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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I still have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>[insert humble (or otherwise) brag]
Fuck off.

>Why is there no new thread?
Just make one. You can use these macros:

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To women:
I am a little worried that I am giving my gf a false impression of me. Whenever I'm around her she inspires me to be so much better than I actually am and she definitely thinks this is my default. However, no matter how hard I try it isn't. I get extremely drunk on occasion (used to be like 5 times a week though) and smoke a lot and can have a really crass politically incorrect sense of humor and none of this really stuck me as a big deal before dating her but now it sorta feels like I'm lying via omission.
Should I bother telling her this stuff? I think she'll find out eventually once she starts wanting to meet my friends unless I'm very selective about the ones I choose for this.


i’m worried about dating because I really don’t want to date a girl who’s had casual sex. I don’t care if she’s had relationships before. But I just really find casual sex disgusting and I wouldn’t want to date a girl who didn’t care about STDs and jumped on random dick for fun.

What should I do. I’m 27 btw

To girls:


>meet girl in club
>dance a bit, hit it off drunkenly
>she gives me her insta, turns out she already knew me
>seems to be really into me, but her cockblocking friend interferes (literally says "(girl), you are going home alone tonight!")
>no problem
>fast forward 2 days
>be in street cafe with friends
>think I spotted her with another friend, not sure though (only saw her drunkenly in a dim room)
>don't walk over there, don't make eye contact, stay with my friends, feel beta
>she leaves eventually

Did I mess up and now look beta by not approaching her?
If you were in my situation, how would you proceed? I find this girl really attractive and cool, and I think I might have already impressed her a bunch with my insta (artist)

she sounds like a slut desu

I had an argument with my friend, and he flip flops from full sjw to full mgtow, and i find both annoying.
He was pushing the "men are afraid they'll get rejected or ghosted, women are afraid they'll get killed and raped", and that this is how all women feel. He then continued to rant about Foucault and patriarchal power dynamics.
So my question to girls... Is it? Do women always think that when someone is hitting on them?
I told him that if all women feel that way about me they don't see me for who i am, and i wish i were gay.
What annoyed me more is that just yesterday he said that the only thing women bring to the table is pussy, which i also disagree with.


Yes, i know about this stuff, i told him his views are incoherent.

Date girls who never had casual sex?

And? I don't have issues with people being openly sexual

Multiple girls grabbed my muscles when I spoke to them at bars this past weekend. What am I supposed to do when that happens?

That would be ideal, but how do I do that?

Also tease them a bit, play the "look, don't touch" play and shit like that.

Your friend sounds like an easily impressionable retard. That being said, there is some truth to his first assertion. As a rule, we are careful around men we do not know. (And we should also be careful around the men we know since it's actually more likely to be assaulted by those guys, but that would be too tiring). I don't see any reason for you to be butthurt over this simple fact of life.

Why not.

How do i get gf that likes nightcore and anime?

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>tfw people always ignore my posts in these threads and I can't tell if it's because they're non issues or issues no one else has because they're not autistic

Idk, it bothers me that someone might see me as something i'm not, especially something so repulsive.

I started dating this guy and he's lovely in every way and we get along well. He likes PDA, which I don't mind, even like it myself, but last time when we went out he made a point of making out with me in front of both of our groups of friends

Is it stupid of me to feel awkward about this? should I mention it if he does it again? Just feels unclassy to do it in front of friends, even though all of us were kinda drunk

>Is it stupid of me to feel awkward about this? should I mention it if he does it again?
No. Yes.

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That might be unpleasant, but for the woman in question, it's a matter of her safety. She doesn't know that you're not a threat. If you behave like a decent human being, you will be recognized as one eventually. Expecting women to be mind-readers, however, is unreasonable.

That’s gross desu. I won’t make out with my gf in public, ever.

Why do women date assholes? You know you're going to fail, right?

Why do men date unstable bitches? You know you're going to fail, right?

It's VERY tasteless to make out around friends. I can understand a quick kiss or hugging/ hand holding. But full on pda is disgusting


Yeah next time if he tries again I'll tell him I feel too shy about it. He respectful and chill guy otherwise not sure why he felt the need to do it in front of everyone we know

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I know my life will be better once I get over a guy, but I can't seem to bring myself to cut communications. We still see sometimes and we text, but I don't usually initiate. I also can't bring myself to say let's not text or see anymore. Only time will help, or is there something else that can?

