Any tips to be less ugly?

any tips to be less ugly?

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Bro, you look alright to me. I don't know.

You could try being white

smile and grow facial hair, you seem to have good facial features to me

>anyone with brown eyes is not white

You could try being confident in the way you look that usually helps

Attention seeking cunt

. . . .
Look at the shape of the face my man, lmao. He ain't white.

I'm actually half white believe it or not

Less ugly? But you're actually really cute. Work on your personality, I guess?

Yeah, in other words not actually white.

Chin too big

Or in other words white
Solid advice right here

grow a chinstrap or some kind of goatee and stop worrying about your physical appearance and work on your charisma and confidence

I bet you think Jews are white too jej

I feel like I need to I just feel that I look strange

You're fine it's all in your head. Good hair, clear skin, good chin shape, full lips, etc.
Honestly you are just insecure. Work on the way you think, not your looks. You're a good looking guy.

What I find you incredibly attractive

How old r u

Mewing (oral posture, look it up on YT)
Pilates (more effective at changing your 1-10 looks than bodybuilding)
Raising testosterone naturally, mostly for the facial changes (basically amounts to keeping BFP low, strength training, and getting really good sleep)

Thanks guys that makes me feel better maybe you're right or at least I hope so
I'm 20 why do u ask?

these faggot ass threads are literally just made by whiny attention seeking basedboys for social validation

"I'm sooo ugly :((( please call me pretty". Worse than a women

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Because I think ur cute but I’m older than you so it’s a no go. Just saying you’re still young and maturing but you have a good face

Did I look older to you? most people say I look younger

Get a haircut?

Top kek user, top kek

Yeah I'm pretty sure Norwegian and German is white but if they're not, explain.

You are far from ugly OP. Maybe change the hair. Looks like a lesbian hair style. Go find a barber and get a decent mans haircut.

>how less ugly
Step 1: stop posting on thai basket weaving IRCs

You're not ugly OP.

well what if he has an uggo smile? I mean I doubt it but

OP how are your teeth? Good smile? Dimples? You look fine as far as I can tell. push that hair back a little bit more, close that jaw, and your face won't look long.

"Half white" means you are non white. No need to mention it. You can get some SJW points by mentioning your dark side ancestry, but you wont get anything by mentioning your white side ancestry.

I'm not saying it for points it's just what it is and it's my genes so

His haircut if decent desu
OP your cheekbones and ears are strangely attractive no homo
I'd say you're rather good looking, now delete this thread

roleplay as mj

Fix your hair and get some clothes that fit you and have a collar like a polo or a shirt. Also smile in your pictures, it makes you seem like a happy person and that is always more attractive than someone who is angry at the world.

Fuck off attention whore.

you're not white and society won't see you as white. don't go around identifying as white even if you are half white. you look indian mixed with a little black honestly

I don't see the indian thing. He looks hispanic/black and white.

Regardless, he looks better than 80% of people facially, so I'm sure he'll be fine.

the eye area, ears, skin tone and thick hair. nose and lower half does look black.

just was weird how he insists he's white like that only means something. only if you look or pass as white does society view and treat you as white

You're not ugly. Just smile more and have some confidence.

I'm Mexican Norwegian and German I only mention it because it's my genetics not how society sees me

fuck you

btw. motes ? hokksund/Larvik? mkay?

You need a man's haircut, not that pixie shit. Other than that you're good, bro.

I'd let you fuck me, OP

do I look white?

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Be less shit skinned

there is a special way to look white that no one has mentioned here.
when you lose blood you actually turn more pale. cut up, not across. good luck user.

You can try asking on facebook.

You are not ugly, she is just not interested and is playing around because she doesn't want to cast away anyone who is gentle with her.
She is not even manipulative, just weak like all of us.
Find another girl to give your attentions to, once you start to tuck her your brain will rewire itself and stop giving too much about the first stacy