Issue with pic related

Issue with pic related
My gf liked this pic and Im mad as fuck right now. Am I overreacting? Or should I dump her?

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If you get jealous
Yes, you like her so much

Its a bit weird yeah

What? Yes to which question?

I know thats why Im asking

I dunno what to say. In this day and age it seems you are fucked if you tell women to do anything. They have always been in the position of controlling access to sex and young attractive women in particular have been treated with kid gloves, but you've now got to still give the illusion of control and freedom to them while playing up how strong and brave they are being in a manner which a man would probably find patronising.

In some cases you've got all these genuinely inspiring women doing awesome things and that is great. In a lot of other cases you've got rebranded basic bitches and dull, stupid and very normal women who are just consuming mass culture, the mass culture being misunderstood feminism. Exploiting their environment to get what they want as easily as possible just like they always would have done.

As a result under the guise of empowerment you've got women acting like neck beards, posting gross over sexualised shit. Actually, scratch that, they are just acting like stereotypical men. Personally I don't know what it is like to be a woman, maybe when you are in their shoes it is exactly like being in mine, but with different societal expectations.

But empowerment for me doesn't mean acting like negative male stereotypes. Just like I don't know what it means to be a great women they won't understand what it means to be a guy, to be a great man not a shitty one.

Don't dump over it, I used to be a lot like you.
I understand where the jealousy comes from, I understand your outrage.

We've evolved to fear competition because reproduction is instilled genetically, and it surfaces even when there isn't a real threat.

Think with your head, not with your heart right now, user. If you love her, do this.
has hints of truth in his post here.

Yes, you're overreacting. Yes, you should dump her because you're not fit to be in a relationship.

No, we're evolved to compete. Only those that think they can't win are scared of the competition.

Go back to quora, essayposter

You aren't mad, you're shamed. Body-shamed, to be exact.

6:43 mark here:

Its more about her thinkimg its okay to do it. Just shows how low her morals are. Also shows how cucked you are if you think its okay.

Its more than that, if OP is not a cuck (hopefully) and if the girl friend makes jokes about wanting to procreate with a different mate then she can actually fuck off

get over yourself jeez, its not a big deal, if you get so fucked off over this then work on yourself before dating

Yeah dump her. It is obvious you do not want an IG whore as a GF. Move on, you will only get more jealous of the more provocative shit she posts online for her growing number of wanker followers.

Are you wrong in society as it is unfolding/ moving towards. Yes

Are you being dishonest to yourself? No
Your needs are what you need to look out for. Society is fucked. Inbreeding is de-evolution because niggers are selecting for reduced generation time and reduced diversity.

Yeah dude, you've been body shamed. Lawl. Still think it'd be trashy as fuck if you publicly posted some tit cow lingerie model up on the left and a dude in a suit and tie down on one knee holding out a wedding ring on the right captioned me when I see a girl who fits the underwear and she'd probably be thinking, why am I with such an idiot?

Sssh. Double standards. Objectify somebody as a man? Bad. Create and sustain unhealthy body image, driven by advertising as a man? Bad.

Depending on how dangerous you like life you could call her out. It body shames and contributes to unhealthy body image. Suicide is the leading cause of men under the age of 50 and we all need to learn to take mental health more seriously. Because of my friends list I'd be raped to death by conflicting and confused feminists. Weirdly they'd be ok with it in person, just online there is a group think to hold up.

Competition = fearing competition
The only thing I fear is death, fight me m8

From worst to harmless
>Cheating on you with your consent
>Cheating on you without your consent with your provision
>Making advances at people you know
>Making advances at people you don't know
>Doing the online picture thing with people she has a chance with
>Doing the online picture thing with people she knows
>Obsessive behavior over another person
This is about where I draw the line, maybe one lower. If you think your girlfriend will be taken by a celebrity, go fix yourself, insecure cuck.
>Liking memes about "omgsohotlol"
>everything in between
>Ever communicating with other males

Oh also, the "muh double standard" thing is fine, except I think you either
a) Don't act like a thirsty boi and don't expect her to
b)Act like a thirsty boy and expect her to

Honestly I really don't care as far as that goes, just be consistent with how you act and who you choose to date.

