Anyone else legit cant comprehend the concept of a relationship?

i am 24 years old never had a girlfriend in my life. you can say im an incel by choice. ive slept with alot of females, i never counted but its for sure over +30 and over +100 prostitutes. most of them from age 16 to 20. im a 8,5/10 by old misc forum standarts confirmed as a side info. no ebrag, but inb4 cope etc etc

now to get to the topic. anyone else doesnt enjoy even talking to females? i have no interests with spending time with them besides releasing sexual tension and once in a full moon the post sex cuddling meme. i love spending time by myself and when you only fuck a female once a month its actually something enjoyable. doing it every day kills the magic and is so tiresome dealing with them. its like the saying joy wouldnt feel so good if it wasnt for pain, sun cant shine all the time its got to rain. i put in work daily in gym and bettering myself and with semen retention i got so much energy to keep up with insane workload and after a month or 2 i reward myself with a whore, the last years even a paid one because you have to deal with even less bullshit and if you can know you could pull without paying anyway then you dont even have any ego issues

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Post body. You're nowhere near 8.5/10, that's for sure.

rep count doesnt matter for hypertrophy if you get in enough volume at moderate intensity

>You're nowhere near 8.5/10, that's for sure.
nice cope. also why are you asking me to post body when face is all what matters to pull?

>I am an incel
>I have lots of sex

You should learn what words mean before you use them.

incel means being rather alone than not? and sex once every 1-2 months is not alot.

"Incel" is a word for someone who cannot attract a woman no matter how hard they try. It's short for "Involuntarily Celibate". You're thinking of MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way), you fornicating heathen.

neat. just googled this. this is what i mean.

You have no idea how much I envy you.

T. Married guy

smell bullshit

i dont gain anything by larping. you free to believe whatever you like

im just curious to see if there are more people like me and if this can change overtime because i want to have kids at some point but dont know how this can workout with this mentality i have right now

retard you arent celibate if you had sex

>incel= involuntary celibacy

normalniggers GET OUT

mgtow* it is.

but my point still stands. regular frequent sex wears you out and kills your agression in the gym from my experience.

>my life of deprivity and perversity has led me down a hole of depression and self anguish
>ah bloo bloo woe is me

Go get therapy if its bothering you that much, Normie

>im an incel
>i have sex every month
>i've had sex with 3x the number of lifetime sexual partners most guys have

fucking duie

can we turn Jow Forums into old misc pls

>you can say im an incel by choice

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>im a 8,5/10

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no need to be upset, incel.

You don't enjoy interacting with girls? But with most guys you do? How many friends do you have?

>over +100 prostitutes

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>treating a woman like you would treat a male friend
Women are not your friends. You will never “get on” with women like you get on with your bros. This is the ultimate redpill: not hating women but understanding that they are a different species. You will NEVER find a gf that is a bro you can fuck.
Women are there to be loved, not listened to. They are not rational, they are not funny. You are there to protect them and fuck them, and they are there to be that soft thing you go home to unwind with at night. Once you understand this and stop judging women through the same lens you judge men then you will have happy relationships. Forget equality.

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no i dont. yes i do. only 2 childhood bros.

>you can say I'm an Incel by choice
>involuntary celibate by choice
>ive slept with alot of females

This, sort of.

Women can be appreciated in their own right, but stop expecting them to be men, or your mother. It's not healthy for either party.

>Jow Forums - Fitness

dude wtf

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Nice blog.

death is coming

Your concept and expectations of what a relationship *should* be are skewed by feminist numale faggotry. You rambled on about self-improvement yet it's clear that you neglected to rid yourself of the modernist mind rot that you have allowed to take root in your mind.

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Life with a long term partner is about sacrifices and compromise and in the end that should feel like a net positive. You're not willing to sacrifice your time for the time being. But so what? You're young. Some people don't feel like settling down until they're beyond mid-life. I myself (a 30 year old) wish I would've had my son 2 or 3 years sooner because I am saddened when I see little 8 year old boys running around and their 50 year old dad is too old to play with them and wrestle around with them.
You might feel like we are all static beings with a mindset that is set in stone. In reality, you can literally have a life changing experience tomorrow that will upend your entire mentality. For example, from atheist to die hard born-again Christian. The old cliché of "you'll know you're in love when you meet her" is actually true. You've never met a woman that can rewire your brain to start thinking selflessly. And thats not a bad thing if you're open to the idea. maybe you are surrounded by low quality girls.
This is my opinion: Maybe you've become jaded because, honestly, I think the fact that you've slept with 100+ prostitutes (seriously, why would you do this to yourself?) and 30+ women has contaminated your psyche and you need something to cleanse yourself.
That's enough boomer rambling for this post.

