Why should an undesirable like myself live?

Why should an undesirable like myself live?

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Because by putting in effort you could become a desirable.

Not true

To pay taxes.

I don't want to live this miserable life to sustain other's happiness

Because there are somewhat fun activities you can do such as video games, sex, and drugs.

Oh I'm sorry. I was not aware that you where the only person on the planet that it is not true for.

>ancap with angst
>depressed emo subhuman
No surprise here. Unironically kys.

If you are a girl, come to me i will give you a reason to live if you know what i mean ;)


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Yeah but those only distract me from the facts of my existence
There is a lot of people that is false for. Why do you think there is an incel community? How do you think the human race moves forward? Natural selection. I have been selected out and now I have to deal with that
I'm not

LMAO irrefutable

Lol K. Lmao. He's not the only one you dolt. Me and him makes at least 2. I'd wager there's more too

Video games? Yuh.
Sex? Lol.
Drugs? Maybe.
I can do two out of the three things you said. Sex is hard to come by, especially when girls aren't attracted or show interest in ya.

I dont mind kissing cute boys tho


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Because your parents had sex and you need to come to terms with it

I'm far from cute

I wish they hadn't. My brother is everything I'm not

Too bad user, well i guess you are fuckt

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Yeah thanks for nothing

In life. You must somehow come to terms with everything. No one said it was easy and everyone has their struggles. Like everything. Don't give up and it will pass.

You shouldn't, there is already way too much vermin in this world to handle.

It's all about what you are doing in the moment. If u are feelin sad and dwelling on misery... u need to find anything better to do and distract yoursellf

Everyone has the potential to do something amazing. Try something new and try to impress youself.

Is this true?

Np fag

Useless as ever

if you can find a way to impress yourself it is