For one night stands? Sure. Now why do women enter into relationships with douchebags and think they'll magically change?

Still proves my point of "they'll magically change for me cuz me special" pic related.

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Why don’t you care about STDs? Condoms don’t protect from Syphilis, warts, and herpes

I dont but guys who do of course dont care about personality for ons. None of us want to put up with a bitch for ltr.

Yeah, but I would think nobody wants to put up with an STD for life either...

a while ago I was really good with a girl. We chatted really really often. Sometimes it was like she liked me, I liked her. I guess we flirtet whatever. She was like 5.5 and I am 5.10- But kinda with my head down. She someitmes jokingly said that we are now the same size.

Do girls do this shit regulary? First time a girl ever done that.

Then when they do change for you "you not man me fell in love with anymore." Pic again related

Avoiding the subject is telling. :)

*But sometimes I walk with my head down
*same height.

Tfw people respond to cliche whining about girls dating assholes but ignore my problems
I guess I'll just to sxe so I never have to tell her I'm a degenerate and can stop feeling guilty

bump, please share opinions and wisdom
















































*high pitched ear piercing scream with a volume louder than a fire alarm*


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Lol nice try larping as me, bitch. :)

I came across my bf's porn folder and it surprised me a lot. He's normally assertive and confident but he had a ton of femdom and chastity and submissive porn. How do I approach this situation since we've never done anything like that stuff in our sex life?

The only thing I'm larping as is a normie with a gf he doesn't deserve, chill your paranoia

You forgot the "and i can't get her back" part

Also i never said i wasn't an asshole. I have noticed as well that becoming like this has yeilded more results. Now guess what caused it. Shit like getting cheated for not "being man enough", being called creepy and desperate just for liking someone, and things of this nature. Funny how you present no argument and resort to ad hominem bullshit. :)


How hard is it to date people long distance? I'm looking to date people specifically outside of my country. Is there any site for that?

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Still didnt present an argument. Called out the hole in that vid and you all magically go silent. Delightful. :)

Just cut him off cold turkey. If you have to see him at work or school ignore him. Consider him as just another stranger in the crowd.

Even though I don't deserve it I'm so glad I was able to escape inceldom before I went insane like you.

Lol im not one anymore. Finally get with women and realize i wasted my time worrying about something pointless. And once again, name calling is not an argument. :)

What would make you change your mind on a girl you are not interested in a long term relationship with?

It now looks like a close male friend has changed his mind, and I'm a bit worried that he's "settling" because he was definitely 100% uninterested a few years ago and very little has changed since then (if anything, I've become a more unattractive partner option). Thoughts and opinions from dudes greatly appreciated.

Im not arguing with you just upset that everyone ignored my post and a little confused about what kind of interaction you're hoping for

You wanna know a secret? :)

Come on! Ask me what the secret is, you'll laugh! :D

I love you. ;)

That's too vague for anyone to say what his reasoning 100% is. If it helps at all, I've been through parts of my life where I just wasn't interested in anyone because of my own mental health and personal bs. My sex drive dropped off the map save for forgettable one night stints. You never know what's going on in someone's life even if they look good or unchanging on the surface.

Now ask me what the secret is!! >:)

Please? :(

If it's too vague, I could answer questions to help if you think they would. We've been close friends for over seven years now and legit nothing in his life has changed and mine has only gone downhill.

What's the secret?
Is it that noone cares?

These threads are useless if you ask actual real life shit and are a man.
It's all about peoples weird incel insecurities and giving unfounded advice to girls, when you simply don't know what you are even talking about outside of shit you read on the internet.
Oh and also larping as girls feeding into insecurities of incels and dopey guys.

