"I'm ftf trans, basically."

Pic kind of related. I used to look like eugania cooney when she first joined YouTube.

>be (biologically) female
>mother was mentally ill, lived her anorexia through me since I was 10 years old
>due to emaciation, I had developed low estrogen and high testosterone
>due to high testosterone, my voice became very manly, body turned hairy
>ran from family, moved in with partner
>finally began eating like a normal person
>bmi is now 20
>began taking birth control/estrogen to improve hormones
>voice still manly, still hairy but tests said my hormones are normal now
>been taking bc/estrogen for 2 years
>weight has been normal for 5+ months

Is it normal that after 2 years on estrogen, my voice is still manly? Will estrogen eventually change my voice and reduce body hair? Is there something more I have to do to "transition" to being more feminine vocally?

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There are people who qualified to answer this question.

Have you tried gargling vinegar?

hormones can't change manly voices as an adult. MtF are just able to fake it very well. FtM will give you a deeper voice but not the other way around.

They don't do shit. My doctor just ignored my question on this or give vague ambiguous answers.

Genuine or joking?

Holy shit, really? How are mtfs able to fake though?

>ftf trans
>ran from family, moved in with partner
Are you submissive one in the relation ship or do your bf has some sort of femdom fetish?

Genuine. It's a trick that singers use.

How is this at all relevant?

Looked it up. I'll try. But does it slowly change your voice permanently or temporarily?

>How is this at all relevant?
Just curious

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Wanna vocaroo your voice? You still probably sound a lot more female than any tranny.

It becomes easier to slip into the higher pitch voice but essentially you're putting it on.
You may just need to find a speech therapist or a speech and drama tutor.

It wouldn't hurt to demonstrate. We gotchu user we can tell you if it's that bad.

>I'm the only person who has ever felt like this
>I'm going to psychoanalyze myself but it'll be unbiased I promise.

Did you just come here seeking some form of validation for your insecurities? Seems like you passed the woman test to me.

>seeking some form of validation for your insecurities
>om Jow Forums
Stop projecting. No one is trying to get attention on Jow Forums out of all places.

testosterone is a destructive body changer, once it's done its change, there is no turning back
that why it's easy for ftm but really hard to go mtf

t. male that didn't get enough testosterone in the wome and has a longer index finger then ring finger normaly only women have this, i also don't grow body hair. it's not bad to be androgene just live your life as you

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>that finger stuff
Really? I'm a very feminine looking woman and I have a longer ring finger than the index one. Are you sure that's not bs?

>has a longer index finger then ring finger normaly only women have this
This is bs.

I shouldn't have said "all" but is most women. the index/ring finger thing is a clear sign of to much or to little test exposure
google it for your self if you want to be sure

>No one is trying to get attention on Jow Forums out of all places.
You'd be surprised.

Maybe on this board. If they do, they're retarded. Because there's no point seeking attention on a site where you're literally anonymous and Will get forgotten as soon as the thread 404s

your vocal chords aren't going to shrink but you should stop growing hair in places you're not supposed to.

speak with a different tone, you will get used to it and it will become your default

>bmi is now 20
>weight has been normal for 5+ months

About that...


Fuck off. Normal bmi is 18 to 24.

OP here, kill yourself. 18 is not normal. 19 is the bare minimal but also isn't healthy, it just means your body no longer is cannibalizing itself. 20 becomes much healthier, 22 to 24 is ideal, 25.5+ is overweight.

The user isn't wrong, 22 would be much better than 20.

What bmi do you suggest?

She has a gaint vagina.

Just google "girl voice tutorials"


BMI is a broken meme system. Use body fat percentage instead. Women should be between 25-32%, if you work out then 21-24%.

What? Eugania? Sure.


It's not a "broken meme system". Body fat percentage is also good to check and all, but not to rely on. BMI is also important.

Saw a photo of it on a cursed thread last night. She was squatting in a chair and it popped out accidentally. Shit was gross.

imagine the smell of OP

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Unless we have a recording of your voice, its hard to say. But think of how much you have changed your self value.
I doubt your voice actually sounds like a man. There are women who do have deep voices, but idk if I believe its enough to convince someone with just their voice alone that they are a man. You are over thinking the voice thing because of how you previously perceived yourself.

BMI is arbitrary and pointless.
t. Jow Forumsfag

Look up tutorials to sound more feminine, from trans women and vocal coaches. There's also a couple apps out there that help with training your voice