>The only thing I fear is death, fight me m8
fearing death? back to preddit, you normy slime

fearing death and wanting to fight on a Tiger fingering hobo site - you will be shived nigger!!

my Jow Forums to you, seeing as you even seem a bit dumb for preddit is /x/

Yeah, at least right now. I'm still young and I have shit I want to get done before I'm dead.

Fair enough, I'll stay out of fights for now.

go like some porn

Your gf is cucking you

I called her out and she said 'its just a joke'
I responded with "I know but you dont go out calling yourself a whore just as a joke. Youre in a relationship, behave accordingly."

Did I do wrong? Right?

there is a foundation of truth in every lie, just as in every joke.
If there was not, she would have seen it as in bad taste. This is the core argument I'll make: the fact that she sees it as fine to joke about whoring. This means she is past pushing that envelope mentally, she is now doing it publicly, next will be physically (if not already).
>get out and move on

What did she say?
the first half of this makes sense, but don't leave her over it just yet.

How did she reply?

Duuude, you are overreacting. It's just a pic of a random guy, it literally doesn't change anything for you. Your gf likes hot guys, so what? She's like the other 3 billions of women, they eat, fuck, sleep and dream about hotter guys.

Dude, just drop her. Best case scenario, she put literally no thought into it. The relationship is already dead.

I think you should have rather approached less aggressively. The core is that you saw her publicly share a picture, which made you feel bad about yourself. You didn't like it, and you wish she wouldn't do it again. Also, you have to admit that you might yourself sometimes be guilty of the same. So be fair, give her a chance to say if she's ever felt the same way of something you've done. People tend to repress these types of "silly" feelings, until there comes an opportunity to "revenge" in a similar manner.

Yes, this includes making you vulnerable in front of her. If she ends up fucking you over, congratulate yourself on dodging a bullet.

u forgot to kick her in the box

He's far more handsome and prestigious than you will ever be, so fucking superior she will never have the chance to even approach him if she's with some useless inferior pleb like you.
You're getting mad over an impossible fantasy.
She should dump you. You should get killed. You're unable to be with anyone if you get mad over an impossible fantasy and want to control people's thoughts like that. You should die now so you never become a threat for anyone ever again.

How did she call herself a whore?

If my bf told me disgusting crap like that I would leave him immediately. I hope she dumps you and gets a restraining order on you.

u have a bf.... poor bastard.

OP how often have you masturbated to porn while you were together? I hope never since that's not ok, according to your own logic.

What race is she and what race are you?

>publicly expressing sexual preference for someone other than your SO is the same thing as privately jerking off
OP never suggested anything like this.

It's not the same. No one knows what OP's fapping to. His gf is publicly embarrassing him. Can't believe people are okay with this.

>If my bf told me disgusting crap like that I would leave him immediately.
Thank god, hope he finds a girl who can treat him better.

I publicly express my sexual preferences for anime guys and I told my bf before we got together I would keep publicly expressing my sexual preferences for anime guys and I would not accept to be with him if he didn't accept that with zero objections and I would leave him if he ever raised objections to that.
OP is disgusting and deserves to die alone and painfully.

Good job OP, how did she react?

The first is just a quick press of a button and forgotten again within a minute,
The latter is a legitimate sexual act that takes multiple minutes to perform and during that time your sexual attraction is directed towards a woman on a screen
Now which one is worse? Just because nobody sees you jacking off doesn't make it any better.

>quick press of a button and forgotten again within a minute,

You can do all kinds of mental gymnastics you want, it is nothing more than the press of a button.

Because some people care about how they, and their relationships, are seen by others.
I don't know why you're pretending this is an ethical issue. Everyone has their own likes, dislikes, boundaries. Relationships are made or broken on these differences and similarities. Clearly, this bothers OP.