Lol harsh :)
The secret is im a life coach larping so i can find better ways to counter this shitty argument. No girls dont like assholes. A douche exudes confidence which attracts them. Then they start dating and get to know eachother personally and she realizes hes a fuck boy. That and the fact these people, pro or anti argument, always straw man to bars and clubs. Every single one of those women are garbage examples of what ladies want because 1) living that lifestyle means they base their validation off of penis 2) theyre insecure because they have to go out every single weekend just to waste their money on a Chemical that fundamentally chages their brain just to feel good about themselves. 3) they live this life style so long that it warps their perception in what an actual boyfriend is supposed to be like. The only kind of guys at bars are ones looking to fuck, these are the only guys their ever around, they start to think how guys are, they think guys only think guys are only want sex therefore need to be changed, and think that actual boyfriend material guys are cowards who are trying to hide their intentions. This last point eventually bleeds out into their entire view of life. Seriously what the fuck is wrong with my age group thinking these places are the only places to meet people? Volunteer, go to church, go hiking, join a book club, etc. There are plenty of better ways of meeting quality people besides being a degenerate every single fucking weekend. Anyway what do you need help with? :)

Anyone—is it common to feel almost asexual after a while (nearly a year) without sex or being interested in anyone? I dont feel the need to masturbate (but i never did) and looking at attractive people does nothing to me

I definitely did have a sex drive before , but i feel like a monk right now.

Your priorities have just shifted is all. Your brain links sex drive to survival instinct at first. Then when you go for a while without it and nothing bad happens, your brain realizes it was stupid and changes connections around. You still have the same sex drive. Youre just not being urged to fulfill it anymore which is why you feel this way.

I go through ups and downs depending if I find something new to jerk off over on the internet.
I haven't had sex in 7 years myself.

Never had this.
The longer I go without sex, the more I crave it.
If I stop masturbating for a week, I will literally go crazy, start dry humping pillows in my sleep and shit.

Hope you read it. Now what do you need help with?(*-*)

Makes sense, i was kinda worried something was wrong. It’s rather nice being like this. Sex stuff is distracting and i dont care about kids or marriage so i’ll just continue on

Dang i never knew sex drives could be like that

Ladies, where exactly is the sweetspot between being nice and being a jerk? I know nice guys finish last, but I've seen some men who seem outright despicable to me get flooded with female attention. I don't get it. When is it okay to be a jerk, and when is it better to just be nice?

You're actually going to be more attractive to girls now since the desperation is gone. Congrats, youre finally free of a shackle. Just live life for you and be happy.

ThisJust stand up for yourself and dont be an asshole. :)

You sound retarded and need to get off Jow Forums and talk to people before you turn full incel

If you dont want to be loved and just want a quick fuck then be a jerk. Women ‘like’ those kinds of jerks for a one night stand. because there’s zero chance they will get feelings for a total dick bag

>Ladies, where exactly is the sweetspot between being nice and being a jerk?
There is no sweetspot. Being nice is always better than being a jerk.
However, there is a difference between being nice in vain desperate attempts for her attention, and just genuinely being kind.

I honest to god have no idea how to answer this because it's true that some of my friends will run back time and time again to guys with awful personalities, guys many other girls wouldn't give the time of day to. I don't really have anything to tell you other than different girls want different things I guess.

Pic related. When people say "you're too nice" they don't mean that you have too much kindness in you. They mean you are very nice BUT you lack self respect, or guts etc etc.

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Im that larping asshole from earlier. Its because they have low self esteem.

Experienced with long (three years a.o.) dry spells. For me it's an ebb and flow. Sometimes I feel horny over nothing from frustration, at other times sex feels emotionally distant and doesn't appeal to me greatly.

Granted, overall I've never stopped masturbating for more than a week or two, maybe three on a rare occasion. So your situation sounds on the extreme end to me - which can also be influenced by medication, lifestyle (drinking/doing drugs a lot tends to make libido fade over time), weight gain, your hormones and so on.
But sex drive is in part something you feed by giving it attention yes. It is normal to feel more interested in sex short term and less interested long term if you don't get it.

Smile asshole here. This. "nice guys" not genuinely good men, are surprisingly selfish and care about the girl as a source of validation, not about the girl herself

And quit going to bars as well.

Depends on the people involved. Some people love it because they find it difficult to still like someone they see a lot, and because they value a lot of personal time/freedom in their day to day life. It can also be very romantic, it is easier to stay in the honeymoon phase when you date long distance, every meet up is very intense. If you are fine being on your own 95-99% of time and feel suffocated quickly this can work out great.

