Just dropped 2 tabs of lsd

So I just took 2 tabs of lsd and am wondering what i should do? Im watching the slam dunk contest atm, waiting on the trip to kick in.

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Keep posting in the thread and tell us what it feels like and what you see in detail.

Will do. Im only 15min in. Peak is at 4-7 hours in.

dont smoke any weed on the comeup to avoid paranoia and blasting off and tripping too hard. be ready to experience ego death, dont force yourself to hold onto reality. remember when you start to feel weird to get up and move around. dont be afraid to change the song, if you have music playing. it can totally change the vibe in a fantastic way. have a nice trip and remember that it lasts only 6-8 hours

Have fun man, its gonna be a wild, introspective ride. Embrace that shit :)

you will get to a point where you want a steady visual. youtu.be/Hndf5JRwUL0 god bless

These are double dipped tabs. They last longer.

youre gonna be tripping balls brother ima watch this thread keep us updated

Awesome. Thanks man.

I just spent 4 years on house arrest where i was eating shrooms every second or third weekend. Ive been doing lsd for the past couple months on the weekends. Sometimes I feel like i need that weed to get things going.

Half hour in and im starting to feel tingy and feel my thinking process shifting

In what way is your thinking process shifting? Are you tingly like pins and needles all over your whole body or something?

I wouldnt say pins and needles, more like a slight chill. My thinking process changes can be described as just random thoughts at this point.

Like unwanted, uncontrolled thoughts? Like just random mashups of stationary objects?

Pretty interesting, keep updating when things start to change more.

Starting to get the yawns. For those that don't know that's a sign that the high is near.

I wouldn't say they're unwanted but they are in a way uncontrolled in the sense that they're sporadic. But none of these feelings or emotions are negative in any way. They're just random irrelevant thoughts. I mentioned it because its out of the norm.

I've never done drugs so I am just clueless about all this lol.

So do you feel normal except you are yawning and you feel cold or goosebumps or something? And you are having thoughts randomly pop up?

Slam dunk contest was garbage. Time to hit the tunes and chill.

Its difficult to explain to someone who hasn't experimented with drugs. This is just the beginning. Lsd is very different from street drugs. Some of the greatest minds throughout history experimented with lsd or some sort of psychedelics. Ie shrooms, dmt, ayahuasca etc

I should probably roll up some joints while i can lol

Yeet a trash bag full of Brussels sprouts out your window

First sign of my vision going wavy. Its been just over an hour since the drop.

Feeling euphoric, very happy. Also feel my coordination starting to fade off.

Has your thoughts on life changed ?

The night is still young brother. Lsd lasts a long time.

I'm favelanon and I wish you a great time with many happiness and joy!

Take care fren!

Has anything worthwhile happened yet?

I am the Gateskeeper's keeper. Ty fren

I'm starting to feel the effects coming on stronger. I imagine at the peak I won't be able to communicate as frequently. I'm already having a hard time typing and seeing clearly now.

Is it a good thing though? You're speaking coherently.

Can it make you hallucinate crazy shit?

Yes it's a good thing. I took the drugs to get to this feeling of open-mindedness and revolutionary thought. I feel good, but I'm also able to recognize the effects as they happen. I'm gonna go light up a blunt. Report to come.

I just smoked some weed and that really kicked things in. The visuals are currently of the landscape being wavy and at times i feel as though the room is getting brighter and darker. I feel my mind starting to wander and fascination into the smoke that billows from my cigarette

Are some parts getting brighter and some getting darker or is the whole room changing from bright to dark?

Certain parts appear to be brighter than others

I'm glad to hear that it's good.

Is it like being in a different world or do you just feel crazy or something?

I'm getting to the point now where colours are mixing and shadows are moving. Im listening to music and it sounds so much more satisfying this way.

That would depend on how much u did. I took 2 tabs but you can definitely get to another world so to say lol

Can you describe what it's like because I can't see things the same way lol. What do you mean by "colours are mixing?"

Whats your age and location? Approximities are preferred.

Hey OP!

You're on a space rock

Listen to this youtu.be/7sGT3tmZJ5s

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What does that have to do with "colours are mixing?" I'm like younger than 25 if that helps.

Also what i mean is they like... overlap or shift into one another? If that makes sense. Im trying to reply coherently for as long as possible but at the same time tryna just chill and enjoy this. Its difficult to put it into words.

Yeah ok I don't want to ruin it I'm just curious about it.

I don't personally want to take drugs so that's why this is the only way I can learn about it lol.

Love you

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Lol thanks for that! I wish it never had an end lol

These captchas are gonna be the death of me.. at this point i dont know if im seeing traffic lights or mountains?

Can you explain your post lol? How would that answer have helped you?

Love you too

Lol that's crazy.

Do you have anything you can relate the experience to that I would be able to understand?

Sometimes I see little lights everywhere haha

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A better understanding on where you are along life's journey

It sounds dumb to say this but some people don't learn from old age and some people learn at a young age.

This picture is a good representation of the things im seeing. its been almost 2 hrs

You're right, but experience can only be learned and achieved through age

You are right as well.

And of course I know that most older people are generally much smarter than most younger people but of course not always lol.

Yo OP, you are on your computer mate you sure are a lot on your computer yeah?
How about:
Not on the computer?
Just a suggestion coming from a fellow internet addict

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I guess that negates my purpose of posting any further??

Sick pic tho

Do only what feels absolutely right to you, I'm just talking from my experience. This thread will surely stay up for a bit & you can tune back in a few

Ty sounds good. Im just chillin to some manu chao rn


what is it like to watch this?

Wicked vid. Thx for that.

youtu.be/dnYlLecSt5c right now

Try listening to this album


Nice. I get a paganistic vibe from that.

chill, lovely

watch this. youtube.com/watch?v=tEjx44YMCW0&list=PL5241CC096CB969F8

If you don't have mental illness in your family LSD is a fantastic drug to try. I don't use anything else, not even coffee. It doesn't show up in blood tests, you can't overdose on it and it is not addictive. If you are at all curious don't let your life pass you by without knowing what it's like user.





Vids are lit

hold on to ur dick

I wish I wasn't schizophrenic.

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Have you tried? I'm schizotypal and it works. Just like once, twice a year and consider the next hazy days as being delsion-ridden then it works. Gotta keep that cognitive control high. Just breathe

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OP here. Thanks for the trip out last night! I dropped around 930pm est and passed out around 545am est.