Also it sounds like you're paying too much attention to retarded "men rule, wamen suck hurrr" bullshit from actual incels online. Detox from the internet. Detox from sex. Detox from hook-up culture and actually try to foster some human connections

Good thread.

thinking you are an 8,5/10 "incel by choice" and believing "semen retention" gives you energy. Your whole life is a meme

not op, but just gonna say that sounds positive and maybe true, so I'm going to go ahead and call you a faggot incel cope lmao ayy kek because Jow Forums and keep dreading my life because I don't need these well adjusted positive people who want to help people in my life, thanks for playing

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Semen retention is far from a meme you stupid kike.

>t. mma athlete

Nice post user.

>anyone else doesnt enjoy even talking to females?

i love talking to girls. a vast 90% of them hate talking to me. I don't think im that ugly maybe a 6-7 but it's all the same. im 28 never managed to get a girl to go on a date with me. in all honesty i really don't even care about sex at this point if anything i jerk off very rarely, it takes at least a couple or three months every time im rejected to get in the mood again. my problem is that i can't for the life of me understand why girls are so cold to me.

Source on this?

>wanting/chasing what you cant have
stop falling for toddler tier psychology and dont put pussy on pedestal. the better i treat them the more distant they get. the worse i treat them the more they get glued to me. i dont know if this shit is a pua meme concept but its been always like this

1950 called, they want their gender identity back.

>the better i treat them the more distant they get
im not the friendzone kinda guy. im pretty abrupt and straight to the point since my social skills are below zero. but it kills me that every girl has the "i can't wait until he stops talking to me" look. girls fine with formalities and typical work shit small talk, but beyond that a stone cold wall.

This user's post is true though. I just got redpilled hard and I'll never think the same of women again. Sure I'm still going to be on a quest to look for a gf that is a bro even if I'll never find one, but at least now I have answers as to why my past relationships tanked.

Do you have sex appeal? It could literally be that simple/abstract (lol). How do you dress? Glasses, or no? What's your hair style?
Also, if they don't give you the time of day, are they really worthy of your appreciation? It's a numbers fame and sometimes you get lucky and find the girl that believes in all that princess love good stuff. Well adjusted women with loving parents that paid attention to them, basically

oh shit son. Didnt know a badass like you would praise the mighty semen withholding. Guess its true then. When can i watch your mma fights on tv to see your full ballsack in action?

>are they really worthy of your appreciation?
when it's almost all women that avoid me yeah. i keep thinking there is something wrong with me to the point my anxiety becomes so extreme i struggle to breath. im barely functional.
but i have functional strength which is nice. a joke to lighten the mood

I'm a female and concept of relationship also seems very alien to me. Even my good friends who are happy with each other seem restricted by the relationship. Many people feel bad being alone and I can't understand that, I think the first step is to be happy on your own, then you can think about relationship. For some time now I'm happy with my personal progress and don't need anyone but I'm more of an exception. Most of people crave the relationship because they're afraid of being alone, not feeling loved or whatever.

>I'm a female
in the rare case you actually are a girl, i'd like you to know i love every single bad thing that happens to you. you are horrible people and deserve the worse.

I used to have same things. Women got disgusted when they see me. They were looking excuses to leave even sometimes directly they were saying. Now i lift and i got bigger they just run away in fear. No more disgust looking faces. Thank you so much Jow Forums

>Now i lift and i got bigger they just run away in fear.
do you walk around with no clothes on ?

What is wrong with you dude, who hurt you? What is so unusual in a fact there are both men and women who are happy alone?

>fucks tons of whores
>lose pair bonding skill
>become jaded and desensitized to sex and intimacy
>sex loses all meaning
>wonders why he can't form a relationship

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What do you call someone who has attracted women in life previously but has never gone out of their way to pursue a single relationship with one?

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I don't think it is related with that.

He's probably mad that even though you decide to be alone, if you choose to stop its "so easy for a woman to get sex/a boyfriend."
Even though the quality of the men is a huge grab bag

Fuck off, are you me?

Im exactly the same but I think that prostitutes are part of our problem. Going to a prostitute is easy you pay and fuck. With other girls it’s a lot harder. Spending hours and hours of chatting, talking, dating and then sex is not even a sure thing. So why put in all this effort if sex is so easy to get?

No idea how to solve this. Maybe a miracle will happen one day or we will fuck prostis till the end of time (which isn’t too terrible).


Well maybe I should rephrase it. To find someone suitable for relationship for me feels like one in a million chance so I don't sweat it and I don't crave it either. I feel good on my own and so far idea of relationship feels very alien to me but maybe I'll meet someone that changes my mind, future is unpredictable.

mma training is loaded with broscience and retardation in general so I guess it's not a huge surprise that a 'mma athlete' believes something as dumb as semen retention

Nice fit related thread, piece of shit larper

Reddit called.

>i dont gain anything by larping

fuck off stupid LARPer, you get attention from idiots

As for the hookers
might help ya get better at spending money

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