told you about it. I occupy myself just to keep my thoughts from you. If I didn't distract myself, I would still think of you and how fine your ass is forever. I have never seen a perfect hourglass until I met you.

sounds like life to me lol

repent lol

It's been over a year since I broke contact with you.
We broke up in early 2014 and stopped talking.
Got into a relationship as a fix-up, ended up being shit, and got out. Before getting out, I started talking to you again.
Talking on and off, no big deal.
Then, November 2016 I start talking to you... And we were talking nearly every single day.
You say you want to meet up with me really badly. Why? I just don't fucking understand.
We were calling almost every single day, we'd sing to each other, we'd play video games with each other.
I feel everything coming back.
I meet with you in February and told you how I feel a little after dinner, while we were out waiting for everyone else. All you said was "You probably shouldn't feel like that".
You, who used to sing shit like "Do I Wanna Know" from Arctic Monkeys to me and whatnot, who wanted me to meet with you, said I shouldn't feel like that.
I felt betrayed.
I spent that whole year on and off about my feelings because of you.
I felt like garbage. I wouldn't leave bed in certain weekends. But I wouldn't sleep either. I'd just... lay there.
After summer, we were barely talking. I got drunk one day and told you I was looking at old messages of us. You wanted to block me everywhere at the time. I begged you not to fucking do that.
You didn't. We started talking even less though.
I went on vacation with my brothers (who only 1 of them knew about this situation), and when I came back, got drunk again. Told you we should really completely cut contact.
And you proceeded to say I was "selfish" and "a piece of shit". I'll never forget those words.
I deleted your number, deleted you off every platform. Including games we used to play back in 2013.

I still think about you every now and then.
And it hurts. But I will not fall. I'll keep going forward.
You have no idea what you lost.
I... think you're the only person I've ever truly loved.
And I believe I'm the only person that ever truly loved you.

She's with another man who she loves the idea of, not the person. I tried to distance myself for both our sakes and it's proving incredibly difficult.

1000 times this.

Well now that you mention it..



no, it’s mj

The goat

Send me to the gulags but....

I think I finally kicked my trap porn addiction.

For years where I lost count, I fell into the horrible clutches of trap girl pornography. Which of course led down some fucking weird shit (sissies, femboys. Just really dark stuff that grosses me out when my mind is clear and not distracted with porn)

I've been trying very hard for years to quit. Some luck for months. Others, couldn't last a whole 24 hours.

It was just... this feeling of wanting to watch it. Like everything else was boring or plain (like ordering a pizza with very little cheese. It all sucked). The delusion of getting enjoyment from this was a farce.

But somehow today, on chaturbate, some super cute real girl that has the body proportions of my ex lover, showed me that's what I desire and missed (like a spark. Or a eureka moment). So I finished up, deleted all the saved pics, vids, stash, everything!

It feels liberating. I can think and empty my mind freely.

There's nothing wrong with trans girls or trans in general (in my opinion). But it's not for me.

Good luck with anyone else with this problem.

> Next goal... stop watching and relying on porn...

I feel like the more time I spend talking to some people, the more I get irrationally angry by things they do or say. Then I might not talk to them for a few days or even weeks and it's like my brain completely resets itself and the next thing they do could be the worst or dumbest thing possible and I wouldn't bat an eye.

I want to leave
I want to spread my wings
I want to make my own nest
and most of I all
I want out

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It's only been one day and I miss my home already.

Where you at?

Different city. 3 hours flight.

How long?

Why.. Just why was I born in this body? it feels so fucking disgusting, it's so vile and useless.
I shouldn't let myself fall in love with anyone, nor do I let them love me. I want to be loved, and I want that person to feel loved too. But I shouldn't.
I don't deserve it, I'm bound to suffer and to die alone. I will never experience romance, I will never feel happy.
It's not possible for me to live my life to its fullest.

Mom, why? Why didn't you abort me? Do you really fucking think I enjoy life? I don't belong in this world. I fucking hate this genetics. I feel so inferior. I hate this unjust world. But nothing can top my hatred for myself.
It hurts.. Why why why why.. why?!!!!

just got home from my ex-gf

we started dating again end of decembre after being broken up for 3 months

i just uncovered that she had slept with someone else in the last weeks
she cried and cried
telling me how sorry she was, how much of an emotional wreck she is

i looked at her phone, it was that guy friend of hers
they were flirting and stuff

called her out on why she was so evasive the last week
asked her if she had slept with another guy
silence was the only thing i got, then her starting crying

she didn't want to justify that she slept with someone else
she didn't want to justify that i asked her on monday four times with whom she was meeting up, said guy friend

oh god am i relieved that i found this out now

we were supposed to go brunching half an hour ago
i found it

Hopefully until July, so about 5 months.

Proud of ya for keeping your wits with you.

Not too bad. Just start working out every day while gone. It will pay off.

>Proud of ya for keeping your wits with you.
thanks man
deep down i knew she was going to do something
didn't want to realize it
immature girls gonna do immature things i guess

Becoming self-aware hasn't made me happy. I miss the blind security and confidence I had. I used to blame this website, but somebody would have explained what autism was eventually either way.

I simply don't believe that anyone loves me.

That's a good idea thanks.

Even your family?

Yeah, they never supported me anyway besides providing me with a roof over my head and food.

I know this isn’t a big deal but I’m sad my boyfriend doesn’t really flaunt me around. Last night he let me look at his Snapchat memories. I saw a lot of photos of his ex girlfriend. Stuff like “lunch with this cutie

Could you be more detailed because I don't know what your post means?

shouldi delete her? or ghost her while letting her rot on my contact list?

If you think capitalism is bad, try communism you shaggy hippy fuck

>X isn't bad because Y is much worse!
Dumb argument.

I’d rather deal with the flaws of capitalism than starve and get my family murdered under communism