I'm addicted to rejecting guys

I'm addicted to flirting with guys then turning them down when they ask me out. Whenever I'm at a new job or taking a class I'll stare and talk to the ugliest guy in the class and get their hopes up, then once they ask me out I tell them I just want to be friends. I'm not sure why I do this, it's almost a habit at this point. At first I didn't deliberately mislead men, I just naturally turned them down, but I started to realize I enjoyed the feeling of rejecting them. It's empowering in a way, but I also feel kinda bad about it. I told one of my best friends about this "hobby" of mine and she acted like I was being a bitch. I don't see it that way, I see it as some uggo guys getting some attention for once in their life. Who's in the right here?

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>i'm addicted to larping threads on Jow Forums

"lol this is gonna be epic b8 :^)"

- OP before posting this thread

Kys you utter monster with intellectual gymnastics of a human being !

And what advice do you need?
Learn how to bait lol


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How do I know you're not the ones who are actually larping?
I asked who's in the right here, dumbass.

It's mean spirited and dishonest. Those guys that you reject now might seem really attractive in 20 years cause they got their shit together. Women loose their looks and the tables turn. Karma is a bitch. The fun ur having is short term and could sabotage your future. Guys don't forget

I kinda doubt that. I probably won't even live here in 20 years anyways


Who you calling dumbass you fat bitch


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It does seem like bait but if it is not, then yeah, you're in the wrong - let me explain why you're deservedly being called a bitch.

You see, just because you show some attention to some ugly guy doesn't mean he lucked out. It merely gives him hope that someone does appreciate him and that he does have chance for some happiness. Which hopes you then just dash for pretty petty, selfish reasons. So he doesn't get anything from how you treat him beside disappointment or even betrayal as he tried to do well, thought you just naturally enjoy each other's company and then it turned out you were just playing with him and his feelings.

this is probably just bait, but fuck it I'll bite

I'm a guy and I used to do the same exact thing, and yes you are being a fucking asshole. I was being a fucking asshole

it's ok to flirt with people here and there when you have no intention to fuck them, as long as you are both having fun, but it has to be an interaction where it's clear that it'll end there

in any case, the reason I was doing it was because I was extremely insecure and I felt the need to be validated by turning girls on and then letting them down, it was almost like I was taking revenge

it took a few years of doing this and me growing up a lot in order to stop, so truly I don't have any solution for you except for wait it out until it doesn't feel great anymore. if you try to stop yourself whilst it still feels great you'll just end up failing

It's a small world and ur reputation precedes you.
And in 20 years guys do not feel the same about women because they eventually learn. Not to mention you will most likely be fat and stinky

Just sayin.... it happens

But he probably felt good during the time where he thought he had a chance with me. Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all, right?
Ya, I think you're right about the validation part. Doing this has actually improved my self esteem so much, which is one of the reasons I don't want to stop.

>I don't see it that way, I see it as some uggo guys getting some attention for once in their life.
Only for you to tear that attention away and hurt them. You explicitly used the word "flirting", so I can only assume you intentionally make them feel like you're actually into them. You sound like a bitch to me.

it's improving your self esteem in the wrong way though, because what you are subconsciously teaching yourself is that whatever persona you have created is really powerful, whilst your actual true self remains weak

in a way you risk feeling even worse about yourself in the long run because you'll start being dependent on this persona and think that if you are yourself then you don't deserve anyone

btw it took me years of therapy to realize this and correct this behavior, maybe you should look into that

Bitch is putting it lightly... that is straight up insecure female nature at its finest

lol pretty funny but also pretty mean.

stop being a sexist, I am a man and did the same thing for years, it's just people being people, nothing to do with being a woman

Your right I've done what she does alot when I was like 20 except I would do it for alcohol at the bar. Guys can play that way too.

If this isn't bait, then you are a genuinely terrible person who should be physically harmed to a reasonable extent aka a good solid slap in the face.

Except I would be careful not to hurt them

So you would hurt women on purpose?

Both men and women can be cruel assholes. Wow, what a revelation.

My cat can be a real asshole too

It's because you have rejection issues. Get therapy. Feel better soon OP.



Haha. So far the consensus is u are an asshole and get therapy . The short answer for every thread lol

>But he probably felt good during the time where he thought he had a chance with me. Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all, right?
Except he wasn't loved. The words you brought relate merely to healthy relationship that ended, not to petty manipulation for personal satisfaction.
Does it mean that the experience has no value for the guy? No, not at all, but so may be with experience if you'd get mugged and raped - doesn't mean that the person who did it wasn't a monster, and so, even if to different degree so are you toward someone you bring hopes of just to wreck them.
Try to look at it this way - no matter how you excuse it, you're just leading people on to betray them later. Even if you'd do it with purest of intentions (and we know you don't), it'd still be you being a bitch and a pretty awful person not deserving to be loved, merely acting in a way that some people are deceived enough to think you're someone better than you really are.

Anons here are really swallowing the bait gj OP

you have low self esteem

OP is really the ugly dude from the office that gets creepy obsessed with the new girl

Stop buying into the larp

Lol same advice either way.... asshole and therapy

Yeah, I know, I know - very possibly a bait but it's a rough night yet I don't feel like sleeping yet.

"Everything is bait btw. 12 btw."

I can believe it, an utterly mediocre looking woman leading on guys who think they might have a shot

Most women do this anyways.

I've done similar shit to girls in the past. I did it mostly to stick it to girls who thought they could have my body and/or labor by just smiling and batting their eyelashes. It wasn't a very nice thing of me to do; most of them were not trying to use me. You should stop.

Based femanon. Gotta keep those betas in check.

I'll bite, fuck it.

You're a massive cunt. Seriously.

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some do, I do, but I don't go for the easy guys, thats not a satisfying win. The more arrogant and confident and goodlooking the better. I mean, would you admire a hunter with a room of stuffed Bambi's or the room full of big bucks.

If you're gonna break a man break a MAN