Best way to find a dude with a big dick?

best places to find a big dick?
what kind of behaviour suggests he has a big dick?
tall men or short men more likely to have a big dick?

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The pants
being able to windmill their penis
hands on research will answer your questions

No external features are related to dick size. With the possible exception of index finger relative length. Why do you want one anyway? Because you are a gay man?

i'm female and I've always dreamed about huge dicks. idk why but they turn me on a lot. I've yet to come across someone who can give it to me the right way

If you're serious, try grinding on guys.

I remember a girl did that when I had a hard on and she booked us an uber a couple minutes later.

Kinda sad but that was the best clubbing experience of my life.

As a dude with a big dick, idk.
Else I'd be advertising it more often.

Height somewhat correlates to ding dong size, that's about all.

How many dicks have you personally experienced?

No relation to height, so if you are tall with a big dick consider yourself extremely lucky


3 so far. first hookup had a huge dick compared to the others. current one is the smallest of all and I'm very unsatifisfied with that.

how tall is his penis

And here i am with a big dick and hard wanting some pussy.

Penis growing is related to how much sex the guy want in the adolescence.
So i guess quiet guys? I tried to behave in my entire life and maybe this affected my dong song of 8 inch and 6inch girth

loose pussy

Got proofs?

Very sexual gay here

>Best places to find a big dick?
Anywhere their is no bar that checks size before you walk in

>what kind of behaviour suggests he has a big dick?

Information Not available

> tall men or short men more likely to have a big dick?
Either or.

Its luck of the draw

>people think this is a girl

This is obviously a gay guy or tranny

Women were a mistake

Your mom especially.

>tall men or short men more likely to have a big dick?

I'm 6'6" with a 6 incher so that meme is dead

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My cock is really large and really big, I can just wear extra large condoms and it means I usually have to choose over 2 brands, cant use that neon condoms or those flavor condoms.

Idk how can you spot someone with a big cock, but usually gay guys hit on me and they prolly should think I have a anaconda over my legs, woman too because a day I was really drunk I have shown my cock while a woman I had kissed was peeing and later she told her friend she thought my dick would literally cut her apart because was big as fuck.

I dont know, I'm good looking and confident to the point I do a lot of shit normal guys wouldnt, dont know if this is a trait.

Wish you luck, also if the guy doesnt have a big cock you can make him do JELQing.

just a desperate femanon sorry to disappoint you

thanks for all the help guys!

I am 6 foot 1 but my dick is small af.

What do you mean by - "small as fuck"?

Im 6' 1" and im 6,3 inch and 5.5 inch girth.

Im better than you.

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Big nose = big dick

Im 5'8-'9 and have like 8 inch

Bitch I'm 5'3 and have a 9 inch

nigga im 4 feet tall midget with 12 inch dick

5.5 length and 4.5 girth
Why did you have to ask aahhhhhhhhhhhh

Fuck u... not only Im tall with a small dick but also have a huge crooked nose and still a small dick.

7.5 x 5 pencil dick here.
How bad is this?

You do realize that those stats are exact avg penis stats?

Its not small as fuck its average as fuck.

> hands on research

nigga im 6 inch tall with a 6 feet dick

oh yeah? I am 10 feet tall with 0.35 inch dick!


Touch him, but be sure to touch him for some time. Some guys are growers

The only way you can tell is if he dresses like this.

Attached: Screenshot_20190217-165617.png (1280x720, 922K) is a fuck site that is pretty straight forward about cock and fetishes.