I’m trying belly inflation

I’m trying belly inflation
How do I go bigger?

It kinda hurts but it’s a good hurt.

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I’m glad this is getting normalized

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Damn u cute, just bike, thats what i do, usually gets rid of the belly i work up in winter

Please be in London

What is this? Like how do you do it?

Well where i live we have some bike/pedestrian trails, i usually take a certain one and ride along the river, taking a friend helps too. Not exactly sure how many miles it is but if you go biking and go do interesting fun stuff its like you arent even working out

But how does that inflate it? Like what’s going on with that? Is it dangerous?

She said she wants it bigger though...

Get pregnant..... can we see your belly?

Op here it’s air and water

I’m might burst. Make hundreds of feederism threads in my honour

Will get everyone in this

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>still haven't posted bare belly

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as a nigga with a belly stuffing/expansion fetish im pretty hard now, but i wouldnt say you need to get bigger. from what ive seen its a balancing act.
now we cant be having you popping your guts, thats scary and painful.

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Stop doing this, it is dangerous

On the one hand, I have a pretty fierce cum inflation fetish, on the other hand I hate obese people in real life.

So cute face but that belly has to go until you meet your Pierce Brosnan

This looks disgusting.
Get help.

normalized? this is a fetish of mine but it's far from normal. i've had girls break up with me after opening up about it.


Hit the gym.

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Listen you're being retarded


Let a boy cum deep inside you, bareback. That'll inflate your belly really nicely~

how do I get a girlfriend like this?

You are mentally ill. The reason you like this is because your body is begging you to become pregnant.

>I'm trying belly inflation
imagine being so retarded and sexually degenerate that you're into inflating yourself... and that gets you off.

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I will gladly help you inflate your belly (with my penis).

But only if you're over 18.