Financial security/entrepreneurship

How may an 18 year old go about accumulating wealth.

I would eventually like to own a small business or have passive incomes.

I just feel trapped in life and money, while it can't fix everything will certainly help.

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What kind of business do you want to run? Then start finding out what sort of investment is required to start a business like that.

I would like to sell protein bars or MMA/Boxing gear or maybe something else, right now I am broke, have no job, and I am not going to college.

I train in MMA so I eventually hope to be able to train full time, but I have no skills outside of working out

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You can sell protein bars at any gym for minimum wage plus commission. Maybe you can formulate your own protein bars, and get investment to distribute them?

MMA is cool to train but unless you're a star it's a really rough life without much money you can only live until your 30s. If you actually want to make a lot of money with MMA your best bet is organizing fights.

> have no skills outside of working out
Yeah you're also 18 so it's expected that you're silly and ignorant. I'm not laying out things that you can necessarily start out at right away, just hopefully outlining some goals for you to strive toward.

Thank you very much, user. I am just trying to make my way in life, any advice you have, I am all ears.

breh.... shoot me an email.

lets talk about actual opportunities that are achievable and may lead to entrepreneurship while you train for cage matches.

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Richard Branson (Virgin Airlines, etc) began selling rare records out of his car.
Peter Jones (British Dragon's Den) gave tennis lessons while in high school
Serge and Larry (Google) started a local search engine for their college campus.

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Read think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill with an open mind. That book is what did it for me.

Your endgoal could be owning and running a gym then.

I don't think MMA will help. Sports generally don't work. That's because people become "too old" for competitive sport relatively soon, and they all want to stay in the field even after that. They all want it, but only so many can be trainers shop owners etc.

I'd recommend getting a real job, start saving up, and learning how to run a gym (or whatever you want to be doing).

Look at what problems people have and think of solutions to solve them. Solutions may already exist but you can always improve on them.

Read The Millionaire Fastlane if you're serious about running a business, it's the only book that won't bullshit you

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I will absolutely check it out, user.

I have ran into you before, Peanut Butter, I was the OP of the lsd thread.


this book is absolutely full of shit
it's exactly the kind of book that will convince this retarded teenage OP into chasing get rich quick schemes and failing "businesses", leaving him with a garage full of herbalife product

you need valuable skills and education that you can sell for a large income

dont get ahead of yourself or youll end up selling hotdogs on the street like the dozens of dipshit guys I knew from high school with the same attitude or a NEET on Jow Forums still hoping their fake money will be worth something someday

Lol, the book is against get rich quick schemes and explains the traps you shouldn't fall into. The author emphasizes the importance of creating a business based on an actual NEED.

If you think a college education will make you rich, enjoy slaving for the rest of your life.

>spends quarter of book dismissing the "slow lane" with bad math, stupid assumptions, brainlet tier predictions, and of course incessant bitching about wanting to be rich right away
>sells book as quickest way to become rich
>talks shit about every other author making most of their wealth from selling a book, while he... made most of his wealth from selling this book
>this isn't a get rich quick scheme!!

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You could say that about every book written on entrepreneurship.

then don't read books about entrepreneurship because they don't actually teach you anything

Alright, I am OP. I just genuinely want to know what I can make a career out of and how to genuinely accumulate wealth. I don't want to work for someone the rest of my life. I have no plan to go back to school unless it's for a trade.

I want my own company or something, just passive incomes. I don't have to be rich, just wealthy.

My goals:
Get a job
Save up
Move out of my house.
Start work on entrepreneurship on the side
Hopefully something happens
Move to a different state or something all while counting to train in MMA and Boxing/lifting weights.