Having said that the best long distance relationships tend to suck at becoming regular relationships if that opportunity comes up. Basically either you love spending time together and being apart is super rough, or you have more ambivalent feelings that will make it easy to date over distance but hard to date after that distance closes. Kind of lose/lose.

The question is also do you really want to allow yourself to become emotionally attached to someone who can only give you a fraction of the perks of dating.

Depends on your interest. If you dislike the idea of it I personally find it a little rude to confront him with turn ons you're not a fan of, even if you don't say/do anything negative. If you do feel some curiosity or interest or whatever I'd just tell him you came across his porn and it was superhot to see what he watches privately. Then see how he responds.

How do I flirt without coming off as a creep?

Every time I try to talk to a girl I'm attracted to I feel incredibly uncomfortable and I'm pretty sure it's affecting the vibe I give off. Is there any surefire way to get around this? Hitting on anyone always just feels wrong and stupid.

You already identified the problem.
Do it more until it becomes comfortable. Only way.

and if it never does then I know that there's a problem? because it feels like i've flirted a LOT over the years and I still hate it just as much as when I started

Find out what makes it so uncomfortable then.
The only thing you really need to do is relax a bit.
A slight shift in your mindset.
Flirting is not grueling and stressful, but fun and rewarding.

Thanks, this is a good explanation. I’m among the healthiest people in my state probably (hardcore gym every other day, no drugs/drinking, in great shape, healthy food) so this is probably how it’s gonna be. I’ve only had one partner but when we were together i wanted it every day. so maybe i just need a person i’m interested in, to want any sex

>that feeling when she replies
My heart rate goes up

Then stop it. You dont have to win anyone over. Stop chasing pussy and just live your life. Wait for women to show interest first (confident, worth while ones will do this) then make your moves so the pressure of impressing them is gone. Remember, theyre supposed to impress you. :)

okay, and how do I make myself not want something?

Its fine to want it, stupid. Just quit prioritizing it. You sound like this is relevant to you.

Also ask your female buddies to let you try your bullshit on them for practice

if i want emotional and physical intimacy with someone from the opposite sex, and I don't have the ability to satisfy that desire, and i don't have the ability to remove that desire, then am i just meant to suffer?

okay, guys-- two questions
do you like when girls ask you out or do you prefer asking them out?
and the last question, if you ask out a guy and they reject you-- but still seems to really like you (stare at you, try to make the initiative, etc.) what kinds of moves do you think he's trying to pull?

I'm genuinely confused here and I really like him, so help??

he probably doesn't even know that he "rejected" you, unless he outright said so or was VERY clear about it.
If he simply didn't respond to your advances, he might have gotten intimidated or you may have been too subtle.
Men are not subtle, but they do get startled by female attention sometimes.
Any man gets flattered by getting asked out though. Just make sure you actually ask him out and not try to make him understand with some bullshit arcane girl signaling.

That's called being desperate. We also already covered this earlier: It turns them off because you don't actually want them, you just want to feel better about yourself. Now, where have you been going to meet women?

I want to be with my hot married neighbor but i will never satisfy that desire(because i’m no homewrecker) or remove it. I dont mope around or cry about it. I go do other shit in my life, meet new people, and am happy.

Guess what? I’m not suffering. You have the choice to ‘suffer’ or not. It’s not my problem whAt you choose to do, but know that you are choosing.

We dont give a shit lol.

to girls:

My girlfriend was religious, i knew that going into it. But after 4 months of nothing more than kissing, i felt that i couldn't do it anymore. I loved her and wanted to be closer to her, phyiscally and emotionally. She would not allow these kinds of acts until marriage. She would say that she loved me and i mean so much to her, but at the same time, being rejected so many times for even just kissing her made me feel like absolute garbage. We ended up discussing our compatibility and decided we should probably break up. Her words were "My focus is on Jesus, while your focus is me."

I just want some validation or something, was i doing something wrong wanting to move further physically? will anyone ever love me? can i ever love someone again? was she in the wrong at all? All i know is that i hate religion and how it ruins perfectly good women. They are fucked up in the head man.