How do i tell my dad ?

Ever since i was young i was pressured by my parents more specifically my dad. My dad started up his own company and his been telling me that i would take over it when he retires. I have 0 interest in engineering and i dont want to take over my dad’s business, if the company even touches me im pretty sure i’ll ruined it. Even though i have two brothers my dad still insist on giving me his company. It bothers me that my brothers get to choose their own courses but i don’t. Being a femanon this bothers me even more, i want to be a lecturer or at least a tutor not an engineer. I understand my dad started the company from nothing and it pains me to see my dad lose it all when he retires but i dont want to do what my dad does... how do i tell my dad ?

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Just tell him what you told us.

You say no thanks dad I'm good I'm gonna be a professor

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I wish i could... communicating with my dad is like having a corporate meeting. Its pretty much talking to a plank

sometimes you have to be harsh. you will have to tell your dad that you have no interest in engineering and don't want to work in business. But also remember your dad, although he make seem like a plank of wood to talk with is only doing this because he cares for you. By wanting you to take over the company, he wants to give you financial security and success in life. He has enough trust, respect, and compassion for you, that he is willing to give you something that he has worked on from the ground up. so just remember that although he might seem a bit difficult he doing because he cares.

I understand... but i dont want to take over it... i cant handle my dad’s company. I’ve seen my dad’s work and it’s pretty serious. I’m touched that my dad is giving his company to me but i think it’s better if the company is in other hands than mine

Tell him what you told us, but more developed.
Tell him you need to talk to him and that it's IMPORTANT.
You need to tell him you can't see yourself running his company, nor do you have interest in such things, tell him that you feel inferior (not the right word but I can't find any that emphasises the same feeling. Please don't take it the wrong way) that your brothers can forge their own path, yet you already have yours carved, what's worse is that it's one that you don't want to walk in.
You're your own person, and you need to make him see that.
You should be able to choose what to do.
I'm not helping much, I'm just spouting random shit, but... yeah.
Hang in there OP.
I hope you have a nice day from here on out.

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Don't make it all about why you don't want to take over his company. Make it all about what you want to do instead. Make the positive case for a legitimate alternative

So before i actually confront my dad about how i feel about my courses i want to thank all you anons out there and hopefully my dad listens to me !

Thank you so much ! Dont worry user ! No offense taken :) i’ve taken so much heat from my parents it doesnt hurt anymore

I want to know what happened.

I have faith in you user

Will do ! Might open a new thread thou if this one dies :T

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Have you considered just doing it? Your mindset seems pretty narrow, you could see it as a stepping stone, you could make lots of money and sell of the company later on / step back as ceo and follow whatever it is you want to do just with more money and experience. How are your alternatives right now? If what you got going for you is better you might want to pick that but otherwise I'd go for the company- for now.

The thing is i cant see myself selling the money... i rather have my dad sell it and let him use the money however he wants to use it. It doesnt bother me one bit. If my dad could raise a family of 3 by starting up a company from scrap why not me ? I practically grew up there i had fun with my dad there but now it’s more of my dad pressuring me into engineering in order for me to continue on with the company’s existence...

I don't see a solution to this except straigh up telling him.

Sell the said company to me.

Tell your mom or other sibling and let them dealbwith your dad instead for you

user I'm in a similar situation, and I went my own way anyways. I failed horribly and every single thing I've ever tried, and I came back to Daddy with my tail between my legs looking for a job. He gave it to me gladly and I'm actually taking to the work pretty well. I guess I will end up taking over the business in the end. It won't be so bad, I'll actually be pretty wealthy.

i dont know honestly... I can't even see myself doing engineering stuff. I worked with my dad before but the work given by my dad is pretty serious i've messed up client's orders before and my dad wasn't happy with it. I've learnt my lesson and always stayed out of my dad's way

despite my efforts of expressing my feelings towards the path that was made by my dad it was all for nothing... My dad and i had a lengthy discussion and it went horribly wrong...
For some reason my mom had to get involved and she was on my dad's side and it's pretty annoying. Other than that my dad basically told me being a lecturer or a teacher won't get you anywhere... He told me that my dad's business has already established long time clients and for me to start from nothing will be a waste of time. I will say i got heated during the discussion and i was basically telling him how i will understand that working hard will only be well reward instead of being handed to me like it was nothing. I believe in working hard, everything happens for a reason. But i rather work hard for something that i like instead of a job i have 0 interest in at all... I hate it... i brought up about my brothers too and my dad just straight up told me his never handing the company to any of my brothers except me. I told him i don't want the company i'm pretty sure they can secure a better future for my dad's company anyways let alone selling it and using the money to travel or some shit. i think... i'm screwed... my dad's skull is to thick to crack... i love my dad but now i dont even know he even cares about what i like or what i want to do for a living.

People need money to live and mostly get it by working jobs they don’t like you spoiled bitch. Get over yourself

I think i just got autism from your reply

I’m probably the only adult itt, what you got was panic from facing reality

Yes, you're also young and stupid and probably can't see yourself doing A LOT of things, because you don't have the experience yet to set realistic expectations.

So I wouldn't trust what you can 'see yourself doing' all that much.

this, welcome to the real world

Could you extend an olive branch and perhaps try out a small role in the company before you totally call it off? Maybe theres something you can do for the company that isn’t engineering. Or you could shadow someone for a week or something.

Let your dad see that you are willing to try and it will probably repair the relationship since you are willing. He might think you are lazy and shirking ‘duties’. If you sincerely try, then he may finally understand that you aren’t cut out. And if you give it a try, then you will know you did your best and you have to move on with your life. Or maybe you’ll find that you would like to help his company

There’s a difference between having interest now vs in the future. Keep your options open. When you gay marry your fag boyfriend and adopt Afrika babies, you might want the stability of a sure thing at daddy’s.

You've been on Jow Forums for a little bit too long

talk about how great diversity and gender quotas aswell as monthly anti bigotry courses will be for the company once you take over

People would kill to be in your situation, ungrateful bitch. It's obvious you don't know anything about real hardship, and you should be grateful to be living a life where you'll probably never have to experience it.

Rather blunt but true. If you want to be a teacher, ask your teachers how far it got them. In the US, teachers aren't worth a dime. If you want to be a teacher, start a family and raise your children to be the top 1%. Throwing away your father's business is something you will regret. Also, It seems like you're holding yourself down. Why do you think the company will collapse if you touch it? There must be a reason why your father picked you. Perhaps you're greater than your brothers? Maybe your father cares about you and wants you to get a head start?

Hardwork is admirable. Work hard and take the company even farther than your father could have.

you are being offered and established business...sounds like a no brainer to me even if u want nothing to do with engineering

>Born a girl
>Have not just 1 sibling, but 2
>Only girl but still favorite child
>Having parents that are still alive
>That think about your future
>And discourage 'following my godsent passion' thinking

>'I am my own person! i will show them I am strong and independent persons! I will fight the whole world like dada and WIN! Hard work yeey!'

My sides, gone.

"For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath."

Just sell the company and pay a uni