Lmao. You lack self awareness. This isn't about her funding some guy hot. She's free to do that. It's the fact that she publicly expressed the need to get impregnated by some random guy. It's humiliating and embarrassing for OP. Hopefully OP can find a better person to be in a relationship with.

I'm proud of you

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So is sending off a nuke.
How fucking retarded are you?

Liking a picture =/= expressing the need to be impregnated by some guy

The best way to interpret this is by your gf liking this photo she is saying, "I too am a whore for white men."

Are you fucking stupid. What do think does the picture imply?

OP just dump her.

stop watching cartoons that's not how it works lmao
what's next? a food analogy?

It means she likes men who look gay. Which is good for you OP.

>OP is a faggot

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That's exactly how it works. You can see an action as just the action itself and nothing else or you can pull your head out of your ass and realize that "just that press of a button" happened for a reason and has implications.

lmao faggot

lol now she's gonna go out and act like a whore for real

It means she liked the picture, not necessarily that she wants to be impregnated by some guy.

If I like a picture of some footballer kicking a football, does that mean I wish I was that guy kicking a football?

I wouldn’t dump her because of this but it’s a red flag. Is the relationship good? How does she behave around you?

>It means she liked the picture, not necessarily that she wants to be impregnated by some guy.
Heh, now who's the one doing mental gymnastics?

She likes a man that is objectively superior to OP and whom she doesn't have any chance with.
If OP were of any worth he'd realize this is just an impossible dream and leave it be. Controlling men deserve death.

You’re retarded

Kill yourself bitch.

You kill yourself.
I'm gonna put a pregnant woman next to Vegeta and like the picture publicly. You mad? You gonna think I wanna get pregnant by an anime character? You deserve to be locked up in a mental institution if you don't realize how impossible that is.

Yeah yeah, I’m sure you’d love if your boyfriend shared playboy model covers in his fb profile

My bf follows bikini models on Instagram and I have no problem with it. They're as impossible to him as anime men are to me, and as anime men are important to me, I don't want to be a hypocrite and deprive him of his dreams when I don't want him to deprive me of mine.
I bet you on the hand other than a piece of shit are also a hypocrite too. Die in a fire.

Yeah, I am sure he talks about how he would love to impregnate them so that every person close to you knows.

I hope you live a happy life!

Even if he did, he still has zero chance with them and that kind of shit talk only invites mockery. He wants to get mocked, his choice, I got more important shit to worry about.

Strong, well reasoned counter arguments there guys. You've got me thoroughly convinced.

Sure brain surgeon. I’m glad you have more important stuff to think about than your relationship.

Well, considering you refuse to read the thread not much we can do about it.

this somehow fits.
I mean my GF is redpilled in some way, so she knows that hinting at having a baby from another man is on the same level as her BF saying her best female friend is sexy as hell.

As a woman if you are understandingly sensitive you shouldnt do that. Tell her how you feel about it, because she probably just didnt know and from then on it's up to her reaction to decide if you dump her or not. Either she is willing to accept how it is for you and adapt or she isnt interested in you anyways.

it's basically female pedophilia. My GF dosnt understand how such a boy could be sexually attractive in any way.

Yeah, I do have more important things to worry about than policing people's thoughts. In fact I abhor the very idea. Anyone who wants to do that is not someone I want to be with and my relationship needs killing now if my bf is entertaining disgusting thoughts of dictatorship control like that. Better alone than with a wannabe dictator.

You are overreacting for two reasons, firstly this image is clearly intended to be humourous and not seriously admitting they want to be impregnated by this dude. Secondly it's because you aren't going to be so attractive that your GF will cease to recognise when anyone else is attractive, otherwise you're just pissed off that your GF isn't pretending to think you're literally the only attractive person in the world now.

It was a dumb joke on Instagram, relax homeboy.

Lool my gf did pretty much the same thing, except reposted the pic (same exact one) to her personal account.
I talked to her about it explaining that it's kinda fucked up to embarrass me in front of everyone she knows online. And that even if it's more of a joke, it still communicates the wrong message. I called her out saying she would be even more upset If I were to post something similar.
She apologized and deleted the post right away.

