So YOURE telling ME that they are putting FLOURIDE in my water to help protect my TEETH?

So YOURE telling ME that they are putting FLOURIDE in my water to help protect my TEETH? ....

But you’re ALSO telling me not to swallow my TOOTHPASTE because the flouride will MAKE ME SICK?

Now who is the liar here?

That’s my main question. Upon getting an answer I have another question

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Isn't flouride rat poison? I use flouride free toothpaste. : / I also don't use mouthwash because there's no need for it, it's just floor cleaner. All you have to do is floss.

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Toothpaste contain soap more fluoride than water. Everything in moderation.

This is a legitimate question

>Things in small doses can be easily processed and can be good for the body, but a whole shitton of once is something the body can't handle
>I can't understand this

It's like taking an aspirin. Your body can process a little bit of it just fine, and it can have beneficial factors in other parts of your body. Of course, you're an idiot who can't process this and wants to eat toothpaste.

Take this conspiracy shit over to /x/.

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They will also tell you not to take a multivitamin if you already eat a balanced diet.
The trace amounts in water can't repair your teeth as much as a high concentrated dose.
If your teeth are really bad then you can get prescription tooth paste with an even higher concentration of flouride.

Now get this, trogs. If I have to drink the water with flouride to help teeth, why not just brush teeth twice to make up for not drinking water?

Government conspiracy to close third eye forever.

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The fuck. Flouride is bad for teeth

When was the last time you have been to a dentist?
It sounds like never since they will always do a fluoride treatment at the end.

Fluoride in small amounts is fine. Toothpaste contains a lot more than what you might normally drink in treated water.

>fluoride is in rat poison and floor cleaner therefore it’s bad for you
Did you know that water is full of hydrogen too? That same hydrogen that’s in acids and butane. Chemical elements sure are scary

You do realize that fluoride is found naturally in spring water right?
Like avoiding fluoride would be a monumental task.
It's like cyanide in that it's present in extremely small dosages in common places.
That said it's like potassium in that actively trying to increase your dosage can put you into overdose range. This is why potassium supplements can only be sold in microdoses under 5% of the daily amount.

>You do realize that fluoride is found naturally in spring water right?

That's not sodium fluoride and there is way more sodium fluoride (measured in ppm) in tap water than natural water you get from a regular ol well in a rural area.

>sodium fluoride
How old are you?
It really just sounds like you are repeating memes that you heard online.
Like you just repeat antivax level arguments with full confidence.
Also keep in mind that I know you have been replying to multiple people in this thread since the IP count hasn't increased.

So what’s the difference between flouride free water and water with?

Haha we got a smart guy here. You could be replying to yourself

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One has fluoride and one doesnt

>So YOURE telling ME that they are putting VITAMIN A in my cereal to protect my HEALTH? ...
>But you're ALSO telling me not to eat this POLAR BEAR LIVER because the vitamin A will FUCKING KILL ME?
Gee OP, it's almost like literally any fucking substance on the face of the Earth will kill you if you take in enough of it at once (sugar, table salt, fucking water), and the amount of flouride in tap water and toothpaste are orders of magnitude apart!

Please use English.

Everyone lies and some truly believe they do not

When you eat acidic foods, the acid in the food breaks down the calcium and phosphate in your tooth enamel. Your enamel is then weaker, more able to be damaged, and thereby more likely to get caivities. If you apply fluoride to the area, it fills in the holes in your teeth with fluorapatite, a new mineral that is even stronger and more cavity-resistant than the original mineral.

The reason we put fluoride in the water (not much, just a little bit) is to make it so every time you drink tap water, you're getting a small dose of fluoride in order to re-mineralize and strengthen and protect your teeth. This is especially important nowadays because many of the foods that we eat are especially full of sugars, carbohydrates, and/or acids. Our modern diets are terrible for our teeth so we need to do extra to make sure we protect them.

Toothpaste has fluoride for the same reason, but it's a heavier dose to remineralize and clean before you go to sleep and your saliva can't protect it them as well. You don't want to eat it because it's a higher dose and also not a food object.

But there are lots of things that are highly beneficial that you shouldn't eat. There's plenty of medicines that are designed to only go on the skin and would be harmful if digested, but are beneficial otherwise. And literally anything can be toxic if you have it in enough qualities. Water included. Drink too much water, and your cells start to lose their salts through osmosis. This kills them, and people have died from drinking too much water. This doesn't mean water is unhealthy.



Same with salt. Salt is made up of sodium (a highly volatile and explosive compound) and chlorine (a poison). However, the combined molecule has entirely different properties than the atoms it is made of. The properties of a compound are determined by the arrangement of electrons on its outside, which determines how often it interacts with other compounds, and with what. You put an atom into a molecule, the electron count changes, and the properties change.

Thereby, an explosive and a poison can, combine into a compound that is not only safe to digest but is a vital nutrient that we need in order to survive. That's why salt is so delicious. Our bodies crave it because it is necessary for normal biological function. But even this absolutely vital and necessary substance is still unhealthy in large amounts.

Moderation is key. Fluoride is there to protect our health. Large amounts are dangerous, which is why those amounts are carefully controlled. There are some exceedingly high fluoride toothpastes, but those are used only in emergency cases and need a prescription. The amount of fluoride you get in water or in swallowing a regular amount of toothpaste will not harm you. It only if you swallow "more than is used for brushing", AKA an excessive amount. This is in place to protect children who think that because we made toothpaste taste good that it's food or candy.

Just like how we store gummy vitamins out of reach of children, because they're designed to be used in moderation and not to be consumed excessively. When used properly, they are safe. Just don't go eating twenty gummy vitamins or swallowing spoonfuls of toothpaste.

Please excuse the typos, I should've proofread.

Here's a source that explains the chemistry of how fluoride works more simply:

and in more depth:

As well as a study showing the comparison between fluoride-free bottled water, tap water with added fluoride, and fluoride treatments for tooth health (spoiler alert, tap water helps but it's heavier fluoride treatments like mouthwash, toothpaste, and going to the dentist that has the greatest benefit):

There’s the answer I was looking for.

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I also want to add that when you eat sugary or carbohydrate-laden foods (which break down into sugars), the bacteria naturally present in your mouth turn the sugars into acids that damage your teeth just as if you had eaten an acidic food. So you can completely avoid acidic foods and still get enamel damage.