How to learn anal?

hello, femanon here.
my bf recently suggested trying anal. i always was interested in it too, but never actually tried.
we did try it recently. we started with rimming, fingering and a small dildo as well as plugs.
the rimming was very nice but the feeling of something going out of my butt is really uncomfortable. it doesnt hurt or anything but i really dont like.
do you have any tips on how to learn to enjoy it?

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You actually don't. Anal is a meme. Unless you have a prostate, and even then it's really not worth it.
>t. gay phase, took it up the ass a fair few times

Just tell him porn is stupid, you don't want sex to remind you of taking a shit and then blow him instead idk

well ive seen women online who truely enjoy anal, some said they like it even more than normal sex

It doesn't mean you have to like it.

Just sit on his face or something.

i do
i was just wondering whether it can be learned to like anal, or if it needs getting used to or just stays that way forever.
i really want to enjoy it

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this Anal is a meme by the (((globalists))) to reduce white birth rates.

You have to take it slow and use tons of lube and make sure you keep your arousal. I rub my clit while on my back when my bf sticks it in and it helps. There haven't been many other positions I'm comfortable with getting it in, but when it's in we can switch. Once it's in, he uses small massaging motions to loosen me up and keep my arousal until I can enjoy full strokes. He usually let's me be in control of the pace.
Also make sure you've had a bowel movement that day and a quality one. If there is a small trace of stool it will hurt like a burn. Usually enough lube covers this up unless it's a larger amount or you haven't gone that day.
Don't be afraid to end anal Midway or at any time if you're not enjoying it. It's all about practice. You only have pain receptors up to 3 inches in the rectum so don't try to rush it. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

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>anal sex has been practiced by straight couples for millennia
>but no ackshually it was da jews

How do I stop it from hurting my sphincter/feeling uncomfortable when it thrusts in and out? It hurts even if I use a lot of lube.

Don’t. Fingering and eating is as far as it should go. Anal sex doesn’t even feel good for EITHER party, although I guess he has to learn that from experience. If he’s a decent man he won’t want to do it again. The anus is not a sexual organ. >phase
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It's about arousal. Penetration does hurt so be sure to listen to your body. But I've found that if I'm aroused it bypasses the pain. Don't start with full thrusting and don't put it in all the way at first. Whether you use fingers, a toy, or a penis start with just a gentle back and forth motion like a massage. Give yourself arousal by rubbing your clit or pinching your nipples, whatever gives you that feeling. Your body will relax and it'll make whatever's going in easier. Also if it's a penis going in, because of the way the head is shaped, spread yourself so the head doesn't hurt going in. But your bf will have to be careful not to push too far in. When you eventually get it all the way in, don't go straight for full thrusting. Just keep thinking about it being a massage and take it slow. Tell him what feels good so he can keep doing those things.

The idea that women exist on the internet is unsettling and eerie to me.

this is not your safe space incel

I don't hate women but they make me uncomfortable.

>Just keep thinking about it being a massage and take it slow. Tell him what feels good so he can keep doing those things.
It never gets around to feeling good, how do I get it to?

thank you, finally someone giving good advice among the virgins ( )

I didn’t enjoy it until I actually got his dick in me
I was putting in butt plugs a while and using small dildos to train and it felt awful
But the moment he put his dick in I went crazy on it and kept pushing him further into me because it felt so good
I don’t even know if it actually feels good or if I just like the feeling of him being inside me

I've only had anal with my current bf, and even then only a few times. What do I do if my bf can't control himself? He has poor impulse control, especially when he's horny; which is normally fine, but it's scary with anal. He's too impatient and will not go slow or be gentle. If he's in that state of mind, he'll shove his penis in my butthole even when I'm not ready, sometimes before he's even lubed me up. He can't control himself and if I fight back it just makes it hurt more, I still have orgasms, even though it really hurts, so I think that makes it confusing for me. He's made me bleed from my butt, and he becomes a different person when he's horny. I'll be tearing up or crying in pain and asking him to stop, but he'll just keep going or put his hand over my mouth. He's so good to me in general and he always feels so bad and guilty when he hurts me, so I don't know what to say to him. When he's drunk, it's worse and he's forced me into sex and painfully dry anal sex multiple times when he's like that. He's so kind to me and good for me outside the bedroom, and most times he's gentle and loving in the bedroom, so it's hard and confusing. How can I get him to have better impulse control and get more consent(I "let" him/don't fight back/ don't say no, is that consent?)

Also this>just like the feeling of him being inside me
Even though it hurts and I don't want it, having him in me and knowing I'm making him feel good makes it not as bad. I don't know how to make sense of these conflicting emotions, especially since I end up having an orgasm.