Moral of the story is just talk to her about it. If you're a grown ass adult then it's no reason to dump her. After all, EVERYONE has that instant arousal response to sexy pics. Just don't advertise it to the world if you have a bf/gf

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But you've been bad and you should feel bad
God damn royalties I swear

Were not saying it's any worse, we're just saying fapping to porn and publicly humiliating you SO is a gross false equivalency

>Am I overreacting?
Yes. You have no chill.

This but unironically

LMAO OP is such a little bitch. She's going to laugh about how insecure you are to all of her friends. Congrats, you just played yourself.

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Lol are you a spicspanic, Asian or some “woke” Black guy

Op here with an update
She said she thinks I overreacted because it was only a joke for her but she said that if I want shell stop doing it. Then I said that if she feels like she has to because of me and not because of her own morals she shouldnt do it at all. Then she accused me of being too controlling and I agreed and weve come to terms so its not an issue anymore. But to be honest its still bothering me. Maybe some of you anons are right and Im not ready for a relationship. I didnt tell her but if this happens again Im actually going to dump her.

To answer some questions: Since the beginning of the relationship I stopped looking at porn. Were both german.

To that one girl whos telling me to die: what the fuck is wrong with you? Get your anger issues together before you start giving any kind of relationship advice. You sound like a crazy bitch why would I listen to you anyways.

The joke is funny. I don't understan the comment after.

I truly believe OP just killed his relationship

>she accused me of being too controlling and I agreed

>Yes, you're overreacting. Yes, you should dump her because you're not fit to be in a relationship.

OP are you underage? I not saying this as an insult or anything I am legitimately asking if you are still in high school (or whatever you call the german equivalent) or something. You type like an underage and the way you react to stuff is similar to how some of my friends in high school acted when they face the same kind of situations.

Yikes. You fucked up big.

The white man's whore thing is literally a meme. It was from this an interview of two black celebrities that are twins. One of them married a white man and was crying while saying "they call me a white man's whore" because she was getting shit on over it. That's the meme, making fun of how some lady was getting bullied. You overreacted big time, it's not like your gf can even fuck Shawn Mendez

>its the sister sister girls
actually keked

Imagine being this upset over mindlessly liking a picture on Instagram. If the genders were reversed men would be laughing and calling the girl a hardass for trying to control what content he looks at online. And trust me I’ve seen it before. Now all she is going to see when she looks at you is an insecure beta fuckwit. You’re a joke.

Yeah you are overreacting by being really mad about it. but liking that stupid picture would make me think twice about a person i was dating. It’s a trashy picture and it’s not ‘funny trashy’ it’s just weird. i’d just think she was a fucking idiot with bad taste in memes and i’d dump for that reason.

This is incredibly insignificant and petty. So yes, definitely dump her.

Jesus. Your insecurity is going to make her pussy dry but do whatever you want

What ethnicity is your gf? I’d be mad too but I am White and have no gf + I’d never date a girl who uses social media meaning I will always be alone. But I believe that’s better than dating a soulless woman who’d do shit like pic related. Social media corrupts the mind and soul. Don’t be mad at her, be mad at the people that made things this way for us.

Dude... shut up... you said so many things with the veil of substance but nothing of actual value.

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>Since the beginning of the relationship I stopped looking at porn
bad mistake right there.
Was ist denn der Grund, warum du aufhörst Pornos zu schauen? Wenn sie es sich nicht explizit von dir wünscht oder moralische probleme damit hat ist es normalerweise falsch etwas zu tun, weil man glaubt die andere Person würde das wünschen. besonders am Anfang von der beziehung sollte man über alle solche Dinge reden.

Nah, you're completely in the right

The boundaries of the relationship are whatever you want them to be. The only "insecure" thing to do is to ignore your gut because you don't want to be some controlling cliche.

Dump her and find someone who has the same boundaries and behaviour

I'm an Autist that really likes Calvin Klein why am